Sunday, July 1, 2012

Girl in Rains ........................Final Part

June 2012

Ruby Hills in Vashi was very beautiful at night. People taking long walks in the garden, Children running around and cycling in the playground, Swimming pool with fresh water, foliages and greenery everywhere with different colors of flowers was a great sight to watch.
Anushree parked the car near her building in Ruby hills. She came early that day after her lectures. She rang the door bell. Jennie opened the door. She was hugged by 5 year old boy. It was Mushraan. Jennie looked after him in Anushree’s absence.

Few Years Back.

June 2005

On that day, Anushree thought a lot about getting back to Aditya as his love for her was more than anything she wanted. But having said that, she couldn’t forget the way she was thrown when she was carrying his own baby. He acted very selfish and he is still a selfish man.
She had an exciting offer. She could have easily accepted the coveted role and could have enriched her job.

But more than that, a cute little love deprived kid needed her. At that instant, nothing was significant for her. She thought Mushraan is her life, love, future and she was ready to take care of him till her last breathe. She could not contain the excitement and phoned Martha to give the nod for adoption.


Mushraan is 5 years old and very much settled with his new mom. He was doing very well in school and studies. Anushree quit her job in Pfizer and joined Business school. She took the job of Lecturer and subsequently was promoted as head of department in marketing division in one of the reputed business school. The job gave her flexibility to pay attention to Mushraan.

Preeti delivered a baby girl and visited Anushree whenever she came to India. Arjun came frequently with his son to spend time with Anushree and Mushraan. He helped her to set up her new house at Vashi. They shared and discussed whichever new upcoming projects he comes up with. Anushree poured in ideas to him and also seeked support. He was like a family for Anushree. Neither of them thought to get involved more with each other and enjoyed the fruits of friendship.

It was Sunday Afternoon. Anushree invited Jennie, few lecturers from her college and Mushraan’s friends for lunch. Even Arjun and Rehaan joined in later. Anushree cooked the vegetables and seasoned them with butter, salt and pepper. She wondered whether it was raining. By then, the rain had stopped. The grey ray of sunlight slanted through her window. She thought her life too paved a way for bright light and immediately smiled. 

Some thoughts:

1. Every relationship registered with law and officially accepted from society need not work well. At the same time, some relationships are so sacred that it dont need any formal thread to tie the two. First, Aditya and Anushree....Latter being Anushree and Arjun.

2. There is a blend of love between different religions. Mushraan, Jennie and Anushree. Love doesnt need any religion. Every human being is entitled to share and seek love. By unity we could take all the challenges and overcome it.

3.  One should not cry over spoilt milk. Brooding never has helped one. Move ahead. Every problem comes with beautifully wrapped gift.


  1. Yes, love doesn't need any religion, but argument needs.Good going.

    1. Thanks Rudra.....You are absolutely true....

  2. Loved every word of your story - well done! Looking forward to reading more of your writing.

    1. Thanks Helen..So nice of you to drop by....:))

  3. I agree to you very much here. Very true..I wish our society was as understanding as this though.

    Wonderful story with a very gripping narrative!