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Saturday Saga.....Girl in Rains Part 1

She was walking in the college corridor. Students wished her good morning and ran for their lecture. She was lost in her own thoughts thinking that 10 years ago on the same date, she was rushing for her first lecture.

August 2, 2002

New girl in the city

“Hurry up, beta; you will get late”, comes the voice of Deepika Seshadri, wife of Raghu Seshadri, CGM – ICICI Branch and mother of two children, Bharath and Anushree.All set for Pune, Anushree was heading towards a long journey of 2 years in seeking admission in MBA College. Looking for better Future prospects, she set off for a beautiful path of starting her career afresh in city of pensioner’s paradise. Bidding goodbye to her hometown made her feel extremely sad and thrilled that tears rolled down from her eyes when hers met her mom’s. It was a sunny day with full of energy and enthusiasm among all 4 of them. All the admission activities went off rapidly and day came when she had to leave her place of importance.

“Bye mumma, love you, take care”, came her hurried reply. She hugged her dad and became somewhat emotional. Raghu Seshadri was a person with full of energy and strength. He had been a very good father and husband in his life. For that matter, Deepika too had been a dutiful wife and efficient mother and gave equal importance to her family and in laws as well. With Raghu, she had never felt emptiness in her life. He had always treated her with love and respect.

“Hey, study well don’t play pranks “, Bharath uttered. Anushree gave a sheepish smile and they both laughed. Bharath was more like a best friend than an elder brother. They both fought a lot but at the same time had a good equation.  He acted as a mentor to Anushree at times.

It was August and heavily raining. Four of them set off to Pune and got stuck up at lonavala due to heavy traffic. Somehow they reached the college hostel. After setting the things appropriately, Anushree’s parents and brother left for Mumbai. Leaving her hometown and parents made her feel sick. Her heart became heavy; she closed her eyes and dozed off to sleep. It was the first day of college. She donned black shirt and white trousers. At 8 a.m., she left the hostel with other two girls Shreya and Preeti. Shreya was a fat girl with curly hair. She was based out of Delhi and did her Graduation in Computer Science. Preeti was slim and tall with sharp features. She was a trained dancer and a Commerce graduate. All three girl set out to start a beautiful journey.

At 8.30, students were seated at the Auditorium and first day of induction started. Faculty and other management members arrived at quarter to nine. Founder director of the college gave a speech and briefed about the course curriculum. It went on till 10.30.The whole batch comprised of 30 students. Out of which there were 16 boys and 14 girls.

It was hardly a week in college and Anushree and preeti became very good friends. They were always together in college and were roommates in hostel.  Another girl named keerti came to share shreya’s room. There was a good amount of unity among the batch which was a strength of the college. Induction went on with lots of assignments and presentations, Guest lectures. Day ended by 8.30 p.m.

After college hours Mess brimmed with life. Mess workers ran here and there while owner was busy providing food to the students. Day scholars also had at mess at times due to late hours.

Semester 1 went with grueling hours of sessions and long, hectic days. Examination time came and students spent hours and hours studying, making notes, and discussing the topics. Girls used to sleep bare minimum. Boys spent their late night hours doing group study in canteens and library.

One night Anushree and Preeti were sitting in library studying Organizational behavior. “I am feeling hungry , Preeti”, Anushree quoted. Let’s go and see whats there in canteen, said Preeti.

They both went quickly. There they saw Rahul and Ashish sitting and having cup of tea, having a book in hand.

Hi Anushree, Ashish waved his hand to her. Rahul was so busy reading that he did not see them coming.

Hi Rahul, which subject are you studying?, asked Anushree. I have started with Statistics, said Rahul raising his head towards her. Rahul was a tall guy with average physique. He had a quick and intelligent eyes and was a avid reader . His batch mates used to call him nerd. Though he was busy with his books, girls used to be behind him.

Rahul hardly paid any attention to them.  But off late he was attracted to Anushree. This was known to Anushree by Preeti. Though he liked her, he did not show it to her. He thought this is just an infactuation.

Anushree felt a strong liking towards Rahul but she thought that she won’t make the first move in this issue. They all sat together in the canteen. Anushree and Preeti had sandwiches and Tea.

Rahul was good at Quantitative techniques. Anushree learnt some techniques in statistical problems. Statistics was a dragonistic subject in MBA which scared all the students. Passing in this subject meant clearing a half way in MBA. It was a cake walk for people who had quant’s background and hell for those who had no basics in this subject.

Semester 1 Ends…………………..

Anushree and preeti went for shopping to koregaun Park. they bought some stylish pair of sandals for themselves . After that, they both went to German bakery to have omelets and pasteries.

There they saw Ashish and Rahul with other four to five boys.

German bakery was the prime location for punaikars to hang out. It was the place which gathered many foreigners, Osho men and women who had a major stake in the bakery. It served many eateries ranging from various types of omletes and pasteries. The place had an antique string attached with it. The art and graffiti which were of ancient past spoke the historical significance.

Anushree and Preeti sat at the table and ordered for Spanish tamato omlette with bread toast. They added the order by asking the waiter to bring Danish pastry. 

The conversation hovered around college, latest movies, cultural events, freshers party, pubs and lounges in KP and various other topics far from studies. Anushree gave a quick glance to Rahul and their eyes met. It was a momentous shot that moved Anu as she fondly called by her friends. Silence is speaking at its best. Preeti thought “ something’s brewing between them” and wistfully started the topic of love affairs and who is the most ideal couple and latest hot issues happening in college. Anu was silent and occupied in her thoughts.Then preeti suddenly aksed rahul whether he liked someone. He said “Yes” after deliberation. Having said that, Rahul’s eyes met Anu’s eyes. He told that he liked some girl but not sure how to make his attempt to know her thoughts.

