Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Seven beautiful Petals of flower called Marriage

“Marriage is not a noun. Its a verb. Its not something you get. Its something you do. Its the    way you love each other every day.” – Anonymous.

1.       Togetherness is the heart and soul. : Whatever chores you carry out, do it with your spouse. This makes your relationship grow stronger and stronger. When you clean the house, do it together. When you lay the bed, join hands. When you clean the kitchen table, share it with your spouse. Go out together for grocery and household shopping. This may not be possible for them whose partner is staying abroad. I would like emphasize on the point that sharing the work with each other reduces the load on one person and at the same time gives pleasure to work in a team. The work gets over quickly and both of you will feel rejuvenated. It also gives an opportunity to learn how the other person is handling the job effectively.

2.       Communication: Speak out. Whatever happens at home, communicate effectively. When you argue with each other, don’t raise your voice unnecessarily. Communication doesn’t mean that one should go on talking and talking without providing the other person to put forth their point. Listening is the active form of communication. Listen first what other person is trying to say and then speak. Blessed are those whose partner has good listening skills. By doing this you will find the common solutions or common ground to the problem and problem would cease to remain as a problem. After a daylong work, spend some one hour talking to each other. Hear out what other person is going through. Whether anything is bothering him or her? How was the day for him or her?

3.       Laugh a lot, cry a little: Each day will speak its own story. Some days will be rosy, some will be without any charm but what makes your relationship important is you laugh it out when you face the tough times. Laughter cleanses the soul. You should understand your partner better and show little empathy. The best way is to keep the positive energy in bulk and throw away the negative energy in trash. Laugh till your stomach pains. Share the jokes together. Share all the lovely things that happened during the day. Also speak out the not so pleasant things that happened during the day. This way you will leave out the negative energy from your body and will be done with once and for all.

4.       Get yourself a ME time: Like Sharing is beautiful; giving each other their own time is remarkable. One should have a freedom or equal space to enjoy the fruits of marriage. Let he or she go out with their own set of friends, let them spend some quality time with their own parents and siblings. In this way, you are telling him or her that the relationship with the loved ones is important. This will strengthen your mutual understanding. So next time, you share the space, also provide them a sweet ME time to enhance their hobbies, passion and life.

5.       Spend  time watching your favourite serials or songs with your spouse: You have finished your meals. You are ready to hit the bed. Thats okay but make sure that you spend atleast couple of hours with your spouse. You could watch your favourite movies or serials or listen to melodious songs. When you listen to songs, sit close to each other and talk about the lovely lyrics and lovely music that song is offering. It would be double delight to your ears. Even in bed, read the book aloud. Share comics book and read and laugh at the same time. Weekend is the best time to show your spouse how much you love him/her. So get your culinary skills together and cook some mouth watering dish that will soothe their mind and soul. For effective results, both of you could work on some new recipe and enjoy the sumptuous meal and pleasure of sharing your time.

6.       Hang out

Visit places together. You could go to the places that you had visited before marriage. This will rekindle your sweet memories and bring back those old times. Hanging out provides you a different perspective to life. You will meet many people on the way. Also you could sign up for some rejuvenating and relaxation oriented classes like dance, foreign language or yoga. This will give both of you a great time to spend time with each other and make new friends. Once in a year, visit some place that you have never been before. It will improve your outlook by interacting with people who follow different cultures.

7.       Resolve and not Rebel.

The last but not least of all is here. You could fight with your partner. You could just argue about any topic. But please remember; never go to bed without resolving. Try to mend the torn shoe at the very instant or else you will not be able to walk properly and you may fall. A torn shoe is not civilized too. Likewise, your relationship will attract friction. At the same time, try not to rebel. If you have made the point, give the other person few minutes to understand your point and then talk. May be few minutes of your silence will give some insight to read your mind and perspective. One who makes it work will not have any baggage of hatred in their mind.

These petals are tightly stuck with each other. If one of these seven petals is plucked, the flower is damaged forever. So bind your relationship together like these petals to enjoy the fragrance of love. As the saying goes, “ Getting Married is not important but being married is”.

Monday, September 2, 2013

Word Fiction - Tears

                Tears have its own story. Scientifically, it is the liquid which lubricates the eyes as well as clean the eyes. But does it stop there? No, every tear has a reason behind it. Some are sad, some are happy and some are those that we cannot draw any inference to it. Some are baseless.

                It’s good to shed few tears at periodic intervals. Our heart becomes light and we feel rejuvenated. That sounds perfect but what happens when tears stop at the corner of the eyes but doesn’t fall. It becomes heavier than what your heart would be without shedding tears.

               That was what happened to Shanaya. Shanaya neither cried nor she could stop her tear from coming and standing in the tip of her eyes. The love of her life was travelling abroad. Despite being good friends and awesome buddies, she did not share her feeling towards him. He was in the dark with respect to her feelings.

Cell phone rang. It was her best friend Archana.

Hey Shan, What time are you leaving from office?, said Archana from other end.

Yeah I will be leaving at 6.30 and I would be there sharp at 7 at the airport, replied Shanaya recollecting her thoughts.

Shanaya hung up. She felt strange. She thought tonight, she will cry and let go the pain. After gathering all her strength, she started working on her unfinished tasks so that she may leave at the said time to see off Rajat as he was leaving for abroad to pursue higher education.