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After Eight Years Of Marriage - Poem Analysis

After eight years of marriageThe first time I visited my parents,They asked, “Are you happy, tell us”.It was an absurd questionAnd I should have laughed at itInstead, I cried,And in between sobs, nodded yes.I wanted to tell themThat I was happy on TuesdayI was unhappy on Wednesday.I was happy one day at 8 o'clockI was most unhappy by 8.15.I wanted to tell them how one dayWe all ate a watermelon and laughed.I wanted to tell them how I wept in bed all night onceAnd struggled hard from hurting myself.That it wasn't easy to be happy in a family of twelve,But they were looking at my two sons,Hopping around like young goats.Their wrinkled hands, beaten faces and grey eyelashesWere all too much too real.SO I swallowed everything,And smiled a smile of great content.Confessional poems are straight from the heart and talks mainly about the issues that encircles the poet’s life or state of mind. Here the poet wilfully speaks out his/her conflicts and demons with or without the help of a …
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Richard Cory - Poem Analysis

Richard Cory - TitleWe all have been the victims of our own judgements. We wear the green glasses when we peep into other’s fence leading us to dwell on the famous cliché ‘The grass is greener on the other side of the fence’.
We think that the life others are leading is supreme, highly ordered, impeccably designed and to make it worse, we glorify the negatives of our own life. The word ‘Compare’ takes birth along with us. We compare our lives with others. Juxtaposing our life and other’s life, we tend to magnify our negatives. What we don’t have is always glorified, while we underline the positives of others. The grass of my neighbour is always a shade greener than our grass. And we wrap our heads in distress. We suffer. In other words, our judgement makes us suffer.
This poem, adequately rhymed and metered, is all about our judgement. The fallacy of our judgement. The poet includes himself when he states “We people” in the second line. Why? May be because he thinks that he too has judg…