Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Going a distance ............. From you or from life.

Is it necessary to follow detachment? Can one maintain a safe distance with one you love?
That day, my neighbour came to my place. Twice in a week, we follow a ritual to drink tea over a nice conversation. We were discussing lot of social issues, festival scenarios, and family issues. 

Hailing from Kerala and brought up with seven siblings, one could not be totally isolated from each other’s life. This is what everyone could gather but she asked me to maintain a safe distance from everyone including my spouse. She told me that we should not be totally dependent on anyone. Our love should be limited and should not exceed a particular line. After talking with her for an hour, we both went back to our work.

Next day

The time came when my plants invited to their heaven or was it my heaven. I love being with them. Let me save this for my next blogpost. When I was watering them, I gave a thought on my neighbour’s words. Though I listened to her with great pleasure, I sincerely don’t agree to what she said the previous day. Does love should be conditional? Do I have to restrict myself in pouring love to my loved ones? I don’t think so. We human beings can talk about detachment but can we really follow? I can say that a person could make a bread for her/his spouse or make a coffee for her/his spouse but should not drink coffee from same cup or have the same loaf of bread.

 Though I say this, I am not a person who draws a line in each and everything. If I am in love with someone, I give entire myself to that person come what may. I invest my emotions, feelings and time for that person. Life should be happening. This could happen only when someone is ready to fall in love, ready to enjoy each and every moment with that person. Obviously, I cannot be the same person when someone rubs my shoulder in wrong manner. Can one measure the safe distance? How much? Can the distance vary from person to person? It would really take time to take in those words of my neighbour. Forget about understanding those. May be I would when I reach her age. Till then Let me be myself giving my soul and heart to one I love and to the passion I follow.

As Going a distance from YOU means I am distancing myself from LIFE.

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