Monday, March 31, 2014

Thank You!!

Water helps the plants to grow green and strong. Likewise, motivation and encouragement helps any writer to grow wiser and write effectively in future. It helps him/her to know their mistakes and positives through healthy feedbacks. Feedbacks can be from friends, fellow bloggers, family or any person who has a good eye for reading. I have one such person to thank. It has been long overdue. It is a respect that i have for her which i would like to mention her name and thank her for all those feedbacks she offered me. Those feedbacks helped me to hold the ropes and march steadily. Privy Trifles aka Namrata, an author of couple of books who is a fellow blogger has supported me through my blogging journey. Whenever I post something on my blog, she is the one who gives me immediate reply or comment. Those thoughtful comments showed how she showed her eagerness to know the plot. That motivated me to develop my plot and make it more readable. Thanks so much Privy for your seamless support. I would like to see you more on my blog with your valuable comments which would help me to grow in this writing journey. Much love. Keep writing:)

Thursday, March 20, 2014

WAIT before you ask someone their WEIGHT

This is the post which is for people who are more concerned in checking out opposite person’s body weight. I don’t know why I wanted to write this post but this is the one thing which bothers me to eternity and I would like to spread awareness and inject little bit of science behind this.
Let me tell you the person who is on the slimmer side (I don’t want to call them thin)  is not his or her choice. Everything cannot boil down to that one matter – EATING HABITS. 

1)      It is not ME , blame ME-TABOLISM

You know about that strange thing called Metabolism. It is the process by which your body converts what you eat and drink into energy. In the people who are on the slimmer side, this process happens fast and it is very active. In this process, they burn their calories and tend to be as they are and not gain weight.

2)      My appetite is not tight

Whoever thinks that the person on the slimmer side doesn’t eat, please give it a thought. They eat enough. Instead their appetite is absolutely normal and functions par to the one who is on the healthier side. They never starve. While they eat in smaller proportions, they tend to munch something or the other between time intervals. Hence when you meet such person next time, don’t shout at them to have more or accuse them by saying that they do not have anything or adequate food. They do eat. May be more than what you eat in one single day.

3)      It is because of you ( ma and pa or any kith and kin )

Why doesn’t someone go back to science and learn something. We have learnt about genetics and how one trait is passed on to their offspring. This is called inheritance of traits which is linked to genes. If a person’s mother and father is not on the healthier side, how on earth the child can develop the super power and grow fat. Please for god’s sake spare a thought. Do not just follow the crowd and give your unwanted opinion when someone is already accusing someone for being on the slimmer side. It is absolutely not their fault.  Their physical pattern is tuned as per their parents or any of their kith and kin from the parent’s side.

4)       I Am 100% active and normal

This is the thing which irks me to the core. We are not super humans or almighty to be absolutely active and normal all the time. If the person is on the slimmer side, everyone acts like a doctor or a medical practitioner. They want to suggest their remedies and try their experiments on that person.  The person is absolutely normal and perfect. What bothers them is YOU so stop acting smart. Before asking the person this question about being active or if he or she is suffering malnutrition, ask yourself the question whether you are being active and healthy all the time.

5)      You stir my anger with Steroids

This one stirs me to that limit that my eyeballs will come out in anger and rage. The last thing the person on the slimmer side needs is steroids. Have you ever thought of the after effects of those dangerous chemical. If you don’t know how science acts, please get your facts correct and talk to the person. Steroids are the harmful chemical which turns your body upside down. It can lead to dangerous consequences so beware when someone suggests you this. Tell them that you love yourself and don’t want to change for anyone.

Things which person on the slimmer side can enjoy:

 Dont worry about others. The strange thing about others is they are extremely jealous of you. You being on the slimmer side is what irks them. You don’t have to go for walk in the morning. You will get extra sleep. You will get to munch more cookies and ice creams. Cheese will find a lovable connection with you. You can easily walk up and down the stairs. You can try different patterns of clothes on you.

