Thursday, December 27, 2012

Tryst with Nature.....

Taking along with her the love of him, she slept .
In dreams all she could see was him handsomely dressed.
Her pain flew away, so were her stress
Singing aloud with the waves of the ocean, she could see the stream and the water so deep
Walking hand in hand, he caught her when the rocks made her slip,
Fragrance of mother earth filled them with intense love
The nature was in the best form like poetry
So were them, caught in synergy of nature and melody

Thursday, December 20, 2012

He and She - Ishq Sufiyaana

She: She was coming from work. While coming she sang the lines of 3 Idiots and suddenly made subtle changes in the original lyrics. "God gave me some sunshine. God gave me some rain, God gave me another chance, I want to grow up with you once again."

He: After listening he told his usual lines.... Waste, Scope hi nahi hai.She started laughing at that very instant.

She: She thought and got the hidden meaning of those said lines.What he meant was Waste which means her life would be  a waste without him. Scope hi nahi hai - There is no scope of happiness without him. Which was absolutely evident and true. No second thoughts.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Heavens Shadow - Part 1

It was 7.30 a.m. Flight for LA got delayed by 6 hours. Passengers boarding the same flight were in complete mess. Lot of hustle bustle was happening at the airport.

 The sudden change in the weather caused the delay.

Nearly 3 hours to go for flight to arrive, People were busy reading newspapers, working in laptops, chitchatting, having drinks in café lounge.

Suddenly a voice of Airport authority came out from the intercom.

Are there any doctors? Lady has collapsed all of a sudden and she is gasping for breath.

The voice appeared for 7th time. Then, she was alarmed. She was fast asleep after a daylong medical conference in New Jersey.

She gained her equilibrium and whispered “Yes I Am.” She ran to get hold of the authority.

Personnel checked her name. She showed her Identity card.  Tisha Cameron from New Jersey. Medical school graduate. Affinity towards Cardio. Joining a metropolitan hospital named Heavens Shadow in LA.

 She studied the lady carefully and worked on her cautiously. The lady was suffering from cardiac arrest for 2nd time. As it was a major attack this time, she advised her to get a bypass done immediately. Her son thanked her for the immediate support and coming for rescue. 

Friday, December 7, 2012

He & She : Ishq Sufiyaana

He: Dont be a candle in my life. I dont want to be enlightened by melting you.

She: I would be a moon light which would bring light when your are in dark.

She: Dont be my heart as it would also leave me someday.

He: I am your soul

Heavens Shadow - Intro 4

Guitarist He was, His happiness gave a pause
Treated many of them, but couldnt cure himself
Salute to Neuro surgeon
He is Tim Jordan.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Heavens Shadow - Intro 3

Surely a smile increases face value - Welcome Radhika

Tiny pearls with sweetest smile
Her face seemed happy but it happened to be a lie
Faced enough when she was a tot
Gave her life to what she was taught
World of blood, chemicals and saviours
She is a true cheerful warrior
People call her happy go lucky or laughing puppy
Her name says Radhika Shashi

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Heavens Shadow - Intro 2

Here Comes Chris..................................

Tall and brilliant he is, Greenery was his childhood
A sudden fire though it feigned beauty hit his manhood
He tried, surrendered and failed
Although his train of love was long derailed
Lived his life with upright morals
Gave himself to world of god’s models
Trusted his instincts and he was true
No one other than Chris Andrew

Heavens Shadow Intro 1

Welcome Tisha ..........................

Like rivulets were her tears,
Hanging out with it for many years
She wanted to run away
And came miles away
Enough to find her sadness
With the new form, new attire
Ghoulish, murky and ominous
But taking the step with it,
Came to the world of dreadful scissors and medicine kit,
Ready to take on,

She is Tisha Cameron 

Friday, November 2, 2012

Prem - avgad ghosht nahi!!!

Prem manje devala padlela swapn
Prem manje athishay anmol ratn
Prem maje ayushyabar ekmekancha saath
Prem manje sukh dukhachya kshanni ekmekancha haath
Prem manje adhar jeevanacha
Prem manje aatma ayushayacha
Prem haa nisargathil sundar roop
Prem manje sakshat tujya roop

Translation for my kind friends:

Love is gods own dream
Love is precious stone
Love is togetherness for lifetime
Love is sharing of joys and sorrows
Love is life's support or reason
Love is life's soul
Love is beauty of universe
Love is form of you

Indeed, Love is not difficult to understand!!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Media Naranja – Half orange in Spanish which means soul mate or better half.

