Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Chronicles of my sweetsoul baby 

" Two Pink Lines - A Joy Drawn Parallel 

The fiery green trees saluted me with its usual head shake, the blue radiant sky embraced me with a warm hug, the birds that chirped all along had came in and stood at my window sill. Every single thing beckoned the arrival of you.  

You are the stream of light that surfaced at my world of shadow 

You are the ray of hope that stood at the door of gloom 

As I write, I get all happy and joyous thinking about the day I found you. The insides took a plunge and shifted to adjust to the new arrival. A tiny little butterfly lurked inside me. My each and every part danced with merriment. I couldn’t wait to spread the joy to the people I know. I threw my arms and whispered a loud prayer to the gods and goddesses I pray. The eyes became warm with the small dew drops that came in the form of tears and stood in the corner. The mellifluous raga played at the background reminding my favorite classical tune. I could see thousands of stars twinkling at my eyes and none at the sky. Who cares if there was no red carpet? My soul danced with the amount of red that painted my little joy.  

A Life that formed with hopes and desires overpowered me with its sudden existence. The clean woodsy scent of fresh blooms in my garden , a scent which I could not erase from my olfactory memory touched me and whispered me that there would be new addition to the family of blooming dale. This was the best morning that I would ever feel, the best morning sound that I would ever listen, the best visual that my eyes would ever see.