Friday, July 5, 2013

Its Sha-nel......

A couple from South India migrated to US as the boy was undergoing an Offshore assignment. Recently shifted , they were very happy with the country and were marvelled with everything that the country was offering.

She was Swati and He was Sharad.

Swati: Hey baby, Whats up?

Sharad: Hi, What you doing honey? I have  a meeting at 6 so finishing up the tasks on hand.

Swati: When you will be done with it? I want to go somewhere.

Sharad: It will take 40 mins. Will come home and then we can head to that place.

Swati: Okay cool.

7.00 p.m.

Swati: I want to go and check out channel. They are offering new bags and accessories.

Sharad: What? Which channel is that?
Swati: I have the address and details. Lets go. It will not take much time from here. Its very near.

Sharad unwillingly accepted his wife’s request and started to drive.

Swati: Yes, Yes, Please stop. Here it is.

Sharad: Watching that, he was awestruck.

And there it was CHANEL. A French fashion brand famous for its fabrics, boutiques and wide range of female accessories. Often Chanel is mispronounced as Channel by the Indians.

So watch out: CHANEL pronounced as Sha-nel and not as Channel.

Leaves and Rains

We were waiting for the morning shower,
We were feeling the warm touch of yours,
Leaving the dead ones wither
Embraced with your sweet whisper
We were drenched,
So were our thirst quenched
By your side, we reached the peak of freshness,
And so was brimmed with happiness
Like a heaven’s light, you were shining on us,
Our hearts sang and danced and thus
Lively and chirpily,
You enhanced our beauty.