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Positivity in Tee: Reading between the Errands


You cannot run from positive affirmations even if you think you have run out of them.  They will come, looking for you. All you have to do is keep your eyes wide open and graciously receive them with warmth and care. They can come to you at any moment and from any quarter perhaps, while running errands like when the momentum has picked up in you to array the disarray in your child’s wardrobe. When that happens, you treat them as a little note, an epiphany or a sacred sign from the universe and insert them as a key that locks itself into your mind with an audible click, only to unlock a change in you and get reflected in every journey you embark. When your little one’s Tees mouth affirmations, you cannot just run away without glancing at it.

Start small, dream big, repeat – Starting small and repeating them with consistency is so underrated these days. So much of today’s world is rooted in instant gratifications and making it big in a wink of time. Small, incremental progress is the first step to be driven in the dream/goal that you have envisioned or set. 15 minutes of walking as against to one hour is acceptable if you are starting. It is the thought of walking that counts. Like it says in Three Men in the Boat – “You start on Monday with an idea implanted in your bosom that you are going to enjoy yourself”, it is a must to start with a note of affirming joy, however small it looks at present. The small baby steps to attain your big dream and including them in your routine in a way that it becomes part of your lifestyle is a major win, isn’t it?

Take care of nature. You are part of it – Indeed. So much of us is rooted in nature that we melt in its vast expanse. When we think of it as a separate entity, the idea to destroy it or use its resources to satisfy our greed and desires arises. From the ground we come, In the ground we go, rest all is smoke. In words spoken by a mystic Baba Farid, Do not despise the Earth, though you tread it underfoot. When you pass away, the Earth on you, they will put. Talk to the plants, nurture them like a child and see what you yield from it.

The most amazing friend ever is you – Yes, you heard it right. You are your constant. No one can replace you. Be in love with you, befriend your moods and emotions, and understand your temperament so that you can understand the world better. Whenever you are in the self-trash talk spell, you get to know one thing - while everything starts to blur, what doesn’t fade but steadily stands beside you is ‘You’. You are there to hold yourself, your hand is there to caress you and your talk can bring back your shrunken self who has gone down in the dumps to level up and swell back to the positive self. When the narrative has gone bad and your subconscious mind is repeating the same in the loop, you stir the pot of hope that is tucked in your heart and tap into its frugal reserves.

Happiness is loading …please wait – Happiness is loading. You have to be patient. You need to work out different things that make you happy. You need to load your life with a set of activities that will eventually give you sustainable joy. Maybe that is why it is called, it is happiness in the form of varied activities and things you do is loading. And when it comes to sustainability, you need consistency and patience. So keep at it.

Smile and keep the young voyager alive – Smile and be curious like a child who knows the power of now. You don’t need fancy frills but what you need is a traveller’s temperament and childlike keen eyes to help you be in the present – the only reality that snatches from your psychological clock that revolves around past and future.  

Dance it out, babe – Exactly, movement resuscitates the bereaved soul like no other. Feel the joy in dancing it out. When Lord Shiva used to feel all sorts of big feelings, he launched into different forms of dance. Bring out your inner Shiva and dance the worries away.




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