Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Love .....without expectations!!!

You are neither my obsession, nor my obligation
Our relationship has zero expectation
You created a spark, which was exhilarating
Inside me was a deep passion and dreams building
Lush and green, foliages everywhere
All that I could see from the day you were near
Behind the woods we will build our home
Jazzy and beautiful life was all I could epitome
Friends are we, friends we will be
Before it transforms into love
Walking in the streets and moving towards the sea
Take you far across the universe and show
My love towards you is not conditional
It’s true and genuine and will dwell in my heart perpetual
You were a path breaker, don’t be my heart breaker
Want to live life fully by holding your fingers
Pretty and peaceful,
My love for you is plentiful
When Weather blanketed with snow
I will take the vow
Not to forget you till my last breadth
Entire me I will bequeath

Some things are best when unsaid!!!

Unspoken words with silence
Spoken words with elegance
Unknot the puzzle, knot the eyes
Substract the fights, add on the spice
Heartful glances and mighty thoughts
Live to that extent, find no flaws
Immersed in deep ocean, see lot colours
Expect the unexpected created by magical powers

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Pearl Sister............

Once in a dark night,

Saw a dream

Dressed like fairy

Across the river stream

Came a girl with pearl gown

She gave me a sigh

It made me high

Smiling like a flower

In a thunder shower

Gave me a hug and kissed me in my cheek

Which made me feel like I reached mount everest peak

Startled and alarmed I woke up

There I saw my cell flicking my sis name

Oh its her birthday and I was ready and up

To wish my pretty sis while she came

Dressed like fairy

Elegant and grace she was looking

Tears flown through my eyes as I was thinking

It was not a dream, its real

My sis was girl in pearl

Waiting for you my friend.........

Smiling and Laughing we were

We look good always when we are together

Care and affection, lots of happiness

You give me when I am always in a stress

Like a song of nightingale, our conversation takes different ragas

Beautiful and natural aura were in our sagas

You are my friend, you are my relation

Well, nobody can take your position

Just to tell you, and give you a high

I am always there for you and there is no reason to cry

Thanks for being with me

Beautiful rains and thunder showers, I am in great zeal

Thinking of you, wish you were here

I could take you places I swear

Meet you soon, it is my hope

Sure that day will be in top

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Celebrate and Rejoice

Love to that extent that you don’t get hurt.

Love to that extent that you don’t get the responses that are curt

Live to that extent that you don’t need tomorrow

Give to that extent that you don’t have to borrow

Dream to that extent that you don’t need a sleep

Smile to that extent that there is no reason to crib

Dance to that extent that you don’t need a tune

Celebrate to that extent that you thank your fortune

Love to that extent that you are born everyday

Enjoy to that extent that there is only today