Sunday, December 22, 2013

Week long Hug

Dear Readers, This is a post in connection to my Hug therapy for one week. Guess what, it really worked so well that each day brought a lot of surprises and reasons to smile and recall. Each day had its own melody that embraced me.

I: “Hey you know what.  I have thought about doing a therapy”, said with enthusiasm in my voice.

He: “Oh, What is it? “, asked with eagerness while he was tying his shoe lace.

I: “This is called Hug therapy. I am going to give virtual hugs to my friends and loved ones. The moment they see my hug, it will give a chance to smile in midst of their busy lives. It will bring a smile to their face”, replied with twinkle in my eyes.

He “Wow, so why not start with me?” said carrying his office bag. He was about to leave for work. Hearing that, I hugged him at that very instant and wished him goodbye. He smiled and waved his hand. I thought how a hug does wonders and brings happiness to one’s lives. I smiled and lifted my cell to start my first day of hug therapy.

A Hug: To embrace or cling together closely. This is a definition of Hug as per

But it has more to it than we know. Hugs are supreme way to express affection towards someone. It shows that you are affectionate about a person and that you are ready to support them in a special way. Hugging has various types. Not every Hug would indicate that you are close to someone. A Hug when done casually without any physical intimacy could mean that the person is not close to you. It may be the first time you guys met or it’s a business Hug wherein employees are superiors give to each other. 

A Hug when done tightly, squeezing the other person could indicate that the person performing the action is very domineering and exhibits the autocratic nature. When the arms touch the other person’s neck or waist or back with a soft embrace would mean a love Hug or affectionate Hug. It would indicate that both the parties are extremely comfortable and are emotional towards each other. It could also symbolise the reunion of two parties after certain period of absence. Both of them could clap each other on their backs if they ought to or else if one wants to prolong the hug could do without claps. Leaning would augment the intimacy that Hug carries.

A Hug when done perfectly could reach longer heights and determine one’s love towards another. It is a way to communicate without words and extending a care to the other person.

I would like to discuss how  my therapy proceeded.

1.      Giving Hug: This was my first hug to my dear ones.  “Giving” is as you know a noble activity. Our conventional wisdom says that “More you give, Less you havebut truth is More you give, More you will have. – from the book, The ultimate gift. When you give someone with all your heart, you will get the blessings from that very person. The sense of satisfaction which you get speaks volumes. The smile which you have brought in their faces will give you happiness making the moment worthwhile.
2.      Fun Hug: What is your meaning for Fun? What all attributes you add to the word Fun? What comes to your mind when you hear this word? One would want to have Fun by doing lot of fun giving activities. Dancing, listening to music, chitchatting, writing, reading, singing and much livelier activities. So this Hug asks one to have fun and give fun or entertain some one that day.
3.      I am there for you Hug:  “I will be there for you, when the rain starts to pour, I will be there for you, like I have been there before, I will be there for you, cause you are there for me too”. I hope these beautiful lines from the title track of Friends show would come to one’s mind when I talk about this Hug. T would term this Hug as my special Hug in all my Hugs. The reason is because it shows that no matter what I am there for my friends. If they are facing tough times or having a low phase, I am right next to them to help them and support them. Not only in happy times you can call me but also if any harder times you have to confront.
4.      Let’s Dance Hug: Dance is meditation. Dance is just not moving your hips and body to the rhythmic tune of music but giving a sense of stability and control to your heart and soul. Dance is when your heart connect to the soul and reach to the path of divine. So Let’s let our hair down and start shaking our body.
5.      Secured Hug: This Hug shows how secured I feel when am with you. I am comfortable to your warmth that you pour on me. Same way, I want to Hug you to make you believe in me and be secured with me.
6.      Smile Hug: Smile is the prettiest curve on one’s body. I hope everybody would agree to this point. When you smile, you give signal to your loved one that you are agreeing to their point. You are happy with them and with their work, So smile and make the world happy as it increased your face value.
7.      Let’s celebrate Hug: Chocolates, Disney land, Movies, Games. These are means to celebrate out world and life. More than this, you need to have a internal stimulates to enjoy and celebrate your life. These are just external factors which gives you satisfaction for temporary period. What is important is having known the fact that no matter if you have materialistic aspects or not, you still have to celebrate your life and keep on moving like a bird. So enjoy our little achievements. When you have attempted some new recipe, so hug yourself and smile for your new progress. Look back what you were and Look now what you are. Calculate the difference. I am sure you hade lot of moments to smile and celebrate.
This was my Hug therapy for a week which gave me lot of wonderful memories, the memories which will hold me tightly and the memories which will linger forever.

Thank you to all my pretty friends who helped me in this journey and sending replies to my Hugs. Treat this as my personal gratitude to your message. 

Friday, December 6, 2013

Gardening - A Magical Experience

“Show me the garden, I shall tell you what you are” – Alfred Austin

At the very instant, you may think the statement to be eccentric but if you notice deeply you will know the intricate meaning.  You may pass a comment saying how one can know about one’s nature by looking at one’s garden. It may sound way too remote from reality. I would like to give you some insights of your nature in relation to mother- nature.

The above statement of Alfred Austin shows how Austin deeply regarded the garden. It shows his immense love for the plants and the fragrance spreading colourful flowers. He has studied the nature of plants and depicted us the theory behind it through his words.

 Gardening is not only harvesting a crop, reaping a field, sowing seeds, tending plants, watering those which will turn out to be beautiful flowers but also putting our hands in dirt while the mercury boils, scattering the seeds with our hands in the soil, putting essential fertilizers for the crops, pouring fresh water and leave it to face the sun for photosynthesis. To nurture a garden entails involvement of heart and soul. Only physical effort will not turn our garden into beautiful place. What is more mandatory for the plants to grow is the mental investment.  

Austin has stated that kind of thoughtful meaning towards the garden. The ‘what’ in his statement would mean a larger spectrum. When you walk inside someone’s garden, you could see how the garden seems to you. Whether it signifies messy, dishevelled, unorganized or a work of art? This would help you understand their habits and personality or style pattern.

When I come to my garden, it gives me tremendous peace. The way my plants shake their head softly dancing to the rhythmic tunes of wind is remarkable. As soon as I get up in the morning, it has become a morning ritual to water them. I feel any mother would attend her child after waking up keeping aside her own chores. They are special to me in each and every way. I want to be there in their growing journey. I and my spouse would see to it that it gets pure nourishment. We would even stand there and see if news buds have sprouted and if there is rise of new leaves. It gives us great ethereal pleasure. Lot goes in the creation of lovable and adorable garden which in return will provide you with glory and magical essence.