Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Girl in Rains Part 5..........

June 2006

Mushraan was playing in the garden and as soon as he saw Anushree, he came running and hugged her. She planted a kiss in his cheek and took him in her arms.

There was a medical breakthrough that time. Plague drugs got a nod in the market and the epidemic had a cruel death due to the invention of effective medicines.

Pfizer came into the limelight again as it emerged as a leading player in the market due to the invention of plague medicine. Arjun was impressed and he was certified as Champion leader. He thought Anushree was responsible for the success as she had put in enormous efforts for this theory to work out. The experiments, the conversation to the various drug companies, getting data from the market would not be easier if it was not for Anushree.

Arjun thought he would surprise her with a dinner treat. His cell beeped. Smilingly, he answered the call, His face changed the color. He donned the jacket and immediately stormed out of his office. He was not in a stable mind to drive but then he forcefully pulled his car and reached “The new urban Hospital.”
After checking with the nurse, he stood in front of ICU. He was in a hurry and did not inform anyone in the office. It was sheena, Arjun's wife who was fighting for her life. It was third time that she was getting seizure. This time it was massive. His cell rang. One, two, three and it was four miss calls from Anushree. Anushree wanted to congratulate on her boss's victory. She was not aware of the mess that had caught Arjun this moment. 

Doctor came out of the ICU and told that she had very little time and struggling with her life. Arjun was in tears. Arjun wanted his wife to know of his victory. He thought he would take her to some place and spend nice vacation with her and his 2 year old son. Now how was he going to explain it to his little son? He must be in school now, busy with his studies. Scheme of thoughts ran in his mind and his eyes went to his cell phone. Seeing miss calls from Anushree, He thought he wanted to share this with someone and she would be the right person. He dialled her number.

Anushree was alarmed at the scene. She took her car and was there right on time.
Arjun was happy to see her. He told her everything and asked her if she can do him favour. As he would be with her wife, He needed someone to pick Rehaan, his son from the school. She immediately volunteered. She was deeply sorry for Arjun seeing him in this condition.

The funeral ceremony went off well. Arjun was not in a condition to see or speak to anyone who came by.
Back in Children's home, Mushraan started going to school. Anushree visited the home in the weekends. She funded for his academics. Martha was delighted to find Anushree at her place. The kind of warmth and affection she poured in each of the children was remarkable.

Months passed, Anushree tried her best to pull Arjun from his current state. He looked beaten and pale as if he lost his sleep.

September 2006

The rains in Mumbai did not get tired. It was pouring cats and dogs and the climate was chilly. As it was Saturday and she had finished her work at home, she was browsing through the medical journals. She was hungry and she made vegetable sandwiches and cup of coffee for herself. She called Jennie and gave her the update on her life. Suddenly she got a call from Martha saying Mushraan wants to see her. Heavy pours looked insignificant and she was all smiles to meet the little boy.

Reaching there, she gave chocolates and cakes that she bought on her way to all the children.
She was in Martha's office. Anushree asked how Mushraan was doing in school and if any financial assistance is required, she will always be there. Martha felt a glow of contentment. She told her that she wanted to discuss something important and it is related to Mushraan. Anushree was all ears. She thought Martha found someone who would adopt Mushraan and was very sure that he would make them proud. Ofcourse, he was a great boy who can only bring joy to one's family.

But hearing to what Martha said, She was astonished for a second. She did not wait longer and came back to her place. She did not know what to say, how to answer Martha.

“Martha wanted Anushree to adopt Mushraan.”

Her door bell rang. She thought it would be Jennie. She had a habit of seeing from the eyehole before opening the door. And there he was. Standing outside was Aditya Krishnan. She was shocked. What on earth has got him? He spoilt everything and he has got an audacity to come to her place. Who does he think he is? What he wants from her now? Witness for his marriage with his new love interest or want me to accompany her for shopping or WHAT?

He was drenched in the rain. The Man she loved once trusted more than herself stood in front of her. It was aching to see him. He was looking thinner may be because of hectic job or the girl who is giving him sleepless nights.

She was not in a mood to listen to him. She slammed the door shut in outright frustration and screamed GET LOST. She couldnt digest the words which came from his mouth. Aditya wanted her back into his life. He realized his mistake in getting involved with the woman who is a bitch. Here she was struggling with her life to make the ends meet and this person did not have a heart to get back to her. Now when he lost it, he wants her back. How selfish of him?

She threw herself in her bed and slept for a while. Meanwhile her cell phone was constantly ringing. She did not want to speak to anyone. All she wanted was to hug her pillow and get some rest.

After 2 hours, She could see 20 miss calls from Arjun. She was in trouble she thought. Making a call on Saturday was unlike him. But it could be an emergency. Pfizer is in trouble but looking at the financials and debt free company, it cannot be the reason. Keeping her thoughts at rest, she called him. Arjun asked her if everything is fine. He was worried as she did not take his call. She said her head was paining and she had kept her cell in silent.

Pfizer was very much in safer side. Only her efforts reached stars. She was promoted as a country head - Marketing and posting was in US. She had to be in US for at least 5 years. 

Now Destiny offered her 3 Situations -

1. Mushraan ready to get adopted
2. Her ruthless selfish husband wants her back.
3. Long awaited promotion smiling at her.

Final Part follows on Saturday.......Lets Check out how Anushree's life gets unfold..:)


  1. Wow....what a twist in tale... I hope Anushree makes the right decision in such a crucial situation..waiting for the next part.

    1. Hey thanks .......Yeah Lets hope for the best for her......:))

  2. A big change in her life? I think change is always positive. I hope and pray for the same in my life <3

    1. Yeah Change always comes with a gift nikky....Good luck dear:)

  3. Nice twist there. I think Anushree should go with what her head says not her heart.

    1. Truly Agree with you Krupa.....She has come a long way and now lets hope this twist offers her none other than best.

  4. Nice turn in the tale...
    Posted Sequel 3 in my space do drop by :)