Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Sister of my heart

Days are gone and new days are yet to come
Its very hard to get like you for some
moments of fighting and moments of caring
we shared with each other
it is very hard to say how you are close to me and how we are together
people may come and people may go
birds may sing and trees may grow
oh!! sister you are my love and my heart
nothing will make us apart
not able to express the inexpressible thoughts
we will set example to tiny tots
truly intimate we are
though we remain so far
you love me more than anyone
even i will come forward and not shun
I Love You ---------more than anyone.....


  1. I read, I listened
    I did everything I could.
    The pain is within
    Still smile I should.

    eppidi irruku ? I just made it.


  2. Talent runs in the blood it seems :)