Grow old with me, The best is yet to be ........................Robert Browning.

Does soul mate exists only in fairytales?  I have known people who argue that soul mates concept don’t exist in real world. On the contrary, I have seen people, who are just made for each other, have been a live example of the same. I would want to throw a light on this subject and know what you feel on the same.

Who is a true soul mate? By reading this question, everyone would be thinking it must be or should be one’s husband or one’s wife/spouse.

I would want you to think more deeply on the same. Does your wife really qualify to be your soul mate? And yo wife, what do you think? Does the person with whom you are sharing your life really pass the test of soul mate?

Here if the answer is yes, then I would be happiest.

Let me tell you,

A friend can be a soul mate. A spouse can be your soulmate. Your mother, father, brother and sister, your teacher, mentor too can be your soul mate. Not necessary that your hubby or wife sole should be your soul mate. Just because you both have married and agreed to stay together for lifetime, it does not mean they match up to the soul mate standards. Your friend who is opposite sex may understand you more than your hubby or wife. They can be termed as soul mates no matter you guys are not together or stay with each other. Soul mate is a bond which implies the feelings of deep affection, spiritual connect and emotional affinity. You could say karmic connection or a connotation of being the strongest bond with another person.

Sometimes we don’t meet some people or share the daily happenings with them, but when you happen to meet them someday by chance, you will not feel that you have missed them. You connect within a fraction of a second. May be that what a spiritual or karmic connection is.

 To recollect, I know a person who is my good friend. She is married and their connection was so strong that both of them were drawn to each and their relationship developed over a period of time. They have connected in many ways. Really astounding isn’t it? The important criterion is you should share a comfortable relationship with the other person. You don’t have to change or modify yourself and can be just YOU. No conditions apply. And you should accept that person as he/she is.

Soulmates – Better half or your reflection!!

Find a person who knows the hidden music in you

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Heaven's Shadow: Synopsis

Meet Tisha, Chris, Tim and Radhika, Four medical school passouts started their stint at Heaven's Shadow hospital. Each one has specialized in one particular area and aspire to become renowned surgeon while battling with their personal issues. Tisha's mother struggling with bone cancer. Chris suffering with bad marriage. Tim becomes victim of deadly disease. Happy go lucky girl Radhika traumatized and lives with bad childhood. Heavens Shadow gave them everything and more than anything, each of them finds solace in each others shadow. Would they overcome their crisis?

Check out the tale of these medical students who wants to live the life of an ordinary person but complications encircles them.

Episode 1 soon....

Monday, October 22, 2012

Million bucks Coffee.............

Coup over cafe
Crazy moments to share
Intense gaze with soft music
Laughter, songs,
Rest of the world who cares
Nostalgic times and sweet memories
Honey, muffins, doughnuts and cookies
That comes in a package with a great company.......

Monday, October 8, 2012

Leaf 5 .............Gratitude!!!

Thank you............this are the two words which means so much to a person. This are the words for which one longes to hear.

Our conventional wisdom says more you give less we have. However, it is the other way round. More we give more we acquire, more we get and there would be plenty in our hand. You may ask how can it be possible. You may try this in your life. The happiness that you get when you give something to someone is tremendous. Likewise when we say thanks or hear thanks, it means so much.

When we visit to the temple, we always have lot of applications in our mind for god to fulfill. We put forward those applications in front of him. It would be for exam, for health, for prosperity, for wealth, for marriage, for children. The list is never ending. In that process, we forget to thank god for what we have, for what we are, and for the strength that god has offered us to face the challenges world throws to us.

Stand in front of god and say thanks. Express your gratitude for all that he has given you. Say thanks for the happiness that is surrounding you. Moreover, you dont have to ask anything to him. You just put in your efforts and he will take care of your needs. He has thought best for every soul in this earth.

Great is the attitude when you express gratitude.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

And it rained again....................

Then it rained again
That earth stench ,  seamless water pouring
She was standing near the river
All she could think of him, she started dreaming
He was standing beside her and they were watching the rainbows
Thunder lightning came in a row
And she was shaken
The dream was broken
Slowly she turned back to head towards her place
In front of her, he stood like a cold blaze
Containing the excitement was no chance
She smiled, sang aloud and started to dance........

