Tuesday, August 28, 2012

LOVE redefined...............

It is a touch of wind.
does not change  with trend
It is a musical rhythm
which  is lovers anthem
It is flowers smell
Also a magical spell
It is Romeo's sacrifice
It is Darcy's prejudice
takes many forms
got no any  standard norm
dwells  in slums, and in elite
comes  without any  formal invite
Love is hormonal imbalance
requires perpetual  surveillance
It is YOU, It is ME
It is truly a language of almighty!!!!

What is Good and what is Bad?

Question pondered in my mind
Though it is one of a kind
What is good and what is bad?
If I get an answer, I will be glad
Doing good deeds, making others happy
Abiding to laws, following values of family
But who are we to decide about it
By harming others, you will dig your own pit
Then I realized,
It’s a relative concept
It may seem abrupt
Life is a journey of all seasons
Live your life and don’t live in prison
Do your task, get the returns
Wait in patience till comes your turn
Consume liquor, Consume Alcohol
There is no specific protocol
Still it makes me wonder,
What is good and what is bad?
If I get an answer, I will be glad!!!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Final Part – Sacred Bond

The thread ceremony went off well. Saatvik and Sia went out for dinner along with Sonakshi and Ashwath. It was a great night for all of them. Food was amazing, the laughs, the conversations, the quality time spent with each other made the night worthwhile.
Jet airways – 7.00 p.m.
Sia carried huge suitcases and was leaving for Mumbai. After Saatvik left Sia, she was literally on tears. Wishing goodbye was always painful for both of them.
She got the comfortable seat near a girl named Nora. They exchanged pleasantries. Sia and Nora talked about their careers. Sia being an interior designer gave lot of tips and suggested some designs for her new house. Nora was doing Masters in Psychology in Bangalore. She came to Chennai for an assignment and now leaving to meet her grandparents in Mumbai.  She was hardly twenty and three but was worldly wise. After speaking for some time, Sia was lost in her thoughts. All she could see was Saatvik. How he used to come and wait for her near her office, their lunches and dinners together, the movies, the pleasant surprises he used to throw in her birthday parties, the get together in her place with his cousins and many such occasions where Saatvik was always there in her life. They were not married to each other but they shared a unique relationship of love, trust, and friendship.
Shiva was right on time to pick Sia from the airport. Sia was too amazed and happy to see her husband after so many days. Even though she was smiling and laughing, Shiva could clearly see that Sia missed her best friend .He was very understanding and supported her in every way.
One year hence:
Motherearth Hospital – 11.p.m.
There was an emergency in Ward no.5. Dr. Jose was running and calling the nurses in operation theatre. The patient was crying with the labour pain. It was none other than Sia. All these while she was waiting for this very moment and now it was right in front of her. All she wanted was a healthy baby in her arms. Shiva was with her throughout the process. He was tightly holding her hand and even he was in tears seeing his girl in pain. The doctors worked on her. She was exhausted but eagerly waiting for the baby’s first cry and the tender skin. Finally after few hours, she heard a loud wail and she heaved a sigh of relief. That very instant, the pain and discomfort flew away. It was a baby girl.
Although late as usual, Saatvik came to see Sia. He was amused to see her so happy. It was a dream come true for her. Seeing him, Sia could not contain her excitement. He played with the baby and showered her lots of love.
25 years later:
It was month of August. Students from foreign universities came back to their homeland for vacation.
Ashwath and Kyra left for India from Chicago and were on their way. Sia and Saatvik were in the airport waiting for their kids. As soon as they saw their glimpse, their joy knew no bounds. They could see the young version of themselves. Sia and Saatvik smiled at each other. They wished that both their kids should share the same kind of relationship that they shared with each other. Their relationship had surpassed all those worldly emotions.  And it was true; their beautiful friendship was forever and ever.

This is not a work of fiction but based on true incident.