Live, love and laugh. Life is about that. Stop worrying about others. Stop feeling bad. YOU are BEAUTIFUL.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Columns, Tea and Justice - Part 1

Sipping a hot cup of tea, Devyani sat with the newspaper. It was a morning ritual for her to go through the headlines with a hot cuppa chai. For someone who is into writing, it becomes a forever job to learn from other person’s writings. Newspaper not only provided her information about the happenings around the city but also provided a great deal of insight on writing skills. After talking with Pearl and wishing her mom goodbye, she left for work. Pearl was her stress buster, companion, and soul mate. Cuddling her, running her hand in Pearl’s forehead, smoothing her tail provided much needed comfort, for her profession involved severe pressure and stress.

To give an introduction, Devyani Sharma, Twenty and nine, was working in one of the leading Magazine as a Senior Writer. Her writings ranged from health, women, travel, and technology to social issues. She was spearheading the Mumbai unit and won various accolades for her esteemed work.

Her day at work started at 8.30 a.m. and never ended. It comprised of various phone calls, telecom, group meetings, presentations, client meetings, writing and editing pages etc. Even after reaching home, she used to read and edit the articles of her subordinates, plans schedules for the following day, occupy herself in myriad presentations or in reading various stories related to current affairs. Also, Devyani used to get up at wee hours and write. Even after this maddening schedule, if she finds any time, she used to take Pearl on morning walks.

Though her parents were in a constant worry seeing her schedules, it gave enough pleasure for Devyani. After all, writing was her first love and she enjoyed being married to it. Her parents used to get many calls from the suitors but inspite of them insisting, Devyani was reluctant to get married. She had met few of them but all of them failed to impress her. Some were boastful, some were after her money & fame, and some wanted her to give up her profession. She wanted someone who would understand her stressful work and love her for what she is. She thought she would fall in love one day. Longing and yearning was she. Though she did not show, her eyes did. Her hope sustains.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Ancient Love: Getting a Musasm – Version1

When I say Musasm, please don’t wear your dirty thoughts hat as you would be thoroughly disappointed. I have a very different piece to present here. We all are interested in Music. What kind of Music? Music of varied types be it western, classical, jazz, latin and so on. Music is very graceful. Something we can relate it to our thoughts, life and experiences. It takes us to a new land filled with soul and peace. But what happens when Music doesn’t have any words. Will it lose its sense? Will it lose its sanity? Will it lose its sanctity? I don’t think so. One such beautiful piece which woke my senses or touched my soul is Ancient love by Sitar stalwart Anoushka Shankar. She comes from a very lustrous background of Music with her dad ‘Ravi Shankar on one side and half sister ‘Norah Jones’ on the other. Her work has always amused me to a large extent. The way she plays Sitar, One can see god or feel his presence in it.

Everything about Ancient love –

The piece starts with a Hindustani classical vocal played by a male counterpart. The nuances were placed beautifully with the soft rendition of Sitar. Then it slowly catches the pace with strong play of the instrument. In olden days, love was very pure and simple in nature. Things like sun, rain, weather, nature, and surroundings played an important role in the relationships. The experience was ethereal. The boy and girl found their pleasure in small things and things rarely got complicated. But religion played a significant part in their relationship. They were strictly opposed to feel love outside their religion. That was considered as a taboo. That was how lives of Janaki and Vinod had turned out. Feeling strongly for each other, they couldn’t sacrifice their love for their family and village but were forcefully caught up with the caste and religion stigma. The social pressure made their lives difficult and the folks separated them. Their love continued to remain alive and young but failed to unite them. The last 2 minutes of Sitar says us the story of Janaki and Vinod’s last visit to each other at the river backwaters. They were in midst of emotional turmoil. They cried, laughed, hugged and kissed. That was the last time they were actually alive. They lived. They did not take the worst case of death. But though they stayed in marriage with the person of same caste, they were dead from inside. They led the mechanical life and failed to feel bliss in world. They desired nothing but each other. The end part gives us the trials and a tribulation faced by them and ends on a sad note. The rhythm and tone is very effective and tempo increases at the end. Anoushka has made the rendition very interesting. I will come up with version 2 of the same instrumental legend work.