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Why children need their playtime?

Playtime is very essential for children especially in the growing age. We should make every effort possible to engage them in outdoor play. Children need to be in the outdoor space in order to show the signs of improvement in their cognitive as well as physical growth.
But what are the key effects or positive impact of a quality playtime on children.
Company matters We know a companion brings a change in our behavioural patterns. Infact in every walk of life, we need a good circle to help us build right manners, improve our intellectual capacity and bring in a welcome change in our conduct, in front of the society. Same goes for children. Children need to be around the children of their age group. Playing and being with other children helps them know the value of sharing and caring. They will know what is compassion and empathy by being around with other children. Compassion is very difficult to teach and it is learnt only by observing. We should lead by example in imbibing this value…
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Time to look into our Inside Edge

Conditioning matters. Building a right narrative in the early age matters.
What are we if not for our conditioning or upbringing? And why does it matter so much? Kids play and if the kid doesn’t mix up well or fit into an environment, one jumps into conclusion that he or she hasn’t brought up well or question his or her conditioning. Everytime a person does some wrong action, it is led to believe that the person has not brought up well or rather in a right atmosphere. Some pity themselves for the wrong actions while some play the victim card. Victim to our upbringings.
We are all slaves to our upbringing. Upbringing works closely to our minds so we can equal our slavery to our minds which is to some extent true isn’t it? Our mind plays a big role in the way we conduct or perform an action.
Right upbringing is rewarding whereas wrong upbringing will backfire one and create misery in one’s life in the long run.
I was watching Inside Edge – a web series in Amazon Prime and there was a…

What is a good time to introduce reading to a child?

We all have heard that children who are introduced books at an early age associate reading with enjoyment and value the books to a great extent. Even mothers claim that reading at the time of pregnancy helps children activate their response to the written word more effectively and when the child is born, they response or send signals that they are listening to the story read aloud. How lovely isn’t it!
Many ask what is the right age to introduce the books to a child and how can we develop adequate interest in our little reader’s mind in regards to books.
While one can always read when one is carrying a child in their womb, below mentioned points discuss mainly about the time to introduce the books when they are born and are full of flesh and bones.
We all know that we don’t get to sleep enough in the first three months as the child’s circadian rhythm is not set to our schedule. The lack of sleep will push us to be a zombie all through the day and our equilibrium goes for a toss. So, …

The Tale of Chitrapur and a Rabbit

Once upon a time, far away on the other side of Chitrapur, there lived a kingdom of Bansari. Bansari was the rich and prosperous king. He was known to be very kind with his subjects. The village under him and its villagers were not prospering and the people were not happy. Though he put lot of effort for his subjects and their happiness, it did not seem to work and somehow it backfired. They drowned in sorrow and lost themselves to ill-health. They often complained and fought with each other. The king saw that his people remained unhappy and wanted to do something to better the situation. He called all his experts and asked to assemble them on one evening. It was a full moon day and the king thought that waxing moon would bring some light on his villager’s lives and end their suffering.
The court was filled with chief advisors. Also, many people came to witness the meeting. The king sat on his throne. He discussed the pressing matter which came in way between him and his sleep. He to…

Striking a chord in a highly discordant atmosphere - Part 2

Mother, Whatever I say or write about you, it will be never enough. Still on this special day when universe is celebrating about motherhood, I would like to pen my thoughts. And to note, I have only picked the fragmented thoughts of all the children who are staying seperately from their parents in the home land or far-off lands, and gave voice and light to those thoughts through my words. I am sure everyone's thought echoes the same feeling as mine. This is one of the loaves that I am offering as a slice and I am sure there are multiple loaves flavored with different forms of the same emotion spread across the world, waiting to be baked and offered to all the mothers around the world.
In the middle of this prolonged period of uncertainty, when I cannot see you or be physically present, I don't feel any lack of your presence. It is like you are present in my implicit memory and subconscious, and whatever I do, I just carry you in it and execute. Every time I pound that garlic …

Striking a chord in a highly discordant atmosphere - Part 1

Motherhood! It is to think how lovely to have that extra time with your kid, which you won't get otherwise when not in lockdown. And it is also about shooing that thought the next minute and planning on lying to your family about the 21 day meditation course that you gonna enroll after the lockdown, but secretly scouting for the travel iteranary to go solo on some virgin island. One moment they inspire such a surge of love that it send you feeling and gasping for breath, and the next moment it is about jelly and biscuits, or needing a number two.
In a whole, it's all about a circle. It's all about what goes round comes around. It's all about seeing them bat their eyelashes and rolling their eyes like the way you did in your teens when inundated with questions from your mothership. It is all about chasing and running behind them and seeing them don the decorative ears, not inching a bit forward to what you say. Just the way you were in you were when you were three quarte…

Cavafy in the times of lockdown

The lockdown period gets extended. We are fighting the deadly virus by staying indoors. A responsibility to be fulfilled in order to flatten the curve. Social distancing. It might find its way in our dictionary very soon given how far fetching the positive effects are. These effects will help our nation run this mission of saving lives more smoothly. It is crucial to distance oneself from the society for the betterment of our society.
Cavafy, the 20th century Greek poet, expresses it in one of his great works ‘ As much as you can’ . So the lines go, If you cant shape your life, your life the way you want, atleast try as much as you can not to degrade it by dragging it along taking it around and exposing it to the daily silliness of social events and parties. As he rightly said, why degrade or make our life miserable by taking part in any social gathering which could pose a threat to the mankind. Lets practice isolation for sometime. For peace and stability in future. Lets be wise en…