Saturday, April 11, 2009

Winter mornings

Mornings have a different feelings. what will you call winter morning? a newly wed fresh and beautiful. People could hardly think to venture out from their respective homes.birds were singing their sweet songs from the nests. school bells have started ringing but students were simply refusing to go to school and colleges.Everyone were just thinking to cuddle in their beds.getting up from bed seems impossible for many.time is not occidental in the morning. each and every minute counts.
When you step out from your house, a cold breeze hits your face welcoming to the genesis of the day. school childrens tightly gluttered with sweaters and scarfs tied tightly round their heads, holding mothers hands, not having a thought to run here and there. there comes the sun peeping, showing its scintillating face and twinlkling whether to rise and shine.this is how the day starts with a glorifying bliss which spreads through everyone 's minds and body making their souls full of happiness.
Animals urge to go to their fields to kill thier set off taking their tools and weapons to start their works in farms.
At the outset , we would like to gratify our good lord and heavens for giving such a beautiful and sparkling morning and making our day full of enthusiasm which further enriches our amazement.

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