Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Columns, Tea and Justice - Part 1

Sipping a hot cup of tea, Devyani sat with the newspaper. It was a morning ritual for her to go through the headlines with a hot cuppa chai. For someone who is into writing, it becomes a forever job to learn from other person’s writings. Newspaper not only provided her information about the happenings around the city but also provided a great deal of insight on writing skills. After talking with Pearl and wishing her mom goodbye, she left for work. Pearl was her stress buster, companion, and soul mate. Cuddling her, running her hand in Pearl’s forehead, smoothing her tail provided much needed comfort, for her profession involved severe pressure and stress.

To give an introduction, Devyani Sharma, Twenty and nine, was working in one of the leading Magazine as a Senior Writer. Her writings ranged from health, women, travel, and technology to social issues. She was spearheading the Mumbai unit and won various accolades for her esteemed work.

Her day at work started at 8.30 a.m. and never ended. It comprised of various phone calls, telecom, group meetings, presentations, client meetings, writing and editing pages etc. Even after reaching home, she used to read and edit the articles of her subordinates, plans schedules for the following day, occupy herself in myriad presentations or in reading various stories related to current affairs. Also, Devyani used to get up at wee hours and write. Even after this maddening schedule, if she finds any time, she used to take Pearl on morning walks.

Though her parents were in a constant worry seeing her schedules, it gave enough pleasure for Devyani. After all, writing was her first love and she enjoyed being married to it. Her parents used to get many calls from the suitors but inspite of them insisting, Devyani was reluctant to get married. She had met few of them but all of them failed to impress her. Some were boastful, some were after her money & fame, and some wanted her to give up her profession. She wanted someone who would understand her stressful work and love her for what she is. She thought she would fall in love one day. Longing and yearning was she. Though she did not show, her eyes did. Her hope sustains.


  1. I hope she soon finds her Mr.Right who loves for what she is,stressed and all.Is it not the fair dream of every girl?

  2. Interest-injecting fiction.So sure one day she will turn to be a love for someone