Saturday, June 13, 2009

Young lady's dream

Searching for the dream
Closed my eyes
There I saw u in shining armour aroud the river stream
I sat and my eyes were full of cries
Lovely and glittering were your attire
Was feeling a long lost desire
Memories of togetherness embraced me
It was ur arms that set me free
Moonlight appeared and gazed at us
First showers whispered and made the night glorious
Met my soulmate ,learned tradition of moon
Angels sang their poems and we heard their moans
Couldn’t resist to hug you
i set my path towards you
there I was distracted by noise of my alarm
wish I could complete my dream in the dawn
will wait for you for years and years
and we will be united by all of our peers
in the midst of their happy tears
the sand , earth, sky and rivers

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