Monday, January 14, 2013

Leaf 6 - Swarm of Bees Makes your life worth living.

B - patient, B - Prayerful, B- Humble, B - mild,
B - wise as a solomon, B meek as a child,
B studious, B thoughtful, B loving, B kind,
B sure you make matter subservient to mind,
B cautious, B Prudent, B trustful, B true,
B courteous to all, B friendly with few,
B temperate in argument, pleasure and wine,
B careful of conduct, of money and time.

Sunday, January 13, 2013


The harmony which I find in you
Cannot be attached to anyone, its true
The way you flow, the high notes and those low ones
Make me forget my pain and I let bygones as bygones
Sometimes you are peppy, sometimes you are filled with softness
Sometimes I like your whisper, and sometimes, I like you when you are in high
I get mesmerized by your touch, and the words make me dance with you,
But, when I feel low, I just hug you with tears and I immerse myself in you
Always given me hope and ever made me cheerful
And you will stay with me to make my life blissful
You are called tracks, you are called Rhythm
My life is incomplete without you, you are my Anthem
In number you are seven, you are made to show heaven
 From old Goldies to new items,
You are so simple that everyone could fathom
You are born with one, as child’s first cry
If someone hates you, that’s sure a lie
To give salute to the morning shining sun, I can hear you when the bird chirps
In temple, I hear you in the form of bells,
In every tales, you have so much to tell
You are born to sweeten
You are born to strengthen
The sanctity and sacredness, you are the eternal wisdom.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Heavens Shadow: Part 2

Los Angeles

Heavens Shadow

It was a well known metropolitan hospital in the city. It housed around 1000 of staffs, had a comfortable setting. Here the patients were not only treated but were served specially. The hospital had a fine corridor, flamboyant infrastructure, recreation hub, separate canteen for hospital staffs and visitors, and health & fitness club.

4.45 a.m.

Chief, this is getting worse”. “We need Dr. Mathews right now”, said Ms.O’Brien. She was a Chief Resident working in the hospital since 15 years. She was powerful, authoritative but not so attractive woman. Her power over the residents and interns made blink sweat from their eyes.
The Patient who was getting treated in ward 607 was suffering from deadly disease Lung Cancer. He was on a later stage of the disease and had been operated thrice. At this point of time, his pulse rates were slowing down and the blood pressure level accelerated at an alarming rate. Though he has undergone many surgeries, his chances of surviving were slim.
“Dr. Mathews in OT please. Dr. Mathews in OT please” came the Alarm. Dr. Chris Mathews was an Oncologist and proficient in treating Cancer patients. He had completed a year in the hospital. Though he was tough like nail and strong as a doctor, he had a softer side which hardly people could recognize.

Central Venue –

Emily, Emily, Open the door. Please listen to me. Why are you doing this? Called out Chris.
Emily opened the door. She was wearing black skirt and full sleeved white shirt. She was working as a freelance graphic designer in LA. They both were family friends and married right after they graduated. She was getting a huge offer from France to work in a leading agency.

“I want you to settle down in France. Leave everything and come with me to France. Emily commanded. Though she looked like a doll, she had a dominating tone. She was stubborn and very demanding sort of person.

“Listen I am not going to argue on this issue again. Let me be very clear. This hospital means everything to me and I am responsible to my patients.”

And what about me?

Meanwhile He saw his mobile. It had 4 messages and umpteen numbers of calls. All from the hospital.
Okay sweetheart, let’s talk through it later. “I have to hurry”, said Chris and stormed away from his place. He loved his wife no matter how demanding she was.

He pulled out his car and drove down to his second home – the hospital. He was prepared to hear the reprimand from his chief. He hated himself for being so irresponsible that he did not see his cell and having missed so many calls from the hospital people. But more than everything, He was worried of his patients. He did made rounds before leaving for home last night and all his patients were stable if not showing a significant improvement.

He ran to the OT right after reaching. He could see his patient Mr. Cook breathing heavily. He checked the pulse rates level and heart beats level. He ordered the nurse to set him up for the surgery as the tumor got spread in his stomach and his spine.

After the six hours ordeal of operation, Patient regained the consciousness. Chris heaved a sigh of relief. He surely had a magic wand in his hand, nurses thought.

He ran straightly to Chief’s office to face the music which he thought he deserved it. He was Chief’s favorite but that doesn't mean he can risk someone’s life at the cost of his personal issues. He knocked the door twice and entered Chief’s cabin. Mr. Kevin  fisher was a tall and bald old man, in his early fifties. He has served this hospital since his internship and being a sincere and disciplined doctor, he expected his subordinates to act wise and responsible. Heaven Shadow was his make. The hospital couldn't have earned the respect and accolades had it not been for his hard work and struggle.

Chief: “How on earth could you be like this Chris? I did not expect this from you. The person would have died and faced a worst death and YOU would have been the sole responsible. What about the patient’s life? What about the hospital’s reputation? “

Chris:  He was facing down and did not utter any word. He thought this was not a best moment to reply or say any word. Instead he apologized for his mistake and left his office.

As soon as he came out of the cabin, Chris saw a young girl with few forms. She must be in her mid twenties and was waiting at the door side for the Chief. Chris said, “Madam, Please come later. The Chief is very hot tempered at this point of time and is not in a good mood for the visitors.”

She reacted immediately, “You meant visitors but I am a Doctor. She showed the Card. It was mentioned, Ms Radhika Sashi: Neonatal Surgeon. She was coming from Seattle.