Thursday, May 21, 2009


The woods are lovely and deep
Trees are tall and green
You just laugh and peep
Pouring rains can be seen
High and hearty the sky gazes
Kissing the cheeks the cold blazes
Rains oh rains you made me poet
I wonder how I can remain so quiet
The rain song birds sing
Song which makes temple bell ring
There the children start
To play and splash water
Comes with noises the cart
But it’s hardly a matter
In the sky with lovely colors
Comes the rainbow, enjoys each and every toddlers
Children start to school and sit in bench
but their heart doesn’t wishes to leave the lively stench
ohh!! Rains, you came out of the blue
To welcome and feel, I longed for you
I gaze and peep out of my window
sing my tunes and I bow
to gratify you to give us
a new day so fresh and pompous.


  1. dont read / respond to comments I guess.

  2. thanks a lot kris.........i hope u really liked it.