Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Sacred Bond - Part 1

Chennai Airport – 6.30 pm.

It was busy time of the day and the Airport looked lively as usual. Large number of people with the baggage in tow, some were standing in the ticket counter line, some proceeding towards different numbered gates. Children were running here and there. Neatly dressed women and men answering the queries of the passengers, issuing the board passes.

There she stood. Sia, waiting for her best friend Saatvik. She was wearing a maroon coloured silk sari with Platinum necklace and earrings. She was looking very beautiful like a newlywed bride. Her flight was on time and as usual Saatvik was late. She quickly checked her mobile if she had got any miss calls. Her husband Shiva who works in an IT MNC had called her thrice. Sia called him and told him that she has reached safely and she is surely going to miss him in the ceremony. It was only a year for her marriage but it was like that they both knew each other from long time. He did not accompany her to Chennai as he had an important conference to attend. 

After the phone call, she became restless and famished. She went straight to the Cafe lounge. She told the person, “one cappuccino”. No make it two; a stern voice came from behind. She turned back and there he was standing behind her and smiling. He was wearing blue denim with white shirt and looked handsome as usual. They hugged each other and Sia was in tears. They were meeting after one long year. They were not used to such long gaps between the meetings. Now that they lived in different cities, it was getting tougher to meet on a frequent basis. Finally the day had come in the form of Ashwath's thread ceremony. Ashwath was Saatvik and Sonakshi's son.

Saatvik's place was one hour drive from the Airport. He was working in Mumbai and many other metros before marriage. Now he got a transfer to Chennai. His house was well built and the flower garden in front of the house made the house look very beautiful.

Ashwath was playing sea saw with his friends in the garden. He came running looking at Sia.

Hey Ashu, How are you my boy? You have grown so big. He was very delicate. He looked very much like Saatvik. Sonakshi was very happy to see Sia. They chatted for a long time. Both of them got well like house on fire. 


  1. Interesting beginning....waiting for the next part

    1. Thanks Shona....have the outline but will spin the yarn soon.....great time gal:))

  2. I am now curious for the second part Saranaya!

  3. HMmmmm I wonder what will follow next!
    post the next part soon dear :)
    cant wait to know :)

    1. Wow ....thanks so much ash....Will write soon:))