Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Love Lost Forever.........

You were my passion and love

I thought in your heart, I had a stake

Your pride, I dont know how

bit me like a poisonous snake

You fought with me, tried to cheat me, and

never could I escape from all this riot band

Like an arrow, your rudeness hit me

you will never know how you treated me

I cried, oh I cried, that whole evening

I tried but hardly could I understand the meaning

I wandered lonely in the road

she came alone and there was no crowd

There was a verse

though it was terse

hearing those, I was torn into pieces

Curse it was and I took the name of jesus

I couldnt touch the paradise

and never I could rise

I screamed, I dont need you

There may be people for you

Died my passion all the way

as your emotions never did sway

(This post is part of Write up cafe contest - 10 words to the poetry and short stories)