Monday, September 10, 2012

Can a name be an Adjective?

Can a name be an Adjective?

Well certainly YES. She said. His name qualifies.

He: Describe me.

She: I cannot describe you as you are beyond all the adjectives that i can attribute. If i say you are like handsome, smart, Intelligent, Hot, Good- natured etc. I place all the adjectives above you. I dont want to do that. You cannot be compared with all these qualities as you are very well above everything. Your position is numero uno for me. You cannot be like anyone or anything. You are what you are. You are a different variety. You have the quality that no other quality has in it. Your levels are so different that no other adjective can match or be par with.

He: Is it? ( He laughs with amazement)

She: Not a second thought. I would say that your name should be enlisted in Adjective list. Your name should be an adjective. (She gives a satisfying smile)

He: Then what would be the meaning.(wonders)

She: The meaning should be all the qualities put together. One umbrella for all the words.

He: He takes her in his arms and hugs.

She: She blushes and rests her head in his shoulder.

( Ishq Sufiyaana - Love is pure and sacred.)


  1. How cute... touchwood to such beautiful love which is pure and sacred!


    1. True Privy.....I wish this love a happy future:)

  2. Changes Suggested.

    1. Interchange the "He" and "She" in their dialogues
    2. Now change the "She" to your name.

    Voila ! It is the perfect application of the post :)

    I bet everyone here would agree. You can take a poll !!

    1. Hey are so sweet and funny.....thanks for the suggestions... Here the post suits andis a pt for HE....:)))) as He, He deserves it:))

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