Anushree got the hint and her joy knew no bounds but her joy was not evident in her manner.

Then the group adjourned. Anu and Preeti set for her hostel and the boys went for their after dinner party in the nearby lounge. Preeti was giggling and sniggering over the issue discussed. Anu was sure that Preeti would tease her to death and was quiet. Preeti started reading out romantic verses from famous poet gulzar’s read. Anu kept quiet but gave a cold glance. Preeti told anu that she should tell rahul that she too liked her. She was right. Love when showed has its value or else she have to wait for eternity for him to make any move. Anu shook her head and hugged preeti hurriedly. Both were blessed to have each other as support, strength, and joy.

It was winter night. Saturn park was very cold and as soon as they reached, they saw the guards making them warm in the fireplace by burning logs of wood and making a bonfire out of it. It was nice to see them. Preeti saluted one of the guard and made her way to their apartment.

Saturn park was all slept. The night birds were singing songs and it was amazing and lulling enough for the people to sleep.

Preeti and Anushree entered their house and sat on the couch for some time. Anushree made coffee for Preeti and herself and they both drank it. It was 12 am and they had classes next morning. Quietly they slept side by side in their large curlon beds.

Next morning, Preeti woke up at 7.00 am. Anu was wide awake. She was feeling restless throughout the night and was not able to sleep. Preeti asked her what was the issue. She kept silent and after giving some thought she mentioned that she liked rahul and want to know what he was thinking about her. Preeti said that their get together party would be next Friday and that would be the best time to vent her feelings with him.

Anu planted a kiss in her cheek and said “yes , that would be great’. She was happy that somehow her feelings is going to reach his heart. 6 months passed and she could not wait for that day. 1 week felt like an eternity. Unsaid love loses its value.

Lectures went asusual. Semester 2 was comparatively difficult to cope with.

One week for Christmas. Whole city was embraced with warmth and joy of the jesus Christ birthday. Lanes were decorated. Long stretches were all shaded with greenery. Love birds were singing their love songs and winter wind was whirling away andFestive season had started. City was rejoicing in midst of this. Children were shopping and decorating their Christmas trees with lots of gifts.

It was a eventful night and all the students gathered for the get together.

Anushree was dressed up at nine. It was a blue satin top with narrow fit denim. she had let her hair loose. Her hair was long with curls in the end. She was wearing pearl necklace and had taken a sidebag matching her outfit. Preeti was wearing long white gown with silver bangles in her hands. Both of them were looking elegant. Anu was adorable and graceful in a true sense. All the boys were spellbound as soon as all the girls in their batch turned up. Rahul saw anu but he just smiled. It was hard to resist feelings which had overtaken him for the past few months.

Group were enjoying and dancing to the tunes of music. The DJ played old to new numbers. It ranged from old classics to new hip hop.

Anu was chitchatting with Ragini and Padma. even Ashish joined as his latest love interest was Ragini. they were dating quiet a number of times. After dinner anu was standing at the terrace gazing at the moon. Rahul went forward and stood silently.Anu was thrilled. Both of them waited for this day. They felt it like a dream and their dream was coming true.

DJ struck to the the old slow romantic  number….".Gum hai kisi ke Pyaar mein" matching up to the situation.

They started their conversation.

Rahul: How’s life?

Yeah going good. though its hectic, Its fun to be with friends.

DJ is playing Superb music, isn’t it?

Ya, the tracks are peppy.

Moon is enigmatic. Rather its you, he silently said to himself.

Anu felt her heart beat racing up.

Rahul asked her whether she has met anyone special in her life. Anu told not yet. She has no time for that thing as she is quite determined in her studies. (But she don’t mind one).He told her that he like her and would like to spend some time with her.It was like a thousand stars hitting at one shot.

She couldn’t bear the happiness. She said that she will call him and let him know by tomorrow morning. Both of them were playing safe. None of them were showing their feelings at the fullest level.

Party lights went off. Preeti and Anushree hailed a taxi and reached hostel by 12.00 a.m.Anushree told preeti about their conversation. She couldn’t contol her joy. she was so happy that finally her friend opened up in front of the person he loved.

Anushree told that she would call him following morning and let him know what she thinks about him.

It was 7.00 a m and it was clear that anu did not sleep whole night. The happiness and joy knew no bounds. She was reading the erich segal love story and feeling like a fidgety teenager in love with the new guy in college.

She took her phone and dialed the number of Rahul. She was speechless when she heard his voice.

She said that even she has the same feelings for him. Rahul told her that they would not get committed so quickly. She agreed to him and told him that they will spend time with each other. For her studies is first priority. Both of them were mutually satisfied. They laughed and teased each other. The conversation went more than an hour. It was like two love birds immersed in the divinity of beautiful relation.

It was April 2003 and Semester 2 Ends,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Part 2 Follows in Next Saturday Saga,,,J


  1. Interesting. Looking forward to part 2.

    1. Thanks Meera....Yours is first comment.....Wish you luck:)

  2. That is a good tale and you are to reveal what is in store for the two in budding love.Waiting eagerly for the next part.

  3. Thank you KP.....Definetely wait for the twist and turn in the tale.....:)))

  4. That's interesting. When will part 2 follow?

    1. It would be up in three to four days......Thanks so much Krupa. Nice of you:)

  5. Budding romance sounds very interesting I hope its ends on a lovely note as well.