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Girl in Rains Part 5..........

June 2006

Mushraan was playing in the garden and as soon as he saw Anushree, he came running and hugged her. She planted a kiss in his cheek and took him in her arms.

There was a medical breakthrough that time. Plague drugs got a nod in the market and the epidemic had a cruel death due to the invention of effective medicines.

Pfizer came into the limelight again as it emerged as a leading player in the market due to the invention of plague medicine. Arjun was impressed and he was certified as Champion leader. He thought Anushree was responsible for the success as she had put in enormous efforts for this theory to work out. The experiments, the conversation to the various drug companies, getting data from the market would not be easier if it was not for Anushree.

Arjun thought he would surprise her with a dinner treat. His cell beeped. Smilingly, he answered the call, His face changed the color. He donned the jacket and immediately stormed out of his office. He was not in a stable mind to drive but then he forcefully pulled his car and reached “The new urban Hospital.”
After checking with the nurse, he stood in front of ICU. He was in a hurry and did not inform anyone in the office. It was sheena, Arjun's wife who was fighting for her life. It was third time that she was getting seizure. This time it was massive. His cell rang. One, two, three and it was four miss calls from Anushree. Anushree wanted to congratulate on her boss's victory. She was not aware of the mess that had caught Arjun this moment. 

Doctor came out of the ICU and told that she had very little time and struggling with her life. Arjun was in tears. Arjun wanted his wife to know of his victory. He thought he would take her to some place and spend nice vacation with her and his 2 year old son. Now how was he going to explain it to his little son? He must be in school now, busy with his studies. Scheme of thoughts ran in his mind and his eyes went to his cell phone. Seeing miss calls from Anushree, He thought he wanted to share this with someone and she would be the right person. He dialled her number.

Anushree was alarmed at the scene. She took her car and was there right on time.
Arjun was happy to see her. He told her everything and asked her if she can do him favour. As he would be with her wife, He needed someone to pick Rehaan, his son from the school. She immediately volunteered. She was deeply sorry for Arjun seeing him in this condition.

The funeral ceremony went off well. Arjun was not in a condition to see or speak to anyone who came by.
Back in Children's home, Mushraan started going to school. Anushree visited the home in the weekends. She funded for his academics. Martha was delighted to find Anushree at her place. The kind of warmth and affection she poured in each of the children was remarkable.

Months passed, Anushree tried her best to pull Arjun from his current state. He looked beaten and pale as if he lost his sleep.

September 2006

The rains in Mumbai did not get tired. It was pouring cats and dogs and the climate was chilly. As it was Saturday and she had finished her work at home, she was browsing through the medical journals. She was hungry and she made vegetable sandwiches and cup of coffee for herself. She called Jennie and gave her the update on her life. Suddenly she got a call from Martha saying Mushraan wants to see her. Heavy pours looked insignificant and she was all smiles to meet the little boy.

Reaching there, she gave chocolates and cakes that she bought on her way to all the children.
She was in Martha's office. Anushree asked how Mushraan was doing in school and if any financial assistance is required, she will always be there. Martha felt a glow of contentment. She told her that she wanted to discuss something important and it is related to Mushraan. Anushree was all ears. She thought Martha found someone who would adopt Mushraan and was very sure that he would make them proud. Ofcourse, he was a great boy who can only bring joy to one's family.

But hearing to what Martha said, She was astonished for a second. She did not wait longer and came back to her place. She did not know what to say, how to answer Martha.

“Martha wanted Anushree to adopt Mushraan.”

Her door bell rang. She thought it would be Jennie. She had a habit of seeing from the eyehole before opening the door. And there he was. Standing outside was Aditya Krishnan. She was shocked. What on earth has got him? He spoilt everything and he has got an audacity to come to her place. Who does he think he is? What he wants from her now? Witness for his marriage with his new love interest or want me to accompany her for shopping or WHAT?

He was drenched in the rain. The Man she loved once trusted more than herself stood in front of her. It was aching to see him. He was looking thinner may be because of hectic job or the girl who is giving him sleepless nights.

She was not in a mood to listen to him. She slammed the door shut in outright frustration and screamed GET LOST. She couldnt digest the words which came from his mouth. Aditya wanted her back into his life. He realized his mistake in getting involved with the woman who is a bitch. Here she was struggling with her life to make the ends meet and this person did not have a heart to get back to her. Now when he lost it, he wants her back. How selfish of him?

She threw herself in her bed and slept for a while. Meanwhile her cell phone was constantly ringing. She did not want to speak to anyone. All she wanted was to hug her pillow and get some rest.

After 2 hours, She could see 20 miss calls from Arjun. She was in trouble she thought. Making a call on Saturday was unlike him. But it could be an emergency. Pfizer is in trouble but looking at the financials and debt free company, it cannot be the reason. Keeping her thoughts at rest, she called him. Arjun asked her if everything is fine. He was worried as she did not take his call. She said her head was paining and she had kept her cell in silent.

