Monday, July 2, 2012


How can I live without you?

I have my soul stirring for you. My breathe trusts you. The every sip of you I take, I gain my years.
One fine day, the heat waves hit me. When the body sweat gave me shiver down my spine and tinkled me, I could just remember you. I smiled, enjoyed and felt you.

When there is heavy pours and when I drench in it, you come in my mind. It is like you are there everywhere. I can feel it.  

When I feel like biting you, you almost melt on me and I end up drinking you.

When I paint some picture, you come to my mind. Suddenly, my hands urge to dip in you, touch you and brush you everywhere.

Tsunami brings back to the memories of your anger. When you are in that state, you drink me. That sinking feeling is special.

When I am on a shower, you come and hug me tightly. My heart races up. I get the feeling that you have almost reached me. I could see that as you touch me, you take the roads untraveled and reach almost everywhere. I am blessed. I don’t feel like coming back from the shower. I don’t want to wipe the love imprints of you.

When someone hits you accidently, my heart aches as you don’t tell anything and end up falling.
I don’t remember any day without you. My needs don’t have a meaning without you.

In meetings, Garden, Train, when I am busy with work, reading the book, washing my hands, playing in the bathtub, I need you. There is no single minute that I forget about you and stick my thoughts elsewhere. You have entered me and I would not look back. I can shape up you by giving different colors. Thus making my life colorful.

I can only imagine you and me in an Island. I never wanted to honeymoon in desert as I feel deserted alone.
The fire in me can be extinguished only by you. Only you can give fire the run for its ego.

You are juicy and you give energy to me. When I kiss you, it is called wet kiss. You are right on my lips and getting into it. When I am tired and dry, I take the ice cubes from the ice bucket and place it in my forehead thinking about your touch. But when I touch u, try to hold you, you shy away from me and run away. A small drop of you can make my heart an ocean.

You are the meaning of trust, contentment, and hope. You never disappoint me. When I forget my lunch, you are there right beside me to quench my thirst and my stomach is full with you. You are transparent and one can see your heart from your face. Your sparking shiny image impresses me all the time.

Can I feel like this with anyone else? These thoughts haunt me. The answer I know but I hesitate before you.

“Beside me, thoughts are you
Inside me, your need is true
Don’t go away, when I hold
My longing and craving for you is very old
Give me the way to express,
By drinking you all the time, I shoe away my stress.”



Water Indeed...:)


  1. One cannot survive without water and air though deprived of food.We are going to state of 'water,water every......'.An interesting piece of work.

    1. Thanks rudra:)))) glad that you liked it.....

  2. LOL, that was a hilarious take on Water, and our "relationship" with it :D

  3. A very good write up.. I loved every word and the way you have put it .. Good Work !!!

    1. Thanks a ton Mami.....Glad that you like it.....

  4. Beautifully written....till the end I could not guess it was water ;)

  5. That was brilliant. A sort of personification, Attributing the characteristics of the passionate lover into water..hats off..

    1. Yeah Tom....We should treat our relationship as water and know the importance of it in our life......:)Thanks dear!!

  6. excellent personification , liked it

    1. Thanks

      Jasmeet......Thanks for dropping by:))