Thursday, July 19, 2012

Lost and Found Myself..............

There is no pain, I threw it out of the window,

I have lost everything

I trust myself as I walk alone in the meadow

I cried out, to my lord

show me the path

Never did I thought this will be the case

My hope that everything will fall in place

tightly gripped me and I tried to forget the past

nobody can let me down at any cost

Started a journey with a clean slate

beautiful things I want to collect, know to enjoy and not hate

I am reborn and this is my new life

I want to live, I want to laugh, I want to fall in love and not just survive


  1. Poignant piece of poetry - loved your last lines the most!

  2. very nice..agree with Me..loved the last lines :-)

    1. Yeah Uma.....thanks for dropping by:)))

  3. "not just survive" - Hammered hard at the end...good one

    1. Yes......thats true.....being alive is not important...but living each moment like its you last is important:)) have great time logic!!