Pfizer was very much in safer side. Only her efforts reached stars. She was promoted as a country head - Marketing and posting was in US. She had to be in US for at least 5 years. 

Now Destiny offered her 3 Situations -

1. Mushraan ready to get adopted
2. Her ruthless selfish husband wants her back.
3. Long awaited promotion smiling at her.

Final Part follows on Saturday.......Lets Check out how Anushree's life gets unfold..:)

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Girl in Rains - Part 4

Anushree was surprised and happy, sad and lost, satisfied and content, all at the same time. Doctor congratulated her and asked her to come next month for the checkup. She was awestruck. She was crying with excitement and smiling with tears. She hated her conflicting emotions and pulled out her car and drove to her place. She called her mom and cried. Anushree's parents called her back home at that very moment. First they were thrilled to hear and to know that they are on a way to become grandparents. But their happiness was overshadowed by Aditya's behaviour but Anushree asked them to calm down and told that she would drop in that weekend. Bharath was too angry and tried calling Aditya but he refused to take the call.

After keeping the phone down, she kept her hand in her stomach for a long time. She was smiling in front of the mirror and happy that she is going to be a mother. Now she could get all the pampering at her workplace. She can go for baby shopping and purchase fancy outfits for her baby. She told herself that she would be yummy mummy and give all the support to him or her. Blinded with the emotions and Motherly feelings, She dialed Aditya's number. She wanted to let him know that she is carrying his baby.

But Aditya sounded cold like a stone. He did not give any reaction and not showed an iota of interest to her feelings. She threw her cell in the bed. Holy Shit, She thought how inhuman and rude one could be. She was outraged and horrified.

All she wanted was to share the happiness with her husband and the man she loved but he did not give her a damn and left alone in no man's land.

August 2005

It was raining heavily. The monsoon has reached its peak. Anushree had to see the doctor for her monthly checkup. Heavy pours made driving difficult. Jennie was manna from heaven. She prepared food for Anushree and gave her healthy diet. They both jelled well. Even she insisted that she would accompany her for the checkup. But Anushree suggested that she would go by herself.

When she was passing through the link road, she was startled seeing something. She regained her senses and saw straight. She saw a little boy walking in the middle of the road and the bus coming. closer to her. She was trying to press the brake but she had to give up. Within a fraction of second, she was lying unconscious in the Bombay Hospital. Jennie reached the hospital as soon as she got the message. Her parents got a shock and were on their way. She was taken inside the operation theater and doctor was checking on her.

After 2 hours, Anushree opened her eyes. The head was too heavy and she was unable to move. Doctor told her that she is fine and no need to worry. The scene of Aditya and a hottie babe with black jeans and blue spaghetti top in the shopping mall flashed in her mind. Aditya left her for another woman. Shame on him, she thought. She never thought he would be so cheap. Now all she had was her baby. She wanted to protect the baby and bring up well. She wanted nothing more from her life. She was very happy to see her parents. Bharath called her parents to check if Anushree is feeling fine. His voice gave an impact that he missed his baby sister.

She vaguely remembered that her car had hit on some little one. She wanted to know if that boy was safe and sound. Well she was not aware that the boy was sleeping in the room next to her.
When doctor came for rounds, He spoke to her parents. Anushree was out of earshot. He told them that they tried a lot but couldn’t save Anushree's baby in her womb. Parents were taken aback. At one second, they were dumbfounded. They couldn’t utter any word and thoroughly shaken by what doctor said.

They were lost in their thoughts and did not know how this message would be conveyed to Anushree. She would go crazy listening to this. Aditya left her and now her baby has left her. They cried, Oh lord, what kind of turmoil is dawning in their innocent daughter?
They wiped their tears and made an effort to speak to Anushree. She woke up when she saw her parents came inside her room. Her hair was pulled up. She was on IV. Her stomach ached badly and she was beginning to be concerned for the welfare of her baby. She quickly asked them about her child, the little one growing inside her womb, the little baby who has lost his father before coming into the earth. She was not aware that the baby did not exist anymore.

Her parents bit their lips and told her that doctors couldn’t save her baby. Yes, she heard it correct. The baby died. She shouted and yelled, “I WANT MY BABY BACK.” She was in hysterics for one long week. She did not have anything and refused to see anyone. Whenever the nurse went to give her medicines, she would utter this sentence.

She thought life was not fair. First she lost her husband and now she was more than happy to embark in this beautiful journey. But Life stole her life.

September 2005

 In the month of August, she endured more than she should have. And September was little lighter at her workplace. 
She was pro at her work and scheduled her day in a brilliant manner. Arjun was much happy with her recovery. He was delighted to see her back in full spirits. He was a guide, friend and boss wise he was on a numero uno position. 

