Friday, July 5, 2013

Its Sha-nel......

A couple from South India migrated to US as the boy was undergoing an Offshore assignment. Recently shifted , they were very happy with the country and were marvelled with everything that the country was offering.

She was Swati and He was Sharad.

Swati: Hey baby, Whats up?

Sharad: Hi, What you doing honey? I have  a meeting at 6 so finishing up the tasks on hand.

Swati: When you will be done with it? I want to go somewhere.

Sharad: It will take 40 mins. Will come home and then we can head to that place.

Swati: Okay cool.

7.00 p.m.

Swati: I want to go and check out channel. They are offering new bags and accessories.

Sharad: What? Which channel is that?
Swati: I have the address and details. Lets go. It will not take much time from here. Its very near.

Sharad unwillingly accepted his wife’s request and started to drive.

Swati: Yes, Yes, Please stop. Here it is.

Sharad: Watching that, he was awestruck.

And there it was CHANEL. A French fashion brand famous for its fabrics, boutiques and wide range of female accessories. Often Chanel is mispronounced as Channel by the Indians.

So watch out: CHANEL pronounced as Sha-nel and not as Channel.

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