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Like a heaven's touch....................

Walking in the meadows
Hand in hand
Like a pearl droplets the water in her hair
swings and dances in the air
from behind, he wraps his arms around her
and presses her softness tight and fair
She smiled as it was like dreaming in heavens arm
Music and rhythm , deep and calm
Connecting souls with rising desires
The passion  you have which ignites the fire
A place so special in her heart she has for him
Like a cold breeze blowing is so much fun.....

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Let go.........

Let go ...these 2 words which you would hear now and then after every not so satisfying or pain giving circumstance happens. You may ask why? Someone said moving on is not rocket science..if only that person lived those moments fully. Involved himself completely. Experienced ecstatic joy. Moving on is the stage which will show how much one has gotten into that stuff. You will know your true love for something at that time. Moving on is difficult i perfectly agree but not an impossible one. If you really have the will do it there is a way. There is a solution to deal with the stress that moving on offers you. To move on doesnt mean moving on from a relationship. It can be from a pain after losing loved one in this earth. It can be from a failure in the exam. It can be from any sad rather not so pleasant experience. Time is a strange phenomenon. It heals you competely and after some period of time you may even laugh thinking about your past. Your past is your learning. Your future is result. Your present is the question paper. So learn and enjoy the question paper and solve it carefully in order to achieve desired results.

Whenever i am feeling down or low i listen to the song of beatles.......let it be. It peps up my mood and gives me a high. You cannot change your past. Everything you experience should be joy. No regrets no worries. If you regret then it is a reason to worry. Know that every moment you regret was the moment which gave you ultimate or maximum pleasure at some point of time. So learn to enjoy the life to the fullest come what may. Prayer is first road to god. And joy is second. Take the second road more. There is no harm.

"Sometimes reality has a way of sneaking up and biting us at our back. And when the dam bursts, all you can do is swim. The world of pretend is a cage, not a cocoon. We can only lie to ourselves for so long. We are tired, we are scared, denying it doesn't change the truth. Sooner or later we have to put aside our denial and face the world. Head on, guns blazing"

Monday, September 10, 2012

Can a name be an Adjective?

Can a name be an Adjective?

Well certainly YES. She said. His name qualifies.

He: Describe me.

She: I cannot describe you as you are beyond all the adjectives that i can attribute. If i say you are like handsome, smart, Intelligent, Hot, Good- natured etc. I place all the adjectives above you. I dont want to do that. You cannot be compared with all these qualities as you are very well above everything. Your position is numero uno for me. You cannot be like anyone or anything. You are what you are. You are a different variety. You have the quality that no other quality has in it. Your levels are so different that no other adjective can match or be par with.

He: Is it? ( He laughs with amazement)

She: Not a second thought. I would say that your name should be enlisted in Adjective list. Your name should be an adjective. (She gives a satisfying smile)

He: Then what would be the meaning.(wonders)

She: The meaning should be all the qualities put together. One umbrella for all the words.

He: He takes her in his arms and hugs.

She: She blushes and rests her head in his shoulder.

( Ishq Sufiyaana - Love is pure and sacred.)

Leaf - 4: Life is meaning less……………………….depends what meaning people draw out of it

Well, why am I writing? why are you reading? there are so many why’s that come to our mind  and  we cannot stop pondering over the question again and again.

 Due to sweet request by my brother, I am trying to fill this piece with my own thoughts.

Everyone comes into this world for some reason. everyone gets this 4 letter word (LIFE) – and for what?? Does one has the satisfying reason to experience this word?

I would say NO. By saying this I mean a concrete and substantial answer is nowhere in existence.

One may say that they would like to sacrifice their life for the poor or one wants to be an eminent person in their own field and enjoy their life full of happiness. But WHY??

One may study well and get into a lucrative job and land in a very high position but why is he doing this to himself. what is he getting out of it? what is the actual meaning? everything seems so mechanical.

Why we need happiness? why we need fame? why we need knowledge?

Why we need money? why we need credits? why are we generous? The answer may differ from person to person. But the end result is still not answerable. because we don’t know the reason. and living without reason is not living.

Discover yourself. Know yourself. know why are you here. And then Start living…….

Living for something more important than you life will really make your life worth living.