 Anushree was reading newspaper and sipping the cup of coffee. It was Saturday and she had holiday. She planned to see her parents and spend the time with them. Sudden thought geared her. She wanted to know what happened to that little child who also met with the accident at the same time. Has he survived the mishap? If yes, Where was he? So many questions came in her mind. She got a call from Preeti. The news of her pregnancy was a pleasant surprise. Preeti and Anushree were in touch via calls and emails. She was planning her visit at that very instant when Anushree was in hospital. But Doctors advised her to avoid travelling in the first trimester. Preeti couldn’t control her anger towards Aditya but she was happy as her friend has recovered completely and has come out of the unpleasant experiences.

Anushree was dressed in Sky blue kurti and white Patiala. All set for the weekend getaway to her parent’s house she locked her house and gave Jennie the keys. Now Anushree bought a new lavish house of her own near Jennie’s block.

Starting the car and turning on the radio which played Metallica’s “nothing else matters”, she was ready for the drive.

She decided to stop by the hospital on her way and check the whereabouts of the little boy. It was 11.00 a.m. And the sun was gazing at her. She was embraced by its warmth and she drove the car. She stopped by the hospital. She went to the receptionist and asked whether the doctor is available. She was waiting in the visitor's room. Doctor came after 20 minutes. She was very happy to see her in fine state. Anushree told her why she was here and asked whether the little boy survived or not. Doctor immediately said that the little boy was discharged exact after one week later from Anushree's date of discharge. Anushree couldnt wait to see that boy. She wanted to visit and pay respects on humanity grounds as he was hit by her car. She quickly asked his details. His name was Mushraan. After thanking doctor and wishing her goodbye, she started to leave.

After 45 minutes of travelling, she parked her car outside – Saint Marry Children's home.
Yes, Mushraan , a tiny muslim boy was an orphan who is looked after by an Orphanage Home.

Delicate flower with shimmering eyes
you look, chirpy and tiny in size
from the distance I could see you
playing and laughing, your pain and sacrifice could understand only few.”

Mushraan was playing in the playground opposite to the children’s home. Seeing that scene, tears rolled down and began slowly sliding down her cheeks.  How much she wished her kid would grow and play like this children? Innate feeling of Motherhood tightly hugged her. 

Part 5 continues shortly...........Lets watch these mushy rains:))                  Part 3

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Leaf 3..........Penny wise, Pound Foolish

It was Tuesday Afternoon. Rain gods failed to show any mercy and it was very sunny. I had to reach Andheri for the scheduled meeting. Andheri - kurla Road was not only known for the plush, crystal looking, sophisticated offices but also popular for traffic. And If you happen to stuck in the time of evening, god save you. You be prepared to carry Book, Ipod, Newspapers, importantly Eatables and water. Let me take you to my tale.

I was travelling in an Auto rickshaw and It came to an halt. Thanks to the Mumbai traffic. Normally I loathe the traffic, vehicles,Pollution, road status of our city and disorderliness. But That day was different. I salute. I was enlightened. In the midst of many vehicles that had come to an halt,  I could see many beggars coming to the passengers in the rickshaw and asking for money. Small children with their hair dishevelled and torn clothes, running here and there to get some money. My turn had come. I drew out a 20 rupees note and gave to that little girl who would be my little cousin's age. She should be playing games in playstation, watching cartoon network channel, checking out different virtual games in computer, or busy nagging their siblings rather than exposing herself in this Mumbai's sizzling hot and humid weather. I was deeply moved as I saw her left hand twisted to the other end.

In today's date, How many of us forget to keep tips in high class restaurants? not to forget mid and small size restaurants too. We never give a second thought at that time. All of us go to shopping malls. We dont hesitate to purchase the bag in the counter for extra charge even though we could have nicely carried cloth bag from home. Wastage plus environmental hazards. Then what these physically disabled children have done. What is their fault? Why we think so much to help the needy? They are disabled but who are we?
Dis - Abled?? My question is where are we heading to.With the inflation surging and prices making an adrenaline rush, what these 1 Re and 2 Rs. would fetch one? I know what you people think. Yeah I agree, handing over Rs. 20 would not build an bunglow as well. But I am trying to make an a point here by saying. Increase the penny that we are lending, Get food for the people who cannot do the basic work on their own.

The day when we start taking initiative to help the poor and needy would reduce the differences between have and have nots.

Rightly said...Rich are getting richer, Poor are getting poorer.

Road was clear. So was my mind. And there I proceeded to my destination.

Guys.....Wake up!!  

Think and Please Act.

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Girl in Rains - Part 3

July 2004 -

Walking over the moon -----------   

There were no flies on Anushree. She was up at 5.00 a.m. every morning. She started her day with Yoga and jogging.

At sharp 9.00 a.m. she used to be in office.
Her day went on with hour long meetings, training sessions on any upcoming drugs, replying to umpteen numbers of emails, client calls, and submission of daily weekly reports.

She would spend evenings and weekends reading every drug manual she could get her hands on. And studied each in detail, researched the history of the same, made notes and memorized. She sought answer in libraries for unanswered questions. She would attend seminars on new drugs in the market and recent medical developments.
At the end, she acquired great results for the efforts she was putting in. She did know more about the drugs than the doctor would.

