Monday, September 2, 2013

Word Fiction - Tears

                Tears have its own story. Scientifically, it is the liquid which lubricates the eyes as well as clean the eyes. But does it stop there? No, every tear has a reason behind it. Some are sad, some are happy and some are those that we cannot draw any inference to it. Some are baseless.

                It’s good to shed few tears at periodic intervals. Our heart becomes light and we feel rejuvenated. That sounds perfect but what happens when tears stop at the corner of the eyes but doesn’t fall. It becomes heavier than what your heart would be without shedding tears.

               That was what happened to Shanaya. Shanaya neither cried nor she could stop her tear from coming and standing in the tip of her eyes. The love of her life was travelling abroad. Despite being good friends and awesome buddies, she did not share her feeling towards him. He was in the dark with respect to her feelings.

Cell phone rang. It was her best friend Archana.

Hey Shan, What time are you leaving from office?, said Archana from other end.

Yeah I will be leaving at 6.30 and I would be there sharp at 7 at the airport, replied Shanaya recollecting her thoughts.

Shanaya hung up. She felt strange. She thought tonight, she will cry and let go the pain. After gathering all her strength, she started working on her unfinished tasks so that she may leave at the said time to see off Rajat as he was leaving for abroad to pursue higher education.

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