Friday, January 14, 2022

Silence that leaves you speechless - The Silent Patient Review


 Unputdownable thriller and nail-biting mystery. Author just reels you into this masterfully told story. A premise that promises a great experience but at the same time shakes your inner core. A perfect whodunit murder mystery that will set you sailing with a detective hat searching for clues and doubting every character that orbits around the saga.

A larger-than-life painter married to a photographer, lives in a palatial house. One evening, the photographer husband is shot. And not just that, his painter wife who held him last refuses to utter a word. What ensues further makes the people engaged in the search as wild goose chase. Beautifully spun, the tale just pulls you into its labyrinth and Poirot’s ghost just takes over you. Many a times, I stopped to work out the conflict, revisit all that had been said by some characters and draw out some discrepancies in their dialogues or behaviour. But not to get overwrought but just move with the words, I pulled myself together, lo and behold, I was totally left flabbergasted towards the end.

The past lingers in one’s mind way more than what they could imagine. The old scars don’t get flushed out so easily but move within them, shifting hither and thither until there comes a point that they could not withstand any more. Time moves ahead, new unpleasant things visit them, being a last straw that break their vulnerable back. And when that happens, the old scars, not so fresh yet unhealed, re-emerge with more vitality and they break into a tempestuous rage.

This book shows us how sweeping the dust under the carpet is not a permanent solution. A resolution that is put off for future date and slighted, breaking it off the radar, will only bring in more conflicts and some will destroy not only the person but also the people around them. It also emphasizes the point that underlying reason for any cruelty are the plight and ordeals that had been suffered in the past.

It makes me say the quote again “Oppression is the preserve of the oppressed”. Physically tethering someone to something is not only oppression but mentally caging them, making them believe some untruth about themselves, hounding them through their negative self-talk, and more importantly not giving them the love which they were ardently in need of it that time, are also what oppression stands for. It takes one moment to bring in the unsettling feelings that lay benign till date to become malignant.

Brilliant, piercing and will hook you till the end.

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