Friends, I have written this but truly speaking I am still on the journey of discovering myself and life means a pretty plain canvas to me with beautiful colours. Everyone has the right to paint it to their heart content. Choose your colours and make it as colourful and bright as you can. Its your painting and master piece. I mean its your life and your only life. 

“Live your life, Don’t just survive”

Monday, September 3, 2012

And My First Kiss...........................

Like a Baby's innocuous smile,
Like a soft touch of first drizzle,
Like a daisies fragrance,
Like a Mozart's great symphony,
Like a moon's face in the river,
Like a peacock's feather,
Like a shining pearl,
Like a underwater beauty,
Like a morning fog,

Was my first kiss
tender and divine enough to experience bliss
to come closer to him
I overcame my whim,

Baby, you are close to me
I salute to thee 

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

LOVE redefined...............

It is a touch of wind.
does not change  with trend
It is a musical rhythm
which  is lovers anthem
It is flowers smell
Also a magical spell
It is Romeo's sacrifice
It is Darcy's prejudice
takes many forms
got no any  standard norm
dwells  in slums, and in elite
comes  without any  formal invite
Love is hormonal imbalance
requires perpetual  surveillance
It is YOU, It is ME
It is truly a language of almighty!!!!

What is Good and what is Bad?

Question pondered in my mind
Though it is one of a kind
What is good and what is bad?
If I get an answer, I will be glad
Doing good deeds, making others happy
Abiding to laws, following values of family
But who are we to decide about it
By harming others, you will dig your own pit
Then I realized,
It’s a relative concept
It may seem abrupt
Life is a journey of all seasons
Live your life and don’t live in prison
Do your task, get the returns
Wait in patience till comes your turn
Consume liquor, Consume Alcohol
There is no specific protocol
Still it makes me wonder,
What is good and what is bad?
If I get an answer, I will be glad!!!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Final Part – Sacred Bond

The thread ceremony went off well. Saatvik and Sia went out for dinner along with Sonakshi and Ashwath. It was a great night for all of them. Food was amazing, the laughs, the conversations, the quality time spent with each other made the night worthwhile.
Jet airways – 7.00 p.m.
Sia carried huge suitcases and was leaving for Mumbai. After Saatvik left Sia, she was literally on tears. Wishing goodbye was always painful for both of them.
She got the comfortable seat near a girl named Nora. They exchanged pleasantries. Sia and Nora talked about their careers. Sia being an interior designer gave lot of tips and suggested some designs for her new house. Nora was doing Masters in Psychology in Bangalore. She came to Chennai for an assignment and now leaving to meet her grandparents in Mumbai.  She was hardly twenty and three but was worldly wise. After speaking for some time, Sia was lost in her thoughts. All she could see was Saatvik. How he used to come and wait for her near her office, their lunches and dinners together, the movies, the pleasant surprises he used to throw in her birthday parties, the get together in her place with his cousins and many such occasions where Saatvik was always there in her life. They were not married to each other but they shared a unique relationship of love, trust, and friendship.
Shiva was right on time to pick Sia from the airport. Sia was too amazed and happy to see her husband after so many days. Even though she was smiling and laughing, Shiva could clearly see that Sia missed her best friend .He was very understanding and supported her in every way.
One year hence:
Motherearth Hospital – 11.p.m.
There was an emergency in Ward no.5. Dr. Jose was running and calling the nurses in operation theatre. The patient was crying with the labour pain. It was none other than Sia. All these while she was waiting for this very moment and now it was right in front of her. All she wanted was a healthy baby in her arms. Shiva was with her throughout the process. He was tightly holding her hand and even he was in tears seeing his girl in pain. The doctors worked on her. She was exhausted but eagerly waiting for the baby’s first cry and the tender skin. Finally after few hours, she heard a loud wail and she heaved a sigh of relief. That very instant, the pain and discomfort flew away. It was a baby girl.
Although late as usual, Saatvik came to see Sia. He was amused to see her so happy. It was a dream come true for her. Seeing him, Sia could not contain her excitement. He played with the baby and showered her lots of love.
25 years later:
It was month of August. Students from foreign universities came back to their homeland for vacation.
Ashwath and Kyra left for India from Chicago and were on their way. Sia and Saatvik were in the airport waiting for their kids. As soon as they saw their glimpse, their joy knew no bounds. They could see the young version of themselves. Sia and Saatvik smiled at each other. They wished that both their kids should share the same kind of relationship that they shared with each other. Their relationship had surpassed all those worldly emotions.  And it was true; their beautiful friendship was forever and ever.