Preeti and Anushree met often on lunch, dinner or at Anushree’s place on weekends. In the month of October 2004, wedding bells rang for Preeti. She had an lavish wedding in Goa and Anushree was her maid of honour. She was decked up with ravishing peacock coloured silk sari and hair nicely pulled over and decorated with colourful beads and flowers. She was looking like a Queen on her wedding day.

Preeti was settling in Australia after her marriage. Anushree was welled up with emotions. She was very happy for her friend’s life and happiness but she was surely going to miss her physical presence back here in Mumbai. Preeti and Anushree tightly hugged each other for a long moment. They were smiling, crying and wincing simultaneously. She dropped her at airport and went alone to the places she visited with Preeti to revive the old memories.  

Days passed. November came with the cool breeze. The long never ending nights, the fresh mornings, birds chirping and their morning calls, air filled up with the scent of pine and earth. She was sitting with the laptop near the fireplace. She was reading the email sent by Bharath and was stunned for a second. She spoke to her mom and dad about this. They were also very happy and were waiting for Anushree’s answer. At first, she was perplexed over this. She was sleeping over this matter for few days and finally she called her brother and gave him the nod.

Like seasons changed, my life changed
like soft and mushy rains, you kissed away my pain
slowly and steadily, I fell in love with you
our affection and longing, could understand only few
donned in black jacket with nerdy looks, there came an investment banker
busy and occupied with work, love to be your homemaker.”

 Yes, Adi – Aditya Krishnan, Bharath's batch mate in college days came into Anushree's life. She is on seventh heaven. Aditya is an Investment Banker in Euro street. He did his schooling in Chennai and from college onwards, he had become a Mumbaiite. He had an analytical mind, read a lot, and had always assignments on hand.
Everyone wondered in the marriage day, how could someone like him fell in this emotional love game? Even Anushree pondered over this. They don't remember when they shared feelings with each other as theirs was not a mushy, epic based love story. They were good friends and best buddies. But whatever it was, Anushree was hell bent that she wanted to share life with Aditya and trusted him more than her. Aditya was also very determined towards her. He is not the person who will express now and then his love towards her but he will be there when he has to be there. That's what any girl would need the most.

After Marriage, The life was similar for both of them.

Anushree had her hands full on her own assignments, analysis of drug history, recent medical breakthroughs, her encounters with doctor. On the other side, Aditya's work kept him on his toes. He had to travel often to get the IPO assignments on place, manage his team, and carry out analysis on the deals they have closed, structure the deals which are in pipeline.

At home,
Anushree cooked breakfast and lunch for both of them in the morning. She tried different varieties of dishes and Aditya helped her whenever he could in her household chores. She managed to cook delicious dinner when she got back home. Sometimes, Aditya would take his sexy sedan to her workplace and pick her up at evening. She thought how lucky she was, as even in his busiest hours, he never forgot to manage his marital life. Aditya was too luck as he got timely rewards as a token of appreciation – Kiss on his cheek and …...... lips too.

They both tried to manage work and home well. They had become each other’s support system. As their professions were poles apart, they found time to discuss about each other's challenges, learnings and debated on particular issues. Both of them had enough knowledge to give, take and share. Anushree balanced her parents and in-laws in a good manner. She visited them whenever she got time. Her in laws were open minded and adjusted to every situation. So it worked well for her. Bharath too was very happy to know that his sister was in safe hands. He had nothing to worry about. Although he was busy with his work schedules in Chicago, he called her twice in a week to check if everything was okay.

June 2005

Anushree was dressed carefully for the occasion. She was wearing a tailored jacket and skirt of navy blue, with a a white ruffled blouse. It was mere blend of business crispness and feminity. It was a sales convention meet wherein she was appointed as a speaker. She had to give a speech on how detail sales women in Pharmaceutical industry work? The audience was mostly detail men from various parts of the country.

She went on with her studies, experiences and ugly truth of this industry. She had to face lot of questions from medical agencies, doctors and many other senior officers. But she thoughtfully and swiftly gave the satisfying answers.

Her new boss was mesmerized and floored away with her intelligence. Mr.Arjun Khanna, in his late thirties was graduated from Penn state college with a BSc in Chemistry. He had financed his way through college in part with a scholarship and partly from working nights and weekends in a drugstore. He had a deep vision and charismatic personality. He was hired as a Chief Executive. Looking at the talent that Anushree poured in, He gave her adequate support and guided her in each move she took. Even Anushree was blown over by his amazing knowledge and treated him as her mentor.

Arjun congratulated Anushree for the wonderful speech and she too shyly turned her eyes off him. She was greeted by Sheena, wife of Arjun. She was in her early thirties and a strong, no nonsense person with long, raven-black hair. They were joined by Aditya for dinner.

August was busiest for both Anushree and Aditya. He had to take flights on and off to Europe to work on hi deals. Here, Anushree had her audit meet and project deadlines. She used to return at 11.00 from her workplace. She was often dropped by Arjun when Aditya was not available.

