Friday, June 1, 2012

Filter Coffee with seven swaras

Every community has its own unique quality. The customs, traditions, life style and culture pattern varies from region to region, community to community, nation to nation and so on.

Let me hint you with this poem below.

Hot and crisp do they mutter
sambar brains reflect in whatever they utter
Dark and Dusky is their skin tone
Long and tightly braided hair do the women are in ”........Yes India's South Zone!!

But what it is to be like a true South Indian. Read this:

Day starts with a freshly brewed hot cup of coffee in one hand and tabloids in another hand. Exceptions are there but you could see hardly any South Indian who would give a Coffee a miss. They just love caffeine or to be more specific 'Bru'. I could picturise the commercial where the boy's mother asks, Filter coffee?? The boy replies, “Idhu Bru ma” roughly translated (This is bru, mom).

For that matter, I am no different. I could trade anything to smell the mug of coffee offered sweetly by my mother daily morning. Thank Heavens!

“Morning Raga – soul touching experience”

Music is the language of the soul. That is when union of Rag and Tal happen and the way seven swaras ( Sa, Re, Ga, Ma, Pa, Da, Ni, Sa) romances with each other is an amazing experience and a divine feeling. It is a treat to your ear buds. That is called Carnatic music therapy. Collectively the notes are called Sargam – consonants of first four swaras.

Ezhu Swarangalukul ethanai padal.................”(How many songs flow in these 7 swaras)
If you happen to pass on any south indian family in the morning, you could listen to Suprabatham I.e morning prayer or any other spiritual songs sung by music gurus. Though this is hardly being seen nowadays due to westernized societies, people migrating to other cities or countries etc.

My all time favorite would be Pancharatna keerthanas sung by Music Maestro Padmabhushan Sir Balamurli Krishna.

Music originated in the South India for that matter, land of Andhra Pradesh. You could see the sahityam (lyrics of the swaras ) in telegu language. During old times, The art form was so important in the southern region.We have song for every odd ceremony. People learn instruments, dance forms and Music. Children learn vedic literature and art forms at their schools.

Here is how Wedding bell rings:

“Kanchipuram silks draped women,

Fresh flowers in their lovely hair

Glittering gold jewels all over,

Two of them make a great pair”

More and More I think, I get the point that life in south indian family is like a rhythmic melody........


  1. Coffee and music are inseparable traits of Tamil families.You haven't touched upon their saratorial preferences,food habits and the various rigmarole in finding a groom.I am sure you have resrved them for the succeeding posts.
    I liked your post laced with gentle humour

  2. Thanks Partha........Yeah i wanted to focus mainly on these two.....i would surely think on the lines that you have mentioned and give it a try.......