Monday, September 10, 2012

Leaf - 4: Life is meaning less……………………….depends what meaning people draw out of it

Well, why am I writing? why are you reading? there are so many why’s that come to our mind  and  we cannot stop pondering over the question again and again.

 Due to sweet request by my brother, I am trying to fill this piece with my own thoughts.

Everyone comes into this world for some reason. everyone gets this 4 letter word (LIFE) – and for what?? Does one has the satisfying reason to experience this word?

I would say NO. By saying this I mean a concrete and substantial answer is nowhere in existence.

One may say that they would like to sacrifice their life for the poor or one wants to be an eminent person in their own field and enjoy their life full of happiness. But WHY??

One may study well and get into a lucrative job and land in a very high position but why is he doing this to himself. what is he getting out of it? what is the actual meaning? everything seems so mechanical.

Why we need happiness? why we need fame? why we need knowledge?

Why we need money? why we need credits? why are we generous? The answer may differ from person to person. But the end result is still not answerable. because we don’t know the reason. and living without reason is not living.

Discover yourself. Know yourself. know why are you here. And then Start living…….

Living for something more important than you life will really make your life worth living.

Friends, I have written this but truly speaking I am still on the journey of discovering myself and life means a pretty plain canvas to me with beautiful colours. Everyone has the right to paint it to their heart content. Choose your colours and make it as colourful and bright as you can. Its your painting and master piece. I mean its your life and your only life. 

“Live your life, Don’t just survive”


  1. Beautiful thought dear..... simply loved it!!

    To find out the reason why we are here and then work on it... is the secret of leading this life!

    1. Thanks Privy.....That was really prompt comment......Yes..Discovery should be the journey of life:))))