This is not a work of fiction but based on true incident. 

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Sacred Bond - Part 1

Chennai Airport – 6.30 pm.

It was busy time of the day and the Airport looked lively as usual. Large number of people with the baggage in tow, some were standing in the ticket counter line, some proceeding towards different numbered gates. Children were running here and there. Neatly dressed women and men answering the queries of the passengers, issuing the board passes.

There she stood. Sia, waiting for her best friend Saatvik. She was wearing a maroon coloured silk sari with Platinum necklace and earrings. She was looking very beautiful like a newlywed bride. Her flight was on time and as usual Saatvik was late. She quickly checked her mobile if she had got any miss calls. Her husband Shiva who works in an IT MNC had called her thrice. Sia called him and told him that she has reached safely and she is surely going to miss him in the ceremony. It was only a year for her marriage but it was like that they both knew each other from long time. He did not accompany her to Chennai as he had an important conference to attend. 

After the phone call, she became restless and famished. She went straight to the Cafe lounge. She told the person, “one cappuccino”. No make it two; a stern voice came from behind. She turned back and there he was standing behind her and smiling. He was wearing blue denim with white shirt and looked handsome as usual. They hugged each other and Sia was in tears. They were meeting after one long year. They were not used to such long gaps between the meetings. Now that they lived in different cities, it was getting tougher to meet on a frequent basis. Finally the day had come in the form of Ashwath's thread ceremony. Ashwath was Saatvik and Sonakshi's son.

Saatvik's place was one hour drive from the Airport. He was working in Mumbai and many other metros before marriage. Now he got a transfer to Chennai. His house was well built and the flower garden in front of the house made the house look very beautiful.

Ashwath was playing sea saw with his friends in the garden. He came running looking at Sia.

Hey Ashu, How are you my boy? You have grown so big. He was very delicate. He looked very much like Saatvik. Sonakshi was very happy to see Sia. They chatted for a long time. Both of them got well like house on fire. 

Monday, July 23, 2012

Peek at Mumbai life..................

First love , those long waits,

This city has got its own trait,

Never the people gets tired

In fraction of second, large dreadful bombs get fired

Dance bars and night life

Twinkling cars and bravery thrive

locals so crowded, never on time

Still, Spirits of people always shine

Roads see saw in monsoon

Paupers become rich so soon

Smoky and foggy in the morning, busy streets with magic spells around

Click the scene and frame it, picture so perfect and sound

Come to Mumbai dear

Shed no tears, please cheer

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Lost and Found Myself..............

There is no pain, I threw it out of the window,

I have lost everything

I trust myself as I walk alone in the meadow

I cried out, to my lord

show me the path

Never did I thought this will be the case

My hope that everything will fall in place

tightly gripped me and I tried to forget the past

nobody can let me down at any cost

Started a journey with a clean slate

beautiful things I want to collect, know to enjoy and not hate

I am reborn and this is my new life

I want to live, I want to laugh, I want to fall in love and not just survive

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Unspoken words with Intense gaze.................

Vindhya was sipping hot cup of coffee on her desk. She was reading a quarterly report of her company. As she finished, she glanced at the debt market desk opposite to her. She cannot see him. She was yearning and longing for his eyes, innocuous smile and seductive charm. She was searching for those eyes since one week. It had been a long wait though.

Vindhya was an introvert, shy, pretty young lady. She dressed up in a traditional style with Kurti and salwar with nicely braided long hair. She had a finance masters in hand and was working as an Analyst in a financial services firm. Her co workers liked her not only because of the way she looked but also the way she spoke, behaved and her whole nature. She was a quick learner and efficient at work.

Ameesh was a Debt market dealer in the same company. He was a reserved person and never mixed with people around. He had a fixed set of 3-4 friends whom he used to hang out with.

It had been six months. Vindhya and Ameesh were attracted to each other but never ever tried to share their feelings with each other. She used to see him and he used to reciprocate her by looking at her. There had been times when both of them were alone in the library but Ameesh never tried to speak to her nor Vindhya volunteered but the gaze itself was speaking a lot.

Vindhya wondered why Ameesh never made an effort to know her name and her details.
When Vindhya controlled herself and looked him from the corner of her eyes, she could see Ameesh gazing at her and smiling at her.

