Monday, March 14, 2011

Lust: Beyond Love

You are the greatest glue
Congregation of all five senses
Submission of thoughts to you
Fire in the heart which runs down the spines
Way for new life, opens new desires
Exploring new regions, one never gets tired
floating up to the paradise and parachuting back to the earth
lives heat between two lives which hits to the mirth
Wild mixed with sanctity touching the distant heaven
Sacred it is with a minutes of eleven
high on the energy, connecting two souls
new dreams making their adrenaline rush with each new roll
love can be the entry line but you are the ultimate end
one should keep it alive like the plants they tend


  1. Nice dear.....poem's well written
    sensitive topic but choice of words immaculately even

    1. Thank you so mucj mohan......You also keep writing....I love your articles......