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Schedule joy: A Crucial Tip That Kept Me Sane

  Though there are self-care practitioners, influencers and life coach who practice and encourage people to practice self-care, we don’t practice it ourselves until there is a severe push or introspection. The precursor to start a habit is always our own willingness to practice it. We should fully be consumed with the idea to be able to produce it in full force. You must have heard buy first, pay later. Here also you need to buy the idea of the habit first but the difference is once the habit is formed and sustains in your routine, you are getting paid by its multi-fold benefits. My cousin and I had a conversation just recently when he was in India. A chance question sent me on the lane of introspection. I was absently gazing at nothingness when he asked me mainly because I was not able to produce a suitable reply. Firstly, I stared in disbelief for the question was unusual and secondly that made me go inward to seek answer and put forth as a justified reply. A simple question it w
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Book review - Before the Coffee gets cold

  What would you do if you had the opportunity to go back in time? To unravel the mystery and know answers to hidden puzzles. And if you are provided with such a chance to retrace your steps and set your footprints on the exact path you have travelled on, would you grab such an offer? Isn't this deal too alluring to pass up? Set in Tokyo, in an unassuming café dated more than a century of history with nondescript but eccentric décor that saw hardly any upgradation in all these years, is a story of bunch of characters. The windowless underground café is awash with sepia glow from the overhead lights that hang above the tables. These characters have nothing in common but what ties them is one ardent yearning to engage with the past. The secret tremors in each of their hearts become so unbearable that they shake them and throw them in a whirlpool. Every suck and pull makes them more distant from their own selves. When they are at the end of their tethers, this café pulls them from t

Travelling - An underrated educational course

  Travelling is by far the most underrated educational course I believe. So many learnings it imparts, and the empathy it rekindles in us. The empathy for other cultures, societal notions and people’s beliefs. All-encompassing and wholesome. We recently travelled to Hyderabad, the city of Pearl and I was pleasantly astonished at its history and culture. Mainly because the city has still retained its historical significance and every pillar and rock breathes and cherishes its value. For the uninitiated, Hyderabad boasts of Charminar, Hussain Sagar Lake, Salar Jung Museum and Golconda; the old and eternal gems. And Ramoji is a whiff of fresh air that combines modern-day filmmaking techniques with its stretches, winding lanes and palatial parks that have been home to some 5000-odd films. We spoke to some of the locals who are living here for aeons and the freshness and raw emotions that they gather when speaking about this city, their city, is phenomenal. I was overwhelmed and choked up

Show, not Tell …When my face left the words tongue-tied

  What happens when your face talks too much? Have you reflected on this question like me, anytime? Well, this is the question I am brooding on. I have been fairly good at articulating my thoughts but lately, my face is surpassing my articulation skills. Before even I start to sort and adjust the words within me and garnish them with flowery vocabulary, I find someone shining an adequate response to my unasked question. Did my face take the creative writing class lesson too seriously? Show, not tell. And it shows err broadcasts it loudly, abrasively leaving the words tongue-tied. It happened to me a lot many times. The other day, I was sitting in a restaurant looking squarely at a menu leaflet. I was waiting for my order and it had been 15 minutes since I placed it, but could hardly see anyone inch closer to my table carrying the tray laden with my finger food and espresso. I tried taking in the surroundings and the ambience of the restaurant helped quieten my increasing pangs of h

Breathing reflections

  To my space, It has been a long time since we met. The quiet and the bliss we used to have in the arms of each other, I missed that. And hence, I wanted to step in and make up for it. For the shared times that crept by, in the thunderclaps of daily routine. Here the winter has started slowly settling in, slowly raising its glorious visage to rule over the sun. Sun takes a downy rest and catches its feverish fervour a little late nowadays. It feels good to sip coffee and soak in the balmy weather before the wild routine waylaid us. The holiday mood has set in everywhere. Christmas naivety, cribs, barns and star-crowned Christmas tree glimmers brightly on almost every shop window, enveloping the city with a warm, crushing hug. It is like the universe coming together to chase the worldliness and folly, by smiling a little longer and listening to the harmony a little deeper. With the new year just casting its glance to get embraced by us, it is a nice time to get reflective and r

Silence that leaves you speechless - The Silent Patient Review

   Unputdownable thriller and nail-biting mystery. Author just reels you into this masterfully told story. A premise that promises a great experience but at the same time shakes your inner core. A perfect whodunit murder mystery that will set you sailing with a detective hat searching for clues and doubting every character that orbits around the saga. A larger-than-life painter married to a photographer, lives in a palatial house. One evening, the photographer husband is shot. And not just that, his painter wife who held him last refuses to utter a word. What ensues further makes the people engaged in the search as wild goose chase. Beautifully spun, the tale just pulls you into its labyrinth and Poirot’s ghost just takes over you. Many a times, I stopped to work out the conflict, revisit all that had been said by some characters and draw out some discrepancies in their dialogues or behaviour. But not to get overwrought but just move with the words, I pulled myself together, lo and b

Anne of Green Gables - Book Review

Anne of Green Gables - A masterpiece in literature.  Engrossing, amusing and a read that promises to keep you transported for hours. L M Montgomery has penned an absorbing body of imagination and created a character who gives substance, value and meaning to her literature form. Anne is a gem of sorts, an embodiment of imagination or maybe the word imagination finds a true meaning when it attaches itself to Anne. Anne with an E, ofcourse! That you won’t forget if you have read this novel because Anne won’t let you. A simple, ordinary story told with simple characters whom you will cherish for lifetime. They will outgrow their simplicity and become extraordinary as you flip the pages. Montgomery has given every character a rope wherein the scope of growth is meticulously chalked out. Take for example, Marilla, a head strong woman who doesn’t feel right to let go her emotion and is strong enough to hold her tongue and not fritter the praises on Anne transforms into a mellowed woman toward