She tried to find his name and details. She got his credentials in the linkedIn, professional networking site. She quickly sent a request to connect to his network. She waited to get an acceptance from his side but it did not work. She overlooked his gaze and tried to concentrate on her own work as she was not interested to get into a relationship. She had a bad breakup with her ex boyfriend and as her parents were looking for her marriage, she dismissed these thoughts. But she was desperate to know his feelings or what he thought about her?

There was a cultural night in the company. Company had organized for a Music band show. Show had begun and the singer started with the romantic track sung by Abhijeet Sawant – “Lafzon mein keh na sakun, Bin keh bi reh na sakun, “Knowingly or unknowingly Singer touched the hearts of two lives – Vindhya and Ameesh. They were lost into each other and spoke a lot by giving an intense look towards each other.

Days passed.....

Now it had been one long week and he still not have turned at the workplace. What happened to him? Has he quit? Or maybe he was on leave. The wait made her impatient. Though she was a headstrong and obstinate person, she couldn’t resist thinking about him.

“Speak softly, but not as soft that I cannot listen
 Say something that your intense gaze has got a reason”

(This story depicts how two hearts have been connected through the eyes. And also this is the perfect example of the challenges faced by not communicating the emotions and feelings. Agreed, Love doesn’t need a language and it has got its own. But the feelings should be conveyed before it gets late as unspoken love loses its value. So speak out, convey and reciprocate your love. Only you will face rejection but at least you have made an effort to know other person’s mind. Of course, You don’t have to be another Vindhya waiting for someone to turn back)

Thursday, July 5, 2012

My Best friends Murder on Christmas Eve..

26th December.

One day after Christmas. Weather was chilly yet balmy. This time I should be hanging out with my friends and shopping for New Year. But, I stood behind the bars and was waiting for someone who could bail me out of this situation. I was arrested for my best friend Navya’s murder. I couldn’t imagine that I lost my dearest one but why am I accused and deemed as culprit. All of a sudden, the thoughts of 25th December‘s evening flashed at me.

24th December.

People were busy in the streets for Christmas shopping. Children enjoying their holidays were busy in the decoration of the Christmas tree and waiting for the Santa Claus to appear and offer them basket full of presents. Whole city had a festive air.

Navya and I were very close friends right from school days. We used to hang out together and spend our spare time doing painting, singing and dancing. Navya was shrewd, good mannered, down to earth young lady. Although she was from a wealthy family, small things made her happy. She liked to ride horses, climb mountains, sing songs, play keyboard. Her hobbies were never ending. She was like a sister I never had.

She was born on the Christmas day. As she was attaining 18, she decided to throw a ball at her plush 3 storied bungalow. She invited all our college friends, teachers and some of her close relatives. We all were busy shopping for her special occasion since one month. She was very particular about her clothes, accessories and shoes. Shopping with her was indeed an uphill task. I spent most of the nights at her place as we were organizing the party and I was preparing the checklist for the same. We had to invite each one in the list, had to arrange flowers, garden cakes, fruits, gifts, wines, music band and arrange for dinner.

25th December

It was 7.00 a.m. in the morning. We both were sipping our hot green tea and going through our checklist to see if everything was in order. She hugged me and thanked for everything I did for her.

With three quarter hours still to go before the party began, I inspected the grounds and house. Navya was dressed in long white gown, the color which showed vision of purity with colorful beads and flowers decorated in it. She was wearing a diamond necklace and earrings gifted by her parents. Her hair was let loose and rose in her hair made her look like a princess. I decided to dress in our traditional Indian style. I was wearing a colorful Patiala and green kurti with matching accessories.

With shining hazel eyes, birthday girl looked very happy and pretty. None of us were aware that she was dressing up for her death and last day of her life.

Party Time

Crowds started ushering in. It grew by the minute. The guests raved about the delicious food, the decorations, the flowers, the gardens, the house, and the delicious food. Girls giggled with equal measure of happiness and enthusiasm. Everyone in the group were more delighted, more elated and thought that they would have a night to remember. And they definitely had it.

26th December - 12.00 a.m.