One night, Aditya came early at 9.00 as his scheduled flight was cancelled. Anushree was not aware and she was dropped to her place by Arjun at around 10.00 p.m. She came and prepared food for Aditya and they were sitting in the dinner table. She thought, Aditya had something on his mind as he did not see her face and utter a single word. She kept silent till he finished his food. And thereafter, she quickly questioned what happened and if everything was okay. Aditya started a fight. He was accusing her of coming late and dropped by Arjun. She was startled by this statement and couldn’t digest. She was shocked to see Adi behaving like this. She tried to convince him that they were working on a project and it required special attention. As Arjun was passing by this street, he was dropping her on his way back. He was not ready to listen anything and He asked her to leave the house at that very moment. She thought something was seriously wrong about him. She couldn’t take all this shit and even though her eyes were full of tears, she collected her courage, packed her suitcase and left the place.

She did not know where to go, whom to ask help. She did not want her parents and brother to know about this.
It is her life and she had to deal with this daunting task.

She got into a paying guest place where she was approached my Jennie, Landlady. The lady was deeply moved by her situation and she gave her a room upstairs to stay back. Anushree hurriedly went to her room, throwed her suitcase and shut the door. All of a sudden, The moments shared with Aditya, those sweet memories flashed.

After Marriage, they went to Singapore for their honeymoon. They both were looking ecstatically happy. Candle light dinners, hand in hand walks in the moonlight, caressing each other, swimming in the pool, quietly leaning on the shoulder. On that night after they made love, she whispered in his ears that both would be there for each other till their last breathe.

Like every stories unfold, she too wanted her own life to be simple and perfect. And within fraction of a second,
She lost her life and cannot even think how the years ahead are going to be. Agreed she had a good coveted job but what about the beautiful life she dreamt of with Aditya and his kids.

 Anushree was mulling over the conversation of her and Aditya few hours back and her heart became heavy. The morning after, she was feeling giddy. She puked three or four times and went to see the doctor.

Yes – Anushree was kicked out from her house by her husband in the state of pregnancy.

Part 4 continues after a break…………Lets have teaJ   Part 2

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One Bud, Two Flowers!!

My God's given Best friend
As we walk along the trend
Beautiful blessing, we owe each other
You be happy with peace my brother
In your day of glory and success
I wish you more luck and congrats
Each day you gain something
Each day you prosper
If you face difficulty in anything,
You have my number
All I need to say
I will never sway
You are great
To be your sister is my best fate.......

p.s. : For you my bro...............

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Girl in Rains Part 2

August 2003

Life After Internship:

The Students were very much thrilled and excited and at the same time eagerly looking forward to join the college after 3 long months of Internship. All were overjoyed as they had a different kind of experience of the corporate atmosphere. All of a sudden, they had become mature and wiser than they were before.
The two days before joining college was too chaotic for Anushree and so is the case with all those staying at hostel. They had to clean up their houses, move their stuff back to their room. In short, they need to put their entire house in order.
Anushree had a different story to tell. She couldn’t wait to see Rahul. One night seemed like a decade for her.

November 2003 - Three months passed.

Success is funny. Some people can handle it and some cannot. And that’s when it goes above their head. Same happened with Rahul. The calls diminished between Anushree and him. He started behaving strange with her. Prior internship, their conversation was in great length but now, he does not even see her face to face while talking. Initially Anushree thought that he is too busy with the projects and submissions and ignored his behavior. Preeti could sense this and asked her about it. She shrugged and told that she loves him and she would do anything for him and be his support. And yes she was right. She used to write notes, finish his presentation, note down important questions and give it to him. Her efforts were accepted by him but it did not get the recognition it needed. He did not reciprocate to the love that Anushree poured on him. For him the friendship and emotions died. He was too focused in his career and not even thought to  hear to what Anushree said. Surely he was blinded by his achievements.

One fine day, Anushree was broken and confided this to Preeti. Preeti was smart enough to understand this type of boys. Preeti felt a knot in the stomach. She couldnt digest the way her friend was treated and hated Rahul for all this chaos he had created. She was a pillar of strength for Anushree.

Days passed. Anushree was not an emotional fool. Though she loved Rahul, she did not let the pain affect her studies. She had her hands full with projects, presentations and other materialistic things.

The determination and dedication that she showed on her studies gave excellent results. She topped mid-sem.

Placement season was around the corner.

Entire college was held with the preparations for day zero placement. The tension was mounting every minute.  Placement committee was taking mock interviews and group discussions. Number of such preparatory interviews went on to preprare the students for the D-day.
Anushree and Preeti drafted their resumes, checked and rechecked and finally sent it to the committee.

Day zero placement were one of the important day in b-school placements. Only the premier companies participated. Anyhow students got through the placement process. Some were fortunate to work with top brands, some with a niche profile. For those who got good brands backed with outstanding profile, it was double whammy. But ultimately what mattered was your skill set. Shape up or ship out is the rule of this era.

