Monday, March 31, 2014

Thank You!!

Water helps the plants to grow green and strong. Likewise, motivation and encouragement helps any writer to grow wiser and write effectively in future. It helps him/her to know their mistakes and positives through healthy feedbacks. Feedbacks can be from friends, fellow bloggers, family or any person who has a good eye for reading. I have one such person to thank. It has been long overdue. It is a respect that i have for her which i would like to mention her name and thank her for all those feedbacks she offered me. Those feedbacks helped me to hold the ropes and march steadily. Privy Trifles aka Namrata, an author of couple of books who is a fellow blogger has supported me through my blogging journey. Whenever I post something on my blog, she is the one who gives me immediate reply or comment. Those thoughtful comments showed how she showed her eagerness to know the plot. That motivated me to develop my plot and make it more readable. Thanks so much Privy for your seamless support. I would like to see you more on my blog with your valuable comments which would help me to grow in this writing journey. Much love. Keep writing:)


  1. Aww.. this is soooo sweet... I am trying hard to stop crying at this moment dear.. :')

    It is beyond beautiful to read this and yes I love everything that you write <3

    Hugs and thank you so much this one!

  2. Genuine feedback pointing out both the pluses and minuses is seen rarely.Praising people where it is due is an admirable trait.You are blessed to have Namrata to motivate you regularly.