Police came in as soon as they heard that Navya has been murdered. They asked people to wait outside the room and closely examined the body. They wanted the advice from Coroner. Immediately coroner was present and investigated the body. A lanky Inspector entered to question the people present on the party. Colonel Roger also joined in to provide help on this case. He was a man of few words. He had a long black moustache and jet black hair. He along with the inspector started the investigation. After the investigation, they started a tour on the bungalow. As they were checking the party room, they were startled seeing something. Their eyes were transfixed. There was a plate lying on a table which has half cut apple with knife in it. The plate was placed at the table adjacent to the kitchen room where her body was lying. Her throat was slit. On Navya’s bedroom, there was a doll which was lookalike of Navya. It was gifted by her brother. The doll had a dagger inserted on her stomach. In front of the doll was my chain lying and my green ribbon was tied on her hand. I was astonished seeing that scene. What was my chain and ribbon doing over there? Why was I targeted?

After several rounds of questions thrown on the spectators, my turn had come. I was deeply alarmed that time. I couldn’t stop crying for what I saw. I couldn’t imagine my best friend was killed on her birthday. Who had thought that her birthday would be her death day? The colonel comforted me and started asking many questions. I told them that she was like my sister and why would I kill her? They asked me to throw the light on the entire sequence of the evening party. I exclaimed:

  • ·        People came in dressed to the nines and coasting towards delight.
  • ·        First there was cutting of the cake and the music show by one of the leading band.
  • ·        Then began fireworks outside the bungalow marking the celebration of Navya’s birthday.

  • ·    Guests were served with delicious cuisines. People were chatting and laughing while having meal. Navya went to the kitchen room to keep a close watch on everything. Meanwhile , somewhere between the dancing and fireworks, there was a loud scream, Lights went off, and people were running here and there as they were scared. Within fraction of a second, lights were turned on and before we could react, there she was lying in the kitchen room with her hands tied and throat slit.

Because of the Chain and ribbon which was associated to me, I was accused and people gave the false statement against me. Some told that I was her best friend and as I was an orphan, I envied her position and tried to kill her. Some told that I was behind her money. Some were reckless and gave the statement that I was mentally retarded. For one week, I was in a soup and complete mess. I tried to convince the officers on duty but none of them believed me.

Police and Colonel suspected three motives for this murder:

1.      Money
2.      Animosity
3.      Jealousy

27th January

After one month, Police identified the exact culprit and truth was revealed.

Navya was killed by Maya. She was our classmate. She was very strange and acted like psycho at times. She couldn’t tolerate our friendship and always tried to make discomfort between us. She hated us and wanted to separate us and tried her best to ruin our relationship. Our closeness bothered her.

On 25th evening, when the lights went off, she killed Navya and placed the knife on that table. When police were busy investigating and asked to wait everyone, she went to Navya’s bedroom with her dagger and finished the job by inserting the knife on that doll. Thus, the doll with the dagger, chain and ribbon proved alibi in this case. After detailed conclusion and the evidence which showed Maya as a murderer, she was sentenced for 5 years imprisonment. Maya had three devils in her mind – Animosity, Jealousy and greed. I was relieved. Somewhere I thought it was she who helped me and bailed me from this crisis. I saw up in the sky and thanked her. 

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Love Lost Forever.........

You were my passion and love

I thought in your heart, I had a stake

Your pride, I dont know how

bit me like a poisonous snake

You fought with me, tried to cheat me, and

never could I escape from all this riot band

Like an arrow, your rudeness hit me

you will never know how you treated me

I cried, oh I cried, that whole evening

I tried but hardly could I understand the meaning

I wandered lonely in the road

she came alone and there was no crowd

There was a verse

though it was terse

hearing those, I was torn into pieces

Curse it was and I took the name of jesus

I couldnt touch the paradise

and never I could rise

I screamed, I dont need you

There may be people for you

Died my passion all the way

as your emotions never did sway

(This post is part of Write up cafe contest - 10 words to the poetry and short stories)

Monday, July 2, 2012


How can I live without you?

I have my soul stirring for you. My breathe trusts you. The every sip of you I take, I gain my years.
One fine day, the heat waves hit me. When the body sweat gave me shiver down my spine and tinkled me, I could just remember you. I smiled, enjoyed and felt you.

When there is heavy pours and when I drench in it, you come in my mind. It is like you are there everywhere. I can feel it.  

When I feel like biting you, you almost melt on me and I end up drinking you.

When I paint some picture, you come to my mind. Suddenly, my hands urge to dip in you, touch you and brush you everywhere.

Tsunami brings back to the memories of your anger. When you are in that state, you drink me. That sinking feeling is special.

