Saturday, June 23, 2012

Girl in Rains - Part 4

Anushree was surprised and happy, sad and lost, satisfied and content, all at the same time. Doctor congratulated her and asked her to come next month for the checkup. She was awestruck. She was crying with excitement and smiling with tears. She hated her conflicting emotions and pulled out her car and drove to her place. She called her mom and cried. Anushree's parents called her back home at that very moment. First they were thrilled to hear and to know that they are on a way to become grandparents. But their happiness was overshadowed by Aditya's behaviour but Anushree asked them to calm down and told that she would drop in that weekend. Bharath was too angry and tried calling Aditya but he refused to take the call.

After keeping the phone down, she kept her hand in her stomach for a long time. She was smiling in front of the mirror and happy that she is going to be a mother. Now she could get all the pampering at her workplace. She can go for baby shopping and purchase fancy outfits for her baby. She told herself that she would be yummy mummy and give all the support to him or her. Blinded with the emotions and Motherly feelings, She dialed Aditya's number. She wanted to let him know that she is carrying his baby.

But Aditya sounded cold like a stone. He did not give any reaction and not showed an iota of interest to her feelings. She threw her cell in the bed. Holy Shit, She thought how inhuman and rude one could be. She was outraged and horrified.

All she wanted was to share the happiness with her husband and the man she loved but he did not give her a damn and left alone in no man's land.

August 2005

It was raining heavily. The monsoon has reached its peak. Anushree had to see the doctor for her monthly checkup. Heavy pours made driving difficult. Jennie was manna from heaven. She prepared food for Anushree and gave her healthy diet. They both jelled well. Even she insisted that she would accompany her for the checkup. But Anushree suggested that she would go by herself.

When she was passing through the link road, she was startled seeing something. She regained her senses and saw straight. She saw a little boy walking in the middle of the road and the bus coming. closer to her. She was trying to press the brake but she had to give up. Within a fraction of second, she was lying unconscious in the Bombay Hospital. Jennie reached the hospital as soon as she got the message. Her parents got a shock and were on their way. She was taken inside the operation theater and doctor was checking on her.

After 2 hours, Anushree opened her eyes. The head was too heavy and she was unable to move. Doctor told her that she is fine and no need to worry. The scene of Aditya and a hottie babe with black jeans and blue spaghetti top in the shopping mall flashed in her mind. Aditya left her for another woman. Shame on him, she thought. She never thought he would be so cheap. Now all she had was her baby. She wanted to protect the baby and bring up well. She wanted nothing more from her life. She was very happy to see her parents. Bharath called her parents to check if Anushree is feeling fine. His voice gave an impact that he missed his baby sister.

She vaguely remembered that her car had hit on some little one. She wanted to know if that boy was safe and sound. Well she was not aware that the boy was sleeping in the room next to her.
When doctor came for rounds, He spoke to her parents. Anushree was out of earshot. He told them that they tried a lot but couldn’t save Anushree's baby in her womb. Parents were taken aback. At one second, they were dumbfounded. They couldn’t utter any word and thoroughly shaken by what doctor said.

They were lost in their thoughts and did not know how this message would be conveyed to Anushree. She would go crazy listening to this. Aditya left her and now her baby has left her. They cried, Oh lord, what kind of turmoil is dawning in their innocent daughter?
They wiped their tears and made an effort to speak to Anushree. She woke up when she saw her parents came inside her room. Her hair was pulled up. She was on IV. Her stomach ached badly and she was beginning to be concerned for the welfare of her baby. She quickly asked them about her child, the little one growing inside her womb, the little baby who has lost his father before coming into the earth. She was not aware that the baby did not exist anymore.

Her parents bit their lips and told her that doctors couldn’t save her baby. Yes, she heard it correct. The baby died. She shouted and yelled, “I WANT MY BABY BACK.” She was in hysterics for one long week. She did not have anything and refused to see anyone. Whenever the nurse went to give her medicines, she would utter this sentence.

She thought life was not fair. First she lost her husband and now she was more than happy to embark in this beautiful journey. But Life stole her life.

September 2005

 In the month of August, she endured more than she should have. And September was little lighter at her workplace. 
She was pro at her work and scheduled her day in a brilliant manner. Arjun was much happy with her recovery. He was delighted to see her back in full spirits. He was a guide, friend and boss wise he was on a numero uno position. 

 Anushree was reading newspaper and sipping the cup of coffee. It was Saturday and she had holiday. She planned to see her parents and spend the time with them. Sudden thought geared her. She wanted to know what happened to that little child who also met with the accident at the same time. Has he survived the mishap? If yes, Where was he? So many questions came in her mind. She got a call from Preeti. The news of her pregnancy was a pleasant surprise. Preeti and Anushree were in touch via calls and emails. She was planning her visit at that very instant when Anushree was in hospital. But Doctors advised her to avoid travelling in the first trimester. Preeti couldn’t control her anger towards Aditya but she was happy as her friend has recovered completely and has come out of the unpleasant experiences.

Anushree was dressed in Sky blue kurti and white Patiala. All set for the weekend getaway to her parent’s house she locked her house and gave Jennie the keys. Now Anushree bought a new lavish house of her own near Jennie’s block.

Starting the car and turning on the radio which played Metallica’s “nothing else matters”, she was ready for the drive.

She decided to stop by the hospital on her way and check the whereabouts of the little boy. It was 11.00 a.m. And the sun was gazing at her. She was embraced by its warmth and she drove the car. She stopped by the hospital. She went to the receptionist and asked whether the doctor is available. She was waiting in the visitor's room. Doctor came after 20 minutes. She was very happy to see her in fine state. Anushree told her why she was here and asked whether the little boy survived or not. Doctor immediately said that the little boy was discharged exact after one week later from Anushree's date of discharge. Anushree couldnt wait to see that boy. She wanted to visit and pay respects on humanity grounds as he was hit by her car. She quickly asked his details. His name was Mushraan. After thanking doctor and wishing her goodbye, she started to leave.

After 45 minutes of travelling, she parked her car outside – Saint Marry Children's home.
Yes, Mushraan , a tiny muslim boy was an orphan who is looked after by an Orphanage Home.

Delicate flower with shimmering eyes
you look, chirpy and tiny in size
from the distance I could see you
playing and laughing, your pain and sacrifice could understand only few.”

Mushraan was playing in the playground opposite to the children’s home. Seeing that scene, tears rolled down and began slowly sliding down her cheeks.  How much she wished her kid would grow and play like this children? Innate feeling of Motherhood tightly hugged her. 

Part 5 continues shortly...........Lets watch these mushy rains:))                  Part 3


  1. Poem at the end is beautiful !!
    Would she adopt him ??

    1. Thanks Logic........i would put up part 5 and final part would follow soon...You would know it soon........:)))

  2. I really love the way you have narrated the emotional turmoil in Anushree's mind. I could actually feel what she was going through.

    Eagerly waiting for the next part...

    1. Thanks dear.....Glad that you liked it......Will post it soon:))) Cheers!!!

  3. It was sooo well worth the wait...write on young wordsmith...