Saturday, April 5, 2014

My Muse

Wherever I go, I find you
Sometimes you are small and sometimes you are big
You go with the transport; you hang yourself in front of the store
When I start to utter something, you make your appearance before me
When in love, person keeps on using you, yet you are quiet and stoic

Sometimes people fall short of you,
Writers need you like it is a basic necessity
When people chat over phones, over networking apps,
They need you as their support

If you did not exist, communication must have never taken birth
As I walk I see you often
You come across as a stalker
More than I chasing you,
You chase my thoughts and occupy my mind
I need you now, I will need you tomorrow
For my day is incomplete without you


  1. Beautifully weaved, Saranya. It's almost musical in lots of ways!