When I am on a shower, you come and hug me tightly. My heart races up. I get the feeling that you have almost reached me. I could see that as you touch me, you take the roads untraveled and reach almost everywhere. I am blessed. I don’t feel like coming back from the shower. I don’t want to wipe the love imprints of you.

When someone hits you accidently, my heart aches as you don’t tell anything and end up falling.
I don’t remember any day without you. My needs don’t have a meaning without you.

In meetings, Garden, Train, when I am busy with work, reading the book, washing my hands, playing in the bathtub, I need you. There is no single minute that I forget about you and stick my thoughts elsewhere. You have entered me and I would not look back. I can shape up you by giving different colors. Thus making my life colorful.

I can only imagine you and me in an Island. I never wanted to honeymoon in desert as I feel deserted alone.
The fire in me can be extinguished only by you. Only you can give fire the run for its ego.

You are juicy and you give energy to me. When I kiss you, it is called wet kiss. You are right on my lips and getting into it. When I am tired and dry, I take the ice cubes from the ice bucket and place it in my forehead thinking about your touch. But when I touch u, try to hold you, you shy away from me and run away. A small drop of you can make my heart an ocean.

You are the meaning of trust, contentment, and hope. You never disappoint me. When I forget my lunch, you are there right beside me to quench my thirst and my stomach is full with you. You are transparent and one can see your heart from your face. Your sparking shiny image impresses me all the time.

Can I feel like this with anyone else? These thoughts haunt me. The answer I know but I hesitate before you.

“Beside me, thoughts are you
Inside me, your need is true
Don’t go away, when I hold
My longing and craving for you is very old
Give me the way to express,
By drinking you all the time, I shoe away my stress.”



Water Indeed...:)

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Girl in Rains ........................Final Part

June 2012

Ruby Hills in Vashi was very beautiful at night. People taking long walks in the garden, Children running around and cycling in the playground, Swimming pool with fresh water, foliages and greenery everywhere with different colors of flowers was a great sight to watch.
Anushree parked the car near her building in Ruby hills. She came early that day after her lectures. She rang the door bell. Jennie opened the door. She was hugged by 5 year old boy. It was Mushraan. Jennie looked after him in Anushree’s absence.

Few Years Back.

June 2005

On that day, Anushree thought a lot about getting back to Aditya as his love for her was more than anything she wanted. But having said that, she couldn’t forget the way she was thrown when she was carrying his own baby. He acted very selfish and he is still a selfish man.
She had an exciting offer. She could have easily accepted the coveted role and could have enriched her job.

But more than that, a cute little love deprived kid needed her. At that instant, nothing was significant for her. She thought Mushraan is her life, love, future and she was ready to take care of him till her last breathe. She could not contain the excitement and phoned Martha to give the nod for adoption.


Mushraan is 5 years old and very much settled with his new mom. He was doing very well in school and studies. Anushree quit her job in Pfizer and joined Business school. She took the job of Lecturer and subsequently was promoted as head of department in marketing division in one of the reputed business school. The job gave her flexibility to pay attention to Mushraan.

Preeti delivered a baby girl and visited Anushree whenever she came to India. Arjun came frequently with his son to spend time with Anushree and Mushraan. He helped her to set up her new house at Vashi. They shared and discussed whichever new upcoming projects he comes up with. Anushree poured in ideas to him and also seeked support. He was like a family for Anushree. Neither of them thought to get involved more with each other and enjoyed the fruits of friendship.

It was Sunday Afternoon. Anushree invited Jennie, few lecturers from her college and Mushraan’s friends for lunch. Even Arjun and Rehaan joined in later. Anushree cooked the vegetables and seasoned them with butter, salt and pepper. She wondered whether it was raining. By then, the rain had stopped. The grey ray of sunlight slanted through her window. She thought her life too paved a way for bright light and immediately smiled. 

Some thoughts:

1. Every relationship registered with law and officially accepted from society need not work well. At the same time, some relationships are so sacred that it dont need any formal thread to tie the two. First, Aditya and Anushree....Latter being Anushree and Arjun.

2. There is a blend of love between different religions. Mushraan, Jennie and Anushree. Love doesnt need any religion. Every human being is entitled to share and seek love. By unity we could take all the challenges and overcome it.

3.  One should not cry over spoilt milk. Brooding never has helped one. Move ahead. Every problem comes with beautifully wrapped gift.