Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Heavens Shadow Intro 1

Welcome Tisha ..........................

Like rivulets were her tears,
Hanging out with it for many years
She wanted to run away
And came miles away
Enough to find her sadness
With the new form, new attire
Ghoulish, murky and ominous
But taking the step with it,
Came to the world of dreadful scissors and medicine kit,
Ready to take on,

She is Tisha Cameron 


  1. Wow...loved the intro.

    You know I like the homework you put behind your stories dear :)

    1. Thanks So much Privy. Always love your comments in my blog. It drives me to write more deeply and sensibly.

    2. And I promise to do that always :)

      Keep writing...I want to read more and more of this story and many more such stories which you will churn in the coming time!