Saturday, October 3, 2009

You are my life

You are my faith
When I have no hope
You are my love
When I have reasons to hate
You are my wind
When I have no wings to soar,
No one to call friend
You warm my heart
When it is blue
You are my thoughts
When I have no clue
You are my words
When I can’t say I love you
You are the light that completes me
You are my reflection in the dark
You are my heart
You are the shade of love
That sets me free

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Always there

I'll always be here through thick and thin
You can come to me, I'll listen
I'm your friend, I won't push you away
When you need a hug, my arms are wide open
When you need to talk, I have an open ear
Your growing up and getting older
Know that I'm always here, I'm not going anywhere
Wherever you are, I'm there with you
You’re in my heart and my prayers
Just know I'm here, because I truly care
You’re my sister, you mean so much
Don't want to see you hurt or cry
I'll wipe the tears, I'll get rid of your fears
Want to see you grow up and achieve
Just believe, have faith
You can do anything
You’re beautiful inside and out
You’re smart and very talented
You’re many things, but most all, you’re my sister
I believe in you and know that I'll never stop loving yo

Young lady's dream

Searching for the dream
Closed my eyes
There I saw u in shining armour aroud the river stream
I sat and my eyes were full of cries
Lovely and glittering were your attire
Was feeling a long lost desire
Memories of togetherness embraced me
It was ur arms that set me free
Moonlight appeared and gazed at us
First showers whispered and made the night glorious
Met my soulmate ,learned tradition of moon
Angels sang their poems and we heard their moans
Couldn’t resist to hug you
i set my path towards you
there I was distracted by noise of my alarm
wish I could complete my dream in the dawn
will wait for you for years and years
and we will be united by all of our peers
in the midst of their happy tears
the sand , earth, sky and rivers

Thursday, May 21, 2009


The woods are lovely and deep
Trees are tall and green
You just laugh and peep
Pouring rains can be seen
High and hearty the sky gazes
Kissing the cheeks the cold blazes
Rains oh rains you made me poet
I wonder how I can remain so quiet
The rain song birds sing
Song which makes temple bell ring
There the children start
To play and splash water
Comes with noises the cart
But it’s hardly a matter
In the sky with lovely colors
Comes the rainbow, enjoys each and every toddlers
Children start to school and sit in bench
but their heart doesn’t wishes to leave the lively stench
ohh!! Rains, you came out of the blue
To welcome and feel, I longed for you
I gaze and peep out of my window
sing my tunes and I bow
to gratify you to give us
a new day so fresh and pompous.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Sister of my heart

Days are gone and new days are yet to come
Its very hard to get like you for some
moments of fighting and moments of caring
we shared with each other
it is very hard to say how you are close to me and how we are together
people may come and people may go
birds may sing and trees may grow
oh!! sister you are my love and my heart
nothing will make us apart
not able to express the inexpressible thoughts
we will set example to tiny tots
truly intimate we are
though we remain so far
you love me more than anyone
even i will come forward and not shun
I Love You ---------more than anyone.....

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Hope in love

I dont like your call
coz it makes me expect and wait for your next call

I dont like your call
coz it makes me everytime fall

I dont like your talk
coz it makes me resist even to start

I dont like when you hold
coz it produces feelings inside me

I like when you miss me
coz atleast in that few minutes ,together are we

I know one day you will ask my hand
we will be blessed by earth, sky and sand

That will make us love forever,forever,forever.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Layoffs -----

Layoff is a temporary suspension or permanent termination of an employee from the organization. Layoffs have become a everyday headline. it has raised its ugly head throughout the length and breadth of the country. what would one do in this scenario? the rise in layoffs are increasing just like density of population. its prevailing in every business areas such as IT, ITES, finance, marketing, Human resource and other allied fields. it has reached all the corners of the country. this has caused the serious threat among the workers by contemplating whether tommorrow will be the last working day.
many evils have come from this phenomenon such as suicides , murders etc. the rage which people are going through is not commendable. killing people along with their own families are taking rounds in developed countries as against third world countries. global slowdown has affected people so much that taking weapons in hands has become as against languishing in poverty.
above said are the ill-effects which humans face in respect to unemployment due to recession.what about the companies viewpoints...they require enough resources to carry on the operations effectively.In order to increase the productivity and also to sustain in the market, they are decreasing their manpower or human resources.this is correct from company's point of view.if the company is facing trouble in mobilising the capital and funds, how will it guarantee salaries and other incentives to the employees.this give rise to gaining good amount of market share has taken secondary position as against surviving in the market.
people has to understand the situation and if possible go for counselling in order to have a positive outlook towards future. this is not the end of life. In the meantime people could take many social responsiblities like joining in NGO's , taking many classes in regards to music, fine arts , sports and other cultural activities which they would have missed in their daily busy schedule.they should think it as a good opputunity to learn and divert their attention to other activities in the life.

To someone who is out of town....................

you are there in my song
you are there in my dreams
you are there in everything
ohh! you are not in the city

my heart melts a lot
when i see you frown,
this evening keep yourself free
ohh! you are not in the city

your love has divinity
which proves the sanctity
you are almighty
ohh! you are not in the city

Winter mornings

Mornings have a different feelings. what will you call winter morning? a newly wed fresh and beautiful. People could hardly think to venture out from their respective homes.birds were singing their sweet songs from the nests. school bells have started ringing but students were simply refusing to go to school and colleges.Everyone were just thinking to cuddle in their beds.getting up from bed seems impossible for many.time is not occidental in the morning. each and every minute counts.
When you step out from your house, a cold breeze hits your face welcoming to the genesis of the day. school childrens tightly gluttered with sweaters and scarfs tied tightly round their heads, holding mothers hands, not having a thought to run here and there. there comes the sun peeping, showing its scintillating face and twinlkling whether to rise and shine.this is how the day starts with a glorifying bliss which spreads through everyone 's minds and body making their souls full of happiness.
Animals urge to go to their fields to kill thier set off taking their tools and weapons to start their works in farms.
At the outset , we would like to gratify our good lord and heavens for giving such a beautiful and sparkling morning and making our day full of enthusiasm which further enriches our amazement.