Anushree bagged an offer from leading pharmaceutical company called Pfizer based in Mumbai. She could not contain the excitement and informed her parents and Bharath immediately and shared her happiness with them. She thought silently that whatever be the circumstances, her sincere efforts were paid off. Preeti too was elated hearing this. And moreover, she was the one among 5 students who got placed in day zero. Gracias!!

After a month, Majority of the students got placed. Preeti too was grinning ear to ear as she was selected in a recruitment firm in Mumbai. All the girls went to leather lounge – pub in Pune Camp area and screamed,” Strike up the band, maestro, so we all can dance the night away.” They really painted the town red.

One more month and Anushree would be leaving Saturn Park for Mumbai. Leaving the city was too difficult for everyone but setting their foot in their hometown meant so much. This City had a magical power in it as people coming here to get their education or for their employment does not want to go back. They will either stay back or make plans to settle down in near future. Unbelievable, isn’t it?

It was month of February and Pune was sizzling with the heat unlike Monsoons where the city becomes extremely romantic and if one happens to pass the city in that point of time, he or she would definitely fall in love and get married.

One night Anushree thought about the times she shared with Rahul. She couldn’t take it anymore. She quickly drafted a letter. It read.

Dear Rahul,

Love has set me free. Agreed, I was head over heels in love with you. I liked you wholeheartedly. I thought that I have found a special someone in my life. But I was wrong. I was a spring chicken at that time. Yeah Inexperienced.

I still have you in my thoughts but I would move on someday. I don’t want to share my life with a stupid coward. Love does not intend to own a person. It has got a twin name which says sacrifice.

I don’t have any regrets. I have my own dreams and I would pull every stop to attain the same.

Anushree sent this mail to Rahul and shut her laptop. She was relieved. She threw the baggage of pain and planned to walk with a smile. She was slowly getting over with this sinking feeling.

July 2004 and All set to embrace Mumbai meri Jaan.................Part 3 Follows ........

Part 1

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Saturday Saga.....Girl in Rains Part 1

She was walking in the college corridor. Students wished her good morning and ran for their lecture. She was lost in her own thoughts thinking that 10 years ago on the same date, she was rushing for her first lecture.

August 2, 2002

New girl in the city

“Hurry up, beta; you will get late”, comes the voice of Deepika Seshadri, wife of Raghu Seshadri, CGM – ICICI Branch and mother of two children, Bharath and Anushree.All set for Pune, Anushree was heading towards a long journey of 2 years in seeking admission in MBA College. Looking for better Future prospects, she set off for a beautiful path of starting her career afresh in city of pensioner’s paradise. Bidding goodbye to her hometown made her feel extremely sad and thrilled that tears rolled down from her eyes when hers met her mom’s. It was a sunny day with full of energy and enthusiasm among all 4 of them. All the admission activities went off rapidly and day came when she had to leave her place of importance.

“Bye mumma, love you, take care”, came her hurried reply. She hugged her dad and became somewhat emotional. Raghu Seshadri was a person with full of energy and strength. He had been a very good father and husband in his life. For that matter, Deepika too had been a dutiful wife and efficient mother and gave equal importance to her family and in laws as well. With Raghu, she had never felt emptiness in her life. He had always treated her with love and respect.

“Hey, study well don’t play pranks “, Bharath uttered. Anushree gave a sheepish smile and they both laughed. Bharath was more like a best friend than an elder brother. They both fought a lot but at the same time had a good equation.  He acted as a mentor to Anushree at times.

It was August and heavily raining. Four of them set off to Pune and got stuck up at lonavala due to heavy traffic. Somehow they reached the college hostel. After setting the things appropriately, Anushree’s parents and brother left for Mumbai. Leaving her hometown and parents made her feel sick. Her heart became heavy; she closed her eyes and dozed off to sleep. It was the first day of college. She donned black shirt and white trousers. At 8 a.m., she left the hostel with other two girls Shreya and Preeti. Shreya was a fat girl with curly hair. She was based out of Delhi and did her Graduation in Computer Science. Preeti was slim and tall with sharp features. She was a trained dancer and a Commerce graduate. All three girl set out to start a beautiful journey.

At 8.30, students were seated at the Auditorium and first day of induction started. Faculty and other management members arrived at quarter to nine. Founder director of the college gave a speech and briefed about the course curriculum. It went on till 10.30.The whole batch comprised of 30 students. Out of which there were 16 boys and 14 girls.

It was hardly a week in college and Anushree and preeti became very good friends. They were always together in college and were roommates in hostel.  Another girl named keerti came to share shreya’s room. There was a good amount of unity among the batch which was a strength of the college. Induction went on with lots of assignments and presentations, Guest lectures. Day ended by 8.30 p.m.

After college hours Mess brimmed with life. Mess workers ran here and there while owner was busy providing food to the students. Day scholars also had at mess at times due to late hours.

