Monday, July 23, 2012

Peek at Mumbai life..................

First love , those long waits,

This city has got its own trait,

Never the people gets tired

In fraction of second, large dreadful bombs get fired

Dance bars and night life

Twinkling cars and bravery thrive

locals so crowded, never on time

Still, Spirits of people always shine

Roads see saw in monsoon

Paupers become rich so soon

Smoky and foggy in the morning, busy streets with magic spells around

Click the scene and frame it, picture so perfect and sound

Come to Mumbai dear

Shed no tears, please cheer


  1. Wow....a beautiful ode to something I love the most. Mumbai Rains :)

    1. Thanks Me......Bombay rains, Bombay girls..isnt it....both have its own beauty!!

  2. wow..careful use of words and ideas..