Monday, March 14, 2011

Lust: Beyond Love

You are the greatest glue
Congregation of all five senses
Submission of thoughts to you
Fire in the heart which runs down the spines
Way for new life, opens new desires
Exploring new regions, one never gets tired
floating up to the paradise and parachuting back to the earth
lives heat between two lives which hits to the mirth
Wild mixed with sanctity touching the distant heaven
Sacred it is with a minutes of eleven
high on the energy, connecting two souls
new dreams making their adrenaline rush with each new roll
love can be the entry line but you are the ultimate end
one should keep it alive like the plants they tend

Happening City: Pune

“One never feels an iota of lonely here”

“Everything happens here
A happiness which one cannot bear
Working hard with exotic nightlife
Winding lanes with shimmering lights
Sweet surprises with warm delights
City of joy and city of sugary desires
You can bring along your peers
Everything happens here”

A thought flashed me like headlights. Two years of continuous surprises which this city gave me a pure pleasure that everyone seeks in their lifetime.
This is the city which provides one an opportunity to dream, live their life, socialize, and meet new people or share your thoughts with them. In this write up, I would like to list down few places which will stay in my memory forever and evergreen. Mumbai is the city which never sleeps, Pune is the city which never dares to weep. In a way it can make others weep for being expensive in terms of transport….Uhh, those rickshawalas…they really would get on your nerves. Jokes apart, one who knows to enjoy can have all pleasure here. Gags of laughter, entertainment, stress and pressure, unexpected emotions, moments of silence and fights I share with my buddies. It taught me to let my hair down and enjoy, take things easily & made me accomplished.

Kalyani nagar – Gold Adlabs – All that glitters is truly gold....

It’s the best hangout of us. Mariplex is a huge building which has large and variety of assortments. Two outlets which people wish to be there are in the very front overlooking the road. Yeah, Mcdonalds and KFC. Train of thoughts sweeps me when I mention these places. moments of enjoyment spent with my close friends, college mates embraces me warmly. It is situated in very posh locality & centre of the city that one will get the urban feel and international experience.
Entertainment seekers have every reason to smile as there are lots of events and shows organized.
Crossword – this is a place which is close to my heart. Half of my bookshelf is covered by the books I got from this place. Book lovers can have delight here by leafing through pages, checking out new arrivals, music albums, VCD’s etc. whenever I feel low and laidback, I would pop up to this place and have my energy back. it is just amazing to be around books. yes they are really your bestfriends. In today’s age, it worth loving your books than man, atleast it will yield you returns, yes, ROI in management terms. The music played at the background peps your mood and brings you back to the joyful mode.
Exact opposite is Kalyani veg restaurant which is huge supplier of Indian and Chinese cuisines. you could see the people from IT center ushering in and out of this place in the evening.

German bakery – Koregaun park (KP) – Osho world

This is the place which I am emotionally attached. Firstly, I would like to express my homage to all those martyrs who lost their lives in the attack on 13th February, 2010 by terrorists. It is been a year and I could still remember the amount of tension and turmoil existed on that destructive day.
This was the common hangout of me and my friends. This place has got its own significance. its unique, antique and what not you call. you can see different faces visiting here. people are from nearby osho ashrams, the NRI community, college going kids, corporate people who spend time ordering delicious cuisines. My favorite food is Spanish Omlette with bread toast. How can I forget Danish pastry. its so yummylicious…one should try and rekindle their tastebuds. The people working are Germans but speak Hindi fluently. They are good human beings who provide prompt service. We would sit and chat here and admire the paintings and magnificient graffiti drawn on the walls of this bakery. Breaking news: It is reopening on 15th feb 2011 a day after valentine’s day. They have refurbished the building.
As soon as it gets in order, we would really have a visit over this place and celebrate our old memories.

Kharadi – Niyati Empire - (My own home)

2 years of stay here. Kharadi – an upcoming destination for corporates.Proximity to Airforce and IT park in magarpatta makes it an capital location in the outskirts of Pune. Hotel Radison is the one which adds flavour to this area. Niyati is one of the best complex which encompasses bunch of multistoreyed buildings. Ours is Ruby – which stands tall and beautiful. Many enthusiastic and energetic families stays here. The festivals are celebrated like weddings and vice versa. people are very cultured and lively atmosphere could be seen throughout the year. The greeneries and lush gardens are the highlights. Children have a ample space to play and enjoy. Each building has got the beautiful stones name – Emerald, Turquoise, Beryl, Sapphire and so on.
Home is where your heart is. Likewise Niyati has been my home for 2 precious years of my life.
Lots of positive feel and emotions are attached with this place. Funny moments, those long & quiet walks in the stretches in moonlight, those late night preparations for exams, Parties with friends, and lone time spend in the gardens could be attributed to this place.
Oh Heaven! how am I going to miss this place.

F C Road – Be a shopaholic

Constant rush and crowd places is what comes to my mind when I hear this road’s name. it’s a treat for people who want to shop at the bare minimum price. We girls hailed a tempo in order to reach this place. it was a hilarious scene. The tempo guy was also excited and asked whether we were comfortable in our way up to the Hadapsar bus stop. We thanked him and handed over money. As soon as we reached the destination, we purchased outfits, shawls, footwears, and other sundry. There were series of shops and high end stores which catered to public needs. It was flooded by people as it was weekend.
After roaming for some hours, we all had our dinner in one of the famous restaurant – “ Vaishali”. It was south Indian restaurant which had a nice ambience and artistic aura.
Fergusson college road which is fondly called FC is one of the main attractions for shoppers with a bargaining expertise. it is similar to Fashion street and Linking road in Mumbai. The stuffs are relatively far cheaper than one could think of. Shopping is retail therapy and a best healer and the world seems much better and brighter. What else could beat the satisfaction you get after you have paid for the products you purchased and stuff becomes yours, solely yours.

Don bosco church, camp – Oh, Christ!

I have already explained my experience in my previous blog. It is the church I would often visit during my hard times and happiest moments. those wonderful moments spent are still fresh in my memories.

“Aromas” – That between you and me.

It is located just close to kalyani nagar and right behind ABC palms one of the eminent pubs in the city.
The ambience is nothing but magnificent and splendid. There are beautiful and large couches which would make you comfortable while having your delicious meal. The breakfast which is fondly called as power breakfast is just amazing which includes 2 egg with bread toast, one orange juice and 2 croissants and some more additional stuff which I don’t recall now. Well it would really be a exotic place to spend time with your loved ones.

Le meridian – Scream – Uh la la……..Lets hit the dance floor

Freshers party organized by our batch for our juniors. It was a bash and this place served as one of the magical delight to us. Scream is one of the Largest pub in the city which is located in Le meridian restaurant in Camp area. All were decked up for the big night.
One has to surely enjoy in this pub as it gives you different experience altogether.

Pune Camp – M G Road – Be a champ

A popular road which has got many attractions – Marzorin, Leather lounge, Dorabjee and so on.
Leather lounge is another pub which is very oldest and serves a pleasurable atmosphere for young crowds.
Marzorin is the place which I visit often. if you would like to taste different kind of sandwiches and pastas then you should not forget to visit here. Cheese mayonnaise and cold coffee is the usual food I order here. place is very old and dates back to some 10 – 15 years. classic furniture with oak chairs and small round tables with right color scheme in walls make you come to this place often.
Dorabjee is the super market chain which is very famous and caters to needs of the public.