Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Word Fiction - Mystery

That  shine in her eyes, that magnetic charm on his face spoke volumes. But all was mystery to Naina. She wanted to know more about them. What was the story behind their romance? What made them apart? What made them die? She wanted to know more and more.

“Naina, Please get up beta. Why are you sleeping till 10.a.m. Don’t you have school?”, called out Naina’s mother from kitchen room.

Naina was alarmed hearing her voice. Why this mysterious dream keeps on coming and bugging her. Why does it make her curious to know what her dream was all about? She liked to sleep more and more just to know the details of her dream. But it was a futile exercise. The dream started and ended with the same scenes and did not divulge more details. Naina washed her face and brushed her teeth and started her day with confused look.

She was late for her school. She couldn’t concentrate on the subject but wonder about her dream. The bell rang. When she came outside the classroom, she heard two teachers speaking about the murder of a couple down the street. Listening to the story of their love, marriage and separation and their murder, Naina’s head became heavy. Why was she getting the dream of that couple? How was she involved in this situation? She was just a girl of fourteen and this sudden mysterious dream had hit her like a tsunami wave. It was 5.30 p.m. School bell rang again and school was done for the day.

“Hey Naina, Are you coming with me”, asked Sheema with an innocent smile.

“No Sheema, I am taking Abdul Alli road today. I have to go somewhere”, said Naina with a confused look.

Sheema was puzzled by her friend’s behaviour. She said okay and left by bus. 

Soon after that, Naina quickly walked by the Abdul Ali road and stood by the huge bungalow. She asked the security whether the person is available. He asked her the details and let her in. The name in the door read” Ms. Ankita Joshi – Psychologist and Counsellor. 

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