Semester 1 went with grueling hours of sessions and long, hectic days. Examination time came and students spent hours and hours studying, making notes, and discussing the topics. Girls used to sleep bare minimum. Boys spent their late night hours doing group study in canteens and library.

One night Anushree and Preeti were sitting in library studying Organizational behavior. “I am feeling hungry , Preeti”, Anushree quoted. Let’s go and see whats there in canteen, said Preeti.

They both went quickly. There they saw Rahul and Ashish sitting and having cup of tea, having a book in hand.

Hi Anushree, Ashish waved his hand to her. Rahul was so busy reading that he did not see them coming.

Hi Rahul, which subject are you studying?, asked Anushree. I have started with Statistics, said Rahul raising his head towards her. Rahul was a tall guy with average physique. He had a quick and intelligent eyes and was a avid reader . His batch mates used to call him nerd. Though he was busy with his books, girls used to be behind him.

Rahul hardly paid any attention to them.  But off late he was attracted to Anushree. This was known to Anushree by Preeti. Though he liked her, he did not show it to her. He thought this is just an infactuation.

Anushree felt a strong liking towards Rahul but she thought that she won’t make the first move in this issue. They all sat together in the canteen. Anushree and Preeti had sandwiches and Tea.

Rahul was good at Quantitative techniques. Anushree learnt some techniques in statistical problems. Statistics was a dragonistic subject in MBA which scared all the students. Passing in this subject meant clearing a half way in MBA. It was a cake walk for people who had quant’s background and hell for those who had no basics in this subject.

Semester 1 Ends…………………..

Anushree and preeti went for shopping to koregaun Park. they bought some stylish pair of sandals for themselves . After that, they both went to German bakery to have omelets and pasteries.

There they saw Ashish and Rahul with other four to five boys.

German bakery was the prime location for punaikars to hang out. It was the place which gathered many foreigners, Osho men and women who had a major stake in the bakery. It served many eateries ranging from various types of omletes and pasteries. The place had an antique string attached with it. The art and graffiti which were of ancient past spoke the historical significance.

Anushree and Preeti sat at the table and ordered for Spanish tamato omlette with bread toast. They added the order by asking the waiter to bring Danish pastry. 

The conversation hovered around college, latest movies, cultural events, freshers party, pubs and lounges in KP and various other topics far from studies. Anushree gave a quick glance to Rahul and their eyes met. It was a momentous shot that moved Anu as she fondly called by her friends. Silence is speaking at its best. Preeti thought “ something’s brewing between them” and wistfully started the topic of love affairs and who is the most ideal couple and latest hot issues happening in college. Anu was silent and occupied in her thoughts.Then preeti suddenly aksed rahul whether he liked someone. He said “Yes” after deliberation. Having said that, Rahul’s eyes met Anu’s eyes. He told that he liked some girl but not sure how to make his attempt to know her thoughts.

Anushree got the hint and her joy knew no bounds but her joy was not evident in her manner.

Then the group adjourned. Anu and Preeti set for her hostel and the boys went for their after dinner party in the nearby lounge. Preeti was giggling and sniggering over the issue discussed. Anu was sure that Preeti would tease her to death and was quiet. Preeti started reading out romantic verses from famous poet gulzar’s read. Anu kept quiet but gave a cold glance. Preeti told anu that she should tell rahul that she too liked her. She was right. Love when showed has its value or else she have to wait for eternity for him to make any move. Anu shook her head and hugged preeti hurriedly. Both were blessed to have each other as support, strength, and joy.

It was winter night. Saturn park was very cold and as soon as they reached, they saw the guards making them warm in the fireplace by burning logs of wood and making a bonfire out of it. It was nice to see them. Preeti saluted one of the guard and made her way to their apartment.

Saturn park was all slept. The night birds were singing songs and it was amazing and lulling enough for the people to sleep.

Preeti and Anushree entered their house and sat on the couch for some time. Anushree made coffee for Preeti and herself and they both drank it. It was 12 am and they had classes next morning. Quietly they slept side by side in their large curlon beds.

Next morning, Preeti woke up at 7.00 am. Anu was wide awake. She was feeling restless throughout the night and was not able to sleep. Preeti asked her what was the issue. She kept silent and after giving some thought she mentioned that she liked rahul and want to know what he was thinking about her. Preeti said that their get together party would be next Friday and that would be the best time to vent her feelings with him.

Anu planted a kiss in her cheek and said “yes , that would be great’. She was happy that somehow her feelings is going to reach his heart. 6 months passed and she could not wait for that day. 1 week felt like an eternity. Unsaid love loses its value.

Lectures went asusual. Semester 2 was comparatively difficult to cope with.

One week for Christmas. Whole city was embraced with warmth and joy of the jesus Christ birthday. Lanes were decorated. Long stretches were all shaded with greenery. Love birds were singing their love songs and winter wind was whirling away andFestive season had started. City was rejoicing in midst of this. Children were shopping and decorating their Christmas trees with lots of gifts.

It was a eventful night and all the students gathered for the get together.

Anushree was dressed up at nine. It was a blue satin top with narrow fit denim. she had let her hair loose. Her hair was long with curls in the end. She was wearing pearl necklace and had taken a sidebag matching her outfit. Preeti was wearing long white gown with silver bangles in her hands. Both of them were looking elegant. Anu was adorable and graceful in a true sense. All the boys were spellbound as soon as all the girls in their batch turned up. Rahul saw anu but he just smiled. It was hard to resist feelings which had overtaken him for the past few months.

Group were enjoying and dancing to the tunes of music. The DJ played old to new numbers. It ranged from old classics to new hip hop.

Anu was chitchatting with Ragini and Padma. even Ashish joined as his latest love interest was Ragini. they were dating quiet a number of times. After dinner anu was standing at the terrace gazing at the moon. Rahul went forward and stood silently.Anu was thrilled. Both of them waited for this day. They felt it like a dream and their dream was coming true.

DJ struck to the the old slow romantic  number….".Gum hai kisi ke Pyaar mein" matching up to the situation.

They started their conversation.

Rahul: How’s life?

Yeah going good. though its hectic, Its fun to be with friends.

DJ is playing Superb music, isn’t it?

Ya, the tracks are peppy.

Moon is enigmatic. Rather its you, he silently said to himself.

Anu felt her heart beat racing up.

Rahul asked her whether she has met anyone special in her life. Anu told not yet. She has no time for that thing as she is quite determined in her studies. (But she don’t mind one).He told her that he like her and would like to spend some time with her.It was like a thousand stars hitting at one shot.

She couldn’t bear the happiness. She said that she will call him and let him know by tomorrow morning. Both of them were playing safe. None of them were showing their feelings at the fullest level.

Party lights went off. Preeti and Anushree hailed a taxi and reached hostel by 12.00 a.m.Anushree told preeti about their conversation. She couldn’t contol her joy. she was so happy that finally her friend opened up in front of the person he loved.

Anushree told that she would call him following morning and let him know what she thinks about him.

It was 7.00 a m and it was clear that anu did not sleep whole night. The happiness and joy knew no bounds. She was reading the erich segal love story and feeling like a fidgety teenager in love with the new guy in college.

She took her phone and dialed the number of Rahul. She was speechless when she heard his voice.

She said that even she has the same feelings for him. Rahul told her that they would not get committed so quickly. She agreed to him and told him that they will spend time with each other. For her studies is first priority. Both of them were mutually satisfied. They laughed and teased each other. The conversation went more than an hour. It was like two love birds immersed in the divinity of beautiful relation.

It was April 2003 and Semester 2 Ends,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Part 2 Follows in Next Saturday Saga,,,J

Friday, June 1, 2012

Filter Coffee with seven swaras

Every community has its own unique quality. The customs, traditions, life style and culture pattern varies from region to region, community to community, nation to nation and so on.

Let me hint you with this poem below.

Hot and crisp do they mutter
sambar brains reflect in whatever they utter
Dark and Dusky is their skin tone
Long and tightly braided hair do the women are in ”........Yes India's South Zone!!

But what it is to be like a true South Indian. Read this:

Day starts with a freshly brewed hot cup of coffee in one hand and tabloids in another hand. Exceptions are there but you could see hardly any South Indian who would give a Coffee a miss. They just love caffeine or to be more specific 'Bru'. I could picturise the commercial where the boy's mother asks, Filter coffee?? The boy replies, “Idhu Bru ma” roughly translated (This is bru, mom).

For that matter, I am no different. I could trade anything to smell the mug of coffee offered sweetly by my mother daily morning. Thank Heavens!

“Morning Raga – soul touching experience”

Music is the language of the soul. That is when union of Rag and Tal happen and the way seven swaras ( Sa, Re, Ga, Ma, Pa, Da, Ni, Sa) romances with each other is an amazing experience and a divine feeling. It is a treat to your ear buds. That is called Carnatic music therapy. Collectively the notes are called Sargam – consonants of first four swaras.

Ezhu Swarangalukul ethanai padal.................”(How many songs flow in these 7 swaras)
If you happen to pass on any south indian family in the morning, you could listen to Suprabatham I.e morning prayer or any other spiritual songs sung by music gurus. Though this is hardly being seen nowadays due to westernized societies, people migrating to other cities or countries etc.

My all time favorite would be Pancharatna keerthanas sung by Music Maestro Padmabhushan Sir Balamurli Krishna.

Music originated in the South India for that matter, land of Andhra Pradesh. You could see the sahityam (lyrics of the swaras ) in telegu language. During old times, The art form was so important in the southern region.We have song for every odd ceremony. People learn instruments, dance forms and Music. Children learn vedic literature and art forms at their schools.

Here is how Wedding bell rings:

“Kanchipuram silks draped women,

Fresh flowers in their lovely hair

Glittering gold jewels all over,

Two of them make a great pair”

More and More I think, I get the point that life in south indian family is like a rhythmic melody........