Thursday, December 27, 2012

Tryst with Nature.....

Taking along with her the love of him, she slept .
In dreams all she could see was him handsomely dressed.
Her pain flew away, so were her stress
Singing aloud with the waves of the ocean, she could see the stream and the water so deep
Walking hand in hand, he caught her when the rocks made her slip,
Fragrance of mother earth filled them with intense love
The nature was in the best form like poetry
So were them, caught in synergy of nature and melody

Thursday, December 20, 2012

He and She - Ishq Sufiyaana

She: She was coming from work. While coming she sang the lines of 3 Idiots and suddenly made subtle changes in the original lyrics. "God gave me some sunshine. God gave me some rain, God gave me another chance, I want to grow up with you once again."

He: After listening he told his usual lines.... Waste, Scope hi nahi hai.She started laughing at that very instant.

She: She thought and got the hidden meaning of those said lines.What he meant was Waste which means her life would be  a waste without him. Scope hi nahi hai - There is no scope of happiness without him. Which was absolutely evident and true. No second thoughts.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Heavens Shadow - Part 1

It was 7.30 a.m. Flight for LA got delayed by 6 hours. Passengers boarding the same flight were in complete mess. Lot of hustle bustle was happening at the airport.

 The sudden change in the weather caused the delay.

Nearly 3 hours to go for flight to arrive, People were busy reading newspapers, working in laptops, chitchatting, having drinks in café lounge.

Suddenly a voice of Airport authority came out from the intercom.

Are there any doctors? Lady has collapsed all of a sudden and she is gasping for breath.

The voice appeared for 7th time. Then, she was alarmed. She was fast asleep after a daylong medical conference in New Jersey.

She gained her equilibrium and whispered “Yes I Am.” She ran to get hold of the authority.

Personnel checked her name. She showed her Identity card.  Tisha Cameron from New Jersey. Medical school graduate. Affinity towards Cardio. Joining a metropolitan hospital named Heavens Shadow in LA.

 She studied the lady carefully and worked on her cautiously. The lady was suffering from cardiac arrest for 2nd time. As it was a major attack this time, she advised her to get a bypass done immediately. Her son thanked her for the immediate support and coming for rescue. 

Friday, December 7, 2012

He & She : Ishq Sufiyaana

He: Dont be a candle in my life. I dont want to be enlightened by melting you.

She: I would be a moon light which would bring light when your are in dark.

She: Dont be my heart as it would also leave me someday.

He: I am your soul

Heavens Shadow - Intro 4

Guitarist He was, His happiness gave a pause
Treated many of them, but couldnt cure himself
Salute to Neuro surgeon
He is Tim Jordan.