Saturday, July 7, 2012

Unspoken words with Intense gaze.................

Vindhya was sipping hot cup of coffee on her desk. She was reading a quarterly report of her company. As she finished, she glanced at the debt market desk opposite to her. She cannot see him. She was yearning and longing for his eyes, innocuous smile and seductive charm. She was searching for those eyes since one week. It had been a long wait though.

Vindhya was an introvert, shy, pretty young lady. She dressed up in a traditional style with Kurti and salwar with nicely braided long hair. She had a finance masters in hand and was working as an Analyst in a financial services firm. Her co workers liked her not only because of the way she looked but also the way she spoke, behaved and her whole nature. She was a quick learner and efficient at work.

Ameesh was a Debt market dealer in the same company. He was a reserved person and never mixed with people around. He had a fixed set of 3-4 friends whom he used to hang out with.

It had been six months. Vindhya and Ameesh were attracted to each other but never ever tried to share their feelings with each other. She used to see him and he used to reciprocate her by looking at her. There had been times when both of them were alone in the library but Ameesh never tried to speak to her nor Vindhya volunteered but the gaze itself was speaking a lot.

Vindhya wondered why Ameesh never made an effort to know her name and her details.
When Vindhya controlled herself and looked him from the corner of her eyes, she could see Ameesh gazing at her and smiling at her.

She tried to find his name and details. She got his credentials in the linkedIn, professional networking site. She quickly sent a request to connect to his network. She waited to get an acceptance from his side but it did not work. She overlooked his gaze and tried to concentrate on her own work as she was not interested to get into a relationship. She had a bad breakup with her ex boyfriend and as her parents were looking for her marriage, she dismissed these thoughts. But she was desperate to know his feelings or what he thought about her?

There was a cultural night in the company. Company had organized for a Music band show. Show had begun and the singer started with the romantic track sung by Abhijeet Sawant – “Lafzon mein keh na sakun, Bin keh bi reh na sakun, “Knowingly or unknowingly Singer touched the hearts of two lives – Vindhya and Ameesh. They were lost into each other and spoke a lot by giving an intense look towards each other.

Days passed.....

Now it had been one long week and he still not have turned at the workplace. What happened to him? Has he quit? Or maybe he was on leave. The wait made her impatient. Though she was a headstrong and obstinate person, she couldn’t resist thinking about him.

“Speak softly, but not as soft that I cannot listen
 Say something that your intense gaze has got a reason”

(This story depicts how two hearts have been connected through the eyes. And also this is the perfect example of the challenges faced by not communicating the emotions and feelings. Agreed, Love doesn’t need a language and it has got its own. But the feelings should be conveyed before it gets late as unspoken love loses its value. So speak out, convey and reciprocate your love. Only you will face rejection but at least you have made an effort to know other person’s mind. Of course, You don’t have to be another Vindhya waiting for someone to turn back)


  1. Beautifully expressed. I agree to you completely here

    1. Thanks Privy.....We should live up to this:))

  2. You know, I could really relate to your story because this is something one of my very close friend is going through right now. Both of them have this whole unspoken gaze and smile exchange thing going on. Both of them know that there is some kind of connection between them, although they never dared to talk about it. Yeah, they talk like colleagues, but completely pretend to be ignorant of the other "situation". Most of the time they try to avoid each other, 'cause you know, it's kind of uncomfortable being around.

    Sometimes you just meet people of the opposite sex and feel a deep connection and it gives you a feeling that something special would happen if the two connect. But the person is stuck in their own world and you're stuck in your own. So, neither of you know what to say or do to bring both worlds together, so nothing is said and done. Sometimes it's simply impossible to tell how you feel, because your worlds can never be together.

    1. Yeah exactly Shomoita, i agree with you. Somewhere we are hesitant to know the feelings of the opposite person. May be because we are so much into our world and do not want to proceed further or the fear of rejection. But somewhere down the line, we should not regret for not communicating or expressing what we feel about that person. :))) Thanks for dropping by dear!!

    2. What if the person you feel connected to is married? You didn't fall for him knowing all these. Neither can you blame anyone as both party shared only glances or smiles. May be they genuinely liked each other irrespective of everything. But reality is, they can't feel that way. They just somehow have to move on and get over those feelings.

    3. Its true and i agree with you on those lines....The worlds of two people are not the same and falling for a married man is really difficult and not acceptable by our society. But my point is you dont that the person is married or not and its just you are sharing your idea or thought to him, that person has every right to reciprocate or reject it, But atleast you have taken your thoughts to that person. That itself will give you satisfaction. Every tale need not be a fairy tale right...we live in practical world. I hope your friend good luck for her life:))

  3. Nicely written..and go well with a beautiful title...

  4. Saranya it is interesting.. this thing about the connection that you are speaking about. It happens sometimes between some people and no one can explain it clearly - I have a small suggestion if you do not mind- why don't you run a closer language edit before publishing it ? It would strengthen the impact that the story holds.

  5. Love should be expressed when one is sure of the other person's interest.An unspoken love is a dream soon forgotten.A nice story well told.As Meera has said,it coulld be made crisp by some editing.