Friday, December 6, 2013

Gardening - A Magical Experience

“Show me the garden, I shall tell you what you are” – Alfred Austin

At the very instant, you may think the statement to be eccentric but if you notice deeply you will know the intricate meaning.  You may pass a comment saying how one can know about one’s nature by looking at one’s garden. It may sound way too remote from reality. I would like to give you some insights of your nature in relation to mother- nature.

The above statement of Alfred Austin shows how Austin deeply regarded the garden. It shows his immense love for the plants and the fragrance spreading colourful flowers. He has studied the nature of plants and depicted us the theory behind it through his words.

 Gardening is not only harvesting a crop, reaping a field, sowing seeds, tending plants, watering those which will turn out to be beautiful flowers but also putting our hands in dirt while the mercury boils, scattering the seeds with our hands in the soil, putting essential fertilizers for the crops, pouring fresh water and leave it to face the sun for photosynthesis. To nurture a garden entails involvement of heart and soul. Only physical effort will not turn our garden into beautiful place. What is more mandatory for the plants to grow is the mental investment.  

Austin has stated that kind of thoughtful meaning towards the garden. The ‘what’ in his statement would mean a larger spectrum. When you walk inside someone’s garden, you could see how the garden seems to you. Whether it signifies messy, dishevelled, unorganized or a work of art? This would help you understand their habits and personality or style pattern.

When I come to my garden, it gives me tremendous peace. The way my plants shake their head softly dancing to the rhythmic tunes of wind is remarkable. As soon as I get up in the morning, it has become a morning ritual to water them. I feel any mother would attend her child after waking up keeping aside her own chores. They are special to me in each and every way. I want to be there in their growing journey. I and my spouse would see to it that it gets pure nourishment. We would even stand there and see if news buds have sprouted and if there is rise of new leaves. It gives us great ethereal pleasure. Lot goes in the creation of lovable and adorable garden which in return will provide you with glory and magical essence.

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