Sunday, January 13, 2013


The harmony which I find in you
Cannot be attached to anyone, its true
The way you flow, the high notes and those low ones
Make me forget my pain and I let bygones as bygones
Sometimes you are peppy, sometimes you are filled with softness
Sometimes I like your whisper, and sometimes, I like you when you are in high
I get mesmerized by your touch, and the words make me dance with you,
But, when I feel low, I just hug you with tears and I immerse myself in you
Always given me hope and ever made me cheerful
And you will stay with me to make my life blissful
You are called tracks, you are called Rhythm
My life is incomplete without you, you are my Anthem
In number you are seven, you are made to show heaven
 From old Goldies to new items,
You are so simple that everyone could fathom
You are born with one, as child’s first cry
If someone hates you, that’s sure a lie
To give salute to the morning shining sun, I can hear you when the bird chirps
In temple, I hear you in the form of bells,
In every tales, you have so much to tell
You are born to sweeten
You are born to strengthen
The sanctity and sacredness, you are the eternal wisdom.


  1. Good read and very well written...
    U still dont have a twitter account... Set it up and follow amazing bloggers there..All the best Saranya

    1. Thanks Shravii, Glad that you liked it......I would definitely create one. Best wishes to you.

  2. Replies
    1. Hi, Many Thanks to you. BTW Whats your good name? Pomo sounds good though:P

  3. Beautifully written dear, as always!

  4. very well done. World without music is a word without meaning.All the best ,dear.

    1. Yes sure thing. Music is what keeps us going.......thanks rudra...

  5. nice one .............i like it as music lover