Saturday, December 8, 2012

Heavens Shadow - Part 1

It was 7.30 a.m. Flight for LA got delayed by 6 hours. Passengers boarding the same flight were in complete mess. Lot of hustle bustle was happening at the airport.

 The sudden change in the weather caused the delay.

Nearly 3 hours to go for flight to arrive, People were busy reading newspapers, working in laptops, chitchatting, having drinks in café lounge.

Suddenly a voice of Airport authority came out from the intercom.

Are there any doctors? Lady has collapsed all of a sudden and she is gasping for breath.

The voice appeared for 7th time. Then, she was alarmed. She was fast asleep after a daylong medical conference in New Jersey.

She gained her equilibrium and whispered “Yes I Am.” She ran to get hold of the authority.

Personnel checked her name. She showed her Identity card.  Tisha Cameron from New Jersey. Medical school graduate. Affinity towards Cardio. Joining a metropolitan hospital named Heavens Shadow in LA.

 She studied the lady carefully and worked on her cautiously. The lady was suffering from cardiac arrest for 2nd time. As it was a major attack this time, she advised her to get a bypass done immediately. Her son thanked her for the immediate support and coming for rescue. 


  1. throughout carries a message.Good.

  2. Wow!! So finally the wait is over and the story has started... this is getting exciting... waiting for the next part