Friday, November 2, 2012

Prem - avgad ghosht nahi!!!

Prem manje devala padlela swapn
Prem manje athishay anmol ratn
Prem maje ayushyabar ekmekancha saath
Prem manje sukh dukhachya kshanni ekmekancha haath
Prem manje adhar jeevanacha
Prem manje aatma ayushayacha
Prem haa nisargathil sundar roop
Prem manje sakshat tujya roop

Translation for my kind friends:

Love is gods own dream
Love is precious stone
Love is togetherness for lifetime
Love is sharing of joys and sorrows
Love is life's support or reason
Love is life's soul
Love is beauty of universe
Love is form of you

Indeed, Love is not difficult to understand!!


  1. Beautiful composition!!!

    loved it. Love is truly the most complex thing in this world yet the most revered <3

    1. Thanks a lot ME. This was my first attempt and glad that people are liking it.

  2. Aww..beautiful poem Saranya :)
    Hope you are doing's been way too long!

    Take Care