Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Media Naranja – Half orange in Spanish which means soul mate or better half.

Grow old with me, The best is yet to be ........................Robert Browning.

Does soul mate exists only in fairytales?  I have known people who argue that soul mates concept don’t exist in real world. On the contrary, I have seen people, who are just made for each other, have been a live example of the same. I would want to throw a light on this subject and know what you feel on the same.

Who is a true soul mate? By reading this question, everyone would be thinking it must be or should be one’s husband or one’s wife/spouse.

I would want you to think more deeply on the same. Does your wife really qualify to be your soul mate? And yo wife, what do you think? Does the person with whom you are sharing your life really pass the test of soul mate?

Here if the answer is yes, then I would be happiest.

Let me tell you,

A friend can be a soul mate. A spouse can be your soulmate. Your mother, father, brother and sister, your teacher, mentor too can be your soul mate. Not necessary that your hubby or wife sole should be your soul mate. Just because you both have married and agreed to stay together for lifetime, it does not mean they match up to the soul mate standards. Your friend who is opposite sex may understand you more than your hubby or wife. They can be termed as soul mates no matter you guys are not together or stay with each other. Soul mate is a bond which implies the feelings of deep affection, spiritual connect and emotional affinity. You could say karmic connection or a connotation of being the strongest bond with another person.

Sometimes we don’t meet some people or share the daily happenings with them, but when you happen to meet them someday by chance, you will not feel that you have missed them. You connect within a fraction of a second. May be that what a spiritual or karmic connection is.

 To recollect, I know a person who is my good friend. She is married and their connection was so strong that both of them were drawn to each and their relationship developed over a period of time. They have connected in many ways. Really astounding isn’t it? The important criterion is you should share a comfortable relationship with the other person. You don’t have to change or modify yourself and can be just YOU. No conditions apply. And you should accept that person as he/she is.

Soulmates – Better half or your reflection!!

Find a person who knows the hidden music in you

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Heaven's Shadow: Synopsis

Meet Tisha, Chris, Tim and Radhika, Four medical school passouts started their stint at Heaven's Shadow hospital. Each one has specialized in one particular area and aspire to become renowned surgeon while battling with their personal issues. Tisha's mother struggling with bone cancer. Chris suffering with bad marriage. Tim becomes victim of deadly disease. Happy go lucky girl Radhika traumatized and lives with bad childhood. Heavens Shadow gave them everything and more than anything, each of them finds solace in each others shadow. Would they overcome their crisis?

Check out the tale of these medical students who wants to live the life of an ordinary person but complications encircles them.

Episode 1 soon....

Monday, October 22, 2012

Million bucks Coffee.............

Coup over cafe
Crazy moments to share
Intense gaze with soft music
Laughter, songs,
Rest of the world who cares
Nostalgic times and sweet memories
Honey, muffins, doughnuts and cookies
That comes in a package with a great company.......

Monday, October 8, 2012

Leaf 5 .............Gratitude!!!

Thank you............this are the two words which means so much to a person. This are the words for which one longes to hear.

Our conventional wisdom says more you give less we have. However, it is the other way round. More we give more we acquire, more we get and there would be plenty in our hand. You may ask how can it be possible. You may try this in your life. The happiness that you get when you give something to someone is tremendous. Likewise when we say thanks or hear thanks, it means so much.

When we visit to the temple, we always have lot of applications in our mind for god to fulfill. We put forward those applications in front of him. It would be for exam, for health, for prosperity, for wealth, for marriage, for children. The list is never ending. In that process, we forget to thank god for what we have, for what we are, and for the strength that god has offered us to face the challenges world throws to us.

Stand in front of god and say thanks. Express your gratitude for all that he has given you. Say thanks for the happiness that is surrounding you. Moreover, you dont have to ask anything to him. You just put in your efforts and he will take care of your needs. He has thought best for every soul in this earth.

Great is the attitude when you express gratitude.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

And it rained again....................

Then it rained again
That earth stench ,  seamless water pouring
She was standing near the river
All she could think of him, she started dreaming
He was standing beside her and they were watching the rainbows
Thunder lightning came in a row
And she was shaken
The dream was broken
Slowly she turned back to head towards her place
In front of her, he stood like a cold blaze
Containing the excitement was no chance
She smiled, sang aloud and started to dance........

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Like a heaven's touch....................

Walking in the meadows
Hand in hand
Like a pearl droplets the water in her hair
swings and dances in the air
from behind, he wraps his arms around her
and presses her softness tight and fair
She smiled as it was like dreaming in heavens arm
Music and rhythm , deep and calm
Connecting souls with rising desires
The passion  you have which ignites the fire
A place so special in her heart she has for him
Like a cold breeze blowing is so much fun.....