Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Girl in Rains Part 2

August 2003

Life After Internship:

The Students were very much thrilled and excited and at the same time eagerly looking forward to join the college after 3 long months of Internship. All were overjoyed as they had a different kind of experience of the corporate atmosphere. All of a sudden, they had become mature and wiser than they were before.
The two days before joining college was too chaotic for Anushree and so is the case with all those staying at hostel. They had to clean up their houses, move their stuff back to their room. In short, they need to put their entire house in order.
Anushree had a different story to tell. She couldn’t wait to see Rahul. One night seemed like a decade for her.

November 2003 - Three months passed.

Success is funny. Some people can handle it and some cannot. And that’s when it goes above their head. Same happened with Rahul. The calls diminished between Anushree and him. He started behaving strange with her. Prior internship, their conversation was in great length but now, he does not even see her face to face while talking. Initially Anushree thought that he is too busy with the projects and submissions and ignored his behavior. Preeti could sense this and asked her about it. She shrugged and told that she loves him and she would do anything for him and be his support. And yes she was right. She used to write notes, finish his presentation, note down important questions and give it to him. Her efforts were accepted by him but it did not get the recognition it needed. He did not reciprocate to the love that Anushree poured on him. For him the friendship and emotions died. He was too focused in his career and not even thought to  hear to what Anushree said. Surely he was blinded by his achievements.

One fine day, Anushree was broken and confided this to Preeti. Preeti was smart enough to understand this type of boys. Preeti felt a knot in the stomach. She couldnt digest the way her friend was treated and hated Rahul for all this chaos he had created. She was a pillar of strength for Anushree.

Days passed. Anushree was not an emotional fool. Though she loved Rahul, she did not let the pain affect her studies. She had her hands full with projects, presentations and other materialistic things.

The determination and dedication that she showed on her studies gave excellent results. She topped mid-sem.

Placement season was around the corner.

Entire college was held with the preparations for day zero placement. The tension was mounting every minute.  Placement committee was taking mock interviews and group discussions. Number of such preparatory interviews went on to preprare the students for the D-day.
Anushree and Preeti drafted their resumes, checked and rechecked and finally sent it to the committee.

Day zero placement were one of the important day in b-school placements. Only the premier companies participated. Anyhow students got through the placement process. Some were fortunate to work with top brands, some with a niche profile. For those who got good brands backed with outstanding profile, it was double whammy. But ultimately what mattered was your skill set. Shape up or ship out is the rule of this era.

Anushree bagged an offer from leading pharmaceutical company called Pfizer based in Mumbai. She could not contain the excitement and informed her parents and Bharath immediately and shared her happiness with them. She thought silently that whatever be the circumstances, her sincere efforts were paid off. Preeti too was elated hearing this. And moreover, she was the one among 5 students who got placed in day zero. Gracias!!

After a month, Majority of the students got placed. Preeti too was grinning ear to ear as she was selected in a recruitment firm in Mumbai. All the girls went to leather lounge – pub in Pune Camp area and screamed,” Strike up the band, maestro, so we all can dance the night away.” They really painted the town red.

One more month and Anushree would be leaving Saturn Park for Mumbai. Leaving the city was too difficult for everyone but setting their foot in their hometown meant so much. This City had a magical power in it as people coming here to get their education or for their employment does not want to go back. They will either stay back or make plans to settle down in near future. Unbelievable, isn’t it?

It was month of February and Pune was sizzling with the heat unlike Monsoons where the city becomes extremely romantic and if one happens to pass the city in that point of time, he or she would definitely fall in love and get married.

One night Anushree thought about the times she shared with Rahul. She couldn’t take it anymore. She quickly drafted a letter. It read.

Dear Rahul,

Love has set me free. Agreed, I was head over heels in love with you. I liked you wholeheartedly. I thought that I have found a special someone in my life. But I was wrong. I was a spring chicken at that time. Yeah Inexperienced.

I still have you in my thoughts but I would move on someday. I don’t want to share my life with a stupid coward. Love does not intend to own a person. It has got a twin name which says sacrifice.

I don’t have any regrets. I have my own dreams and I would pull every stop to attain the same.

Anushree sent this mail to Rahul and shut her laptop. She was relieved. She threw the baggage of pain and planned to walk with a smile. She was slowly getting over with this sinking feeling.

July 2004 and All set to embrace Mumbai meri Jaan.................Part 3 Follows ........

Part 1


  1. Well written. It takes a lot to be level headed like Anushree.

    1. Thanks Krupaa, Yeah Girls nowadays are not emotional fools. One has to be prepared for any situation and not blinded with the feelings.

    2. Though the end was a bit sad Anushree was pragmatic and did not allow the disappointment to impede her efforts towards academic excellence.The narration was excellent as you took the readers along with the characters you portrayed.It is good that Rahul showed his true colors before it was late.
      A very nice story .Thanks

    3. Thanks KP....It is not the end......Part 3 would follow and you could see lot many happenings in the story ahead.

      Thanks for the link.......

  2. Now I am waiting for part 3 because I want to know what happened? Why did Rahul cool off like that ?


  3. Yes Meera......Exactly...Even Anushree was contemplating for the reason....May be because he was not stable enough to get committed, or may be he was using her and her frienship, or he did not understand her feelings....:((....

  4. I simply love the attitude of Anushree in dealing with this.... she did not let Rahul's behaviour affect her career and studies. Most of the people still make that mistake only to repent later...