Tuesday, April 1, 2014


It was sunny day in the month of April. I had my breakfast in the morning. I thought “Let me listen to some music.” I started my player in my laptop and was busy humming the tunes of latest Tamil hits. Simultaneously, I started my gmail to check my emails. And there she stood with her writer’s eye. I clicked the mail and tried to read each and every word slowly and steadily.  It read - We are looking for writers who can pen down few stories from different parts of south India. Are you interested to join us in this beautiful journey? It was signed by Deepa Balasubramanian. I was counting my blessings at that moment when I read those words. Also I was very glad as I got an opportunity from an inspirational author to work with her. Last year on this date, we started this journey of The Plantain Leaf – Our book title which is an assortment of south Indian tales. We have completed one year and as we march ahead we have received much support and encouragement from whoever we have as our closed ones in the corridors of life. We look forward to see seamless support which will make us pen more beautiful and delightful stories. The Plantain Leaf would remain as my first baby and I would like to thank my friend/ writer Deepa who made this happen and who also helped me to touch my dream. A big hands to her and all those audience who never ever cease to offer their love towards us. I extend my gratitude Deepa. Keep writing and Keep transforming lives.


  1. I have no words left!! Dear Saranya, you have all the traits of a creative writer. I was only happy to help. Keep writing and done stop this